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Monday, July 07, 2008


I am back home and have started to answer the emails that came during my ANNOUNCED ABSENCE.

All memberships, unless you have already been contacted to the contrary, ended June 30th. I have NEVER offered yearly memberships and I only offer 6 month memberships twice a year...January to June and July to December.

I answer each email myself. There is no automated system. I announce if I am going to be away for an extended time. I also do not live on my computer; I eat, sleep and have a real life just like all of you. I also, most likely, live in a different time zone than you. I don't feel like 24 hours to reply is asking too much.

I repeat...READ the membership info carefully and follow the instructions. ADD my name to your address book, turn off your spam blocker until after you get the passwords, check your spam/trash/bulk folders.

Liz Cheetham...I have answered EVERY SINGLE EMAIL YOU SENT. Please
download this (link has been removed since if you haven't downloaded it by now ...well, not much else I can do!) and then let me know if you want to be a member or not. A refund will gladly be issued.

Believe me, what would I benefit from keeping some one's membership fees and NOT issuing the passwords? It is not like each membership is a huge amount of money, it certainly would not encourage members to join if you didn't get passwords so I would be hurting myself by not doing so. I am VERY liberal in my terms of use instead of charging a huge commercial fee, and I also "gift" numerous memberships. I really resent being called a fraud and a thief and if that is how you feel, your $6, $12 or whatever will be gladly refunded.

RaNae Taylor...failed delivery...please send me a different email address.


Tania said...

Thank you for your help and swift service in responding to my email.
I fully understand we are diff time zones and appreciate how fast you responded. I look forward to using my membership, Great Deal thank you
Kind regards

martiegras said...

Reading this makes me feel bad for you...some people always expect the worse and then wonder why they are so unlucky or have bad Karma...

I love that you offer your membership for such great price...everyone is selling scrapz for $4-6 dollars Way to expensive for me...but I can afford you. *lol* Anyways, I known you before your membership and you are one of the most generous persons I met online.
Anyways I just want to let you know and for everyone else, I just renewed my membership and I allready have the PW. :)

Cra-Z-cat said...

i'm so pleased w/ my membership and delighted w/ the kits u design. I've never once had any problems in getting the password from you when i re-up.. PEOPLE NEED TO HAVE PATIENCE AND READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! I'm so glad to be a part of ur club!!! GREAT KITS FOR A GREAT PRICE!! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS ALL POSSIBLE!!!

Anonymous said...

There is always a small minority who are nasty, I too have known you before your membership began, and I am very grateful for your kits which is excellant value, don't let them get to you
Marilyn UK

cuponer said...

Good Heavens! I've never had any troubles with your memberships and any pass word issues I've ever had were my own fault (I sometimes would forget to change the automatic PW reminder) As for being anything other than honest for $6 OH PLEASE! I've lost more than that by accidently signing up on line for a news letter I didn't want. Some people always think it's someone elses fault when they make the error.

nanasax said...

I love your scraps and so glad i didn't miss the opportunity to join again for another 6 months...have been doing so since you started. I have had nothing but admiration for you and the stuff you go thru to please everyone....hang in there...prayers being said for those who want to instill hostility and selfishness in your life....huggers

Anonymous said...

This is my second sign up. I was so pleased with your first one and what all I got for 6 bucks! Can't even eat at Micky Dee's for that. And I just signed up for the 6 month one.
Your the greatest and your work is out of this world. Just don't understand people at times. But guess it will never change.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what is going on, but it sound's like some people are being very nasty and rude. When I renewed my membership I received my password right away. Please do not let these ungrateful people make you feel bad. There are too many of us that love and respect you and your work. If this was happening to me I would refund these nasty people their money and continue to refuse them membership in the future. You work to hard and are way to generous to have to deal with them. Thanks so much for your kit's, if I had to pay double the membership amount I would.

Pooh Bear said...

Oh my goodness.. I can't believe people. If you (Janni)are suppose to be at the worlds beck and call... why aren't they!!
Great graphics and service.. get over your selfs people and let Janni have a life...

Lucy said...

Sweetie I don't know how you manage all that you do and still you have to deal with so many ugly people on top of it all! I hope things get better soon. Take care and keep smiling...Hugs!

Your life long member, if you accept my renewal in Sept.

jenjenjasp said...

What? are you kidding me? You actually EAT and SLEEP? wow...that is amazing. And what is this life you speak of, my friend? Hm...I really must get one. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ditto to absolutely everything said above. I have been with you since the very beginning, although somewhat quiet, and that is from someone who is Admin at a major site! I love you, your stuff, and your attitude. I have never, not once, NEVER EVER EVER, had a problem with getting a response from you. I usually have my password within 24 hours, and if I don't, gees...I DON'T sweat it folks.

So to those "complaining" and yes, acting like big babies, may I say shame on you all. This is actually one of the nicest and BEST and most HONEST designers out there. If you have no patience nor any ability to read instructions quite plainly stated in many places on this blog, then don't sign up. KWIM?

I for one adore and love you. Keep on keepin on, babe. And thank you for all you do for those of us who appreciate you!

Kittenb said...

I just wanted everyone to know that Janni is not a thief! I couldnt even imagine anyone saying that or even thinking it. When I signed back up for the new membership I didnt have the money to do the 6 month one. She Gifted me the extra 3 months. She is a very generous person! She could be selling these wonderful kits for so much more. She is doing Digiscrappers everywhere a service.
Hugs to you my dear & keep your chin up!