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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger!

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth although some days it feels like I have! Things have just been so hectic and unproductive...ya know, take 2 steps forward and fall back 20!

My computer is just crawling. So trying to get a kit finished takes forever. I swear, I am drinking more coffee just waiting for it to do what I want it to do. There is less on it now than when I got it so I am baffled why it is moving so dreadfully slow! At this point I could probably draw it by hand, go to the copier store and make copies then hand deliver it all to you quicker!!

DH is moving back in at the end of the month so I have to un-claim all the closet and bureau space and I really don't know where to put things! He has stayed in his apartment longer since DS will be taking it over and with the leases and stuff it has just seemed to take forever for this to happen! I am thrilled even though it is going to be quite an adjustment for both of us! LOL! There is something to be said about the single life! No more bowls of popcorn for supper and coming and going as I please!

And, then there is the weather!!! We cannot have anymore snow until some of this has melted since we have no more space to shovel it to! Our drive way runs right next to our neighbor's fence and on the other side is a flower bed and then the house. Not a lot of space! Whoever planned this house didn't have snow in mind...the yard on the other side of the house has all the room. AND...can we at least get over 32 degrees???? Pugsli...the south is starting to sound VERY appealing!!! Still have the hotel open??

I have several kits in the making but damn if I can get them to come together. My tube tool shuts my program down and I never realized how often i use it! I broke down and bought PSPX2 and am waiting for it to be delivered and hopefully that will help get things moving again. I still think that the version I have is part of the problem since the slowness and the tube problem happened at the same time. As soon as that upgrade gets here, I am deleting this one.

Then I decided to get with the program and update the look of the blog....took me ALLLLLL day! and I am still not happy with it. Blogger was being a real butt with all the error messages and shutting down. Of course it had to be blogger and not the HTML-challenged individual trying to figure it out! I tried reloading the slide shows and finally gave up. Those will have to wait until another day!

But, I did get a mini kit put together for you and with a very appropriate name for how I have been feeling......Winter Blues......and it is only January! LOL!

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ida macken said...

Thank you so much for the pretty kit, I know how you feel about the cold ! Luckier here in central PA on the snow but I am frozen just the same. Right now the temp is 14! I am more than ready for Spring!
Hang in there ;-))

Carolyn said...

I just thought I would mention to you that when I downloaded Microsoft Service Pack 3 that it totally screwed up my computer! Slowed it to a crawl, took forever for folders to open, couldn't copy and paste...well, only if it was in the mood...and a ton of other problems too! If you downloaded it, you might want to look into that. I just reformatted my computer on Monday and am slowly restoring everything.

Linda said...

The new mini kit is really cute! Thanks so much.

Could your computer be low on memory? If so, more memory is about the cheapest upgrade you can find.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Jan [LA 09:00pm] - 22 Jan [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

My home is ALWAYS open to the people who are dear to me, so that being said-YOU ARE WELCOME ANY TIME! It was cold here for a few days so we just reved up the ol' fireplace and stayed warm and toasty!
I love the mini-kit, it is so wintery and blue is one of my favorite colors.
If you can get out and make it down to the south, come on down!!!!!
Gotta go, going to my DD's house and we are going shopping!!!!
Love and hugs to ya,

Ree-Ree said...

Hi! I was just reading about your computer problems. I think you should back-up everything you don't want to lose, burn to cd, buy an external hard drive (I bought a brand new terabyte, that's 1000 gigabytes, external usb hard drive from ebay for $125.oo) then re-install windows on your computer. Every now & then windows just needs a fresh install. You will be AMAZED at how much faster your computer will run! But, you need to make sure you get everything off that you want off, or else it is gone forever. Trust me, buy you an external hard drive & quit loading everything into your psp. That will keep it from locking up on itself. Keep everything in a different folder OUTSIDE of your psp, and load it up as you are using it.
I hope this helps, I know how frustrating computer problems can be.

Grammadiane said...

Hey Sweetie...Benn there ...done that on all of it....Slow puter...Snow...Winter blues....Lackof your own space...Yep...All of it....Good Luck Dear...Just take a deep Breath and by all means hand deliver...that way I could Give you Hugs for real...LOL....Thank You for this Darling mini...I too have the "Winter Blues" Luv U !!

Phillis H said...

I was wondering if you ever design blog elements and backgrounds (or even templates for blogger)? I've searched the Web for tutorials on blog design, and just get "blogged down". Your page always looks so gorgeous - I'd like to dress mine up a little, but other than fiddling with the built-in colors and fonts in blogger, I'm stuck. Thanks for all your hard work - I hope your computer perks up!!!

Cra-Z-cat said...

thanks for the mini!! so good to hear that you and hubby are taking the next step!! good luck!!

Cra-Z-cat said...

btw.. love the new look of ur blog!!

Annelize Webb said...

Thanks for the pretty kit!!