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Monday, June 30, 2008


I was cleaning up some emails and found a goodie for you! My apologies to Maria....she sent this QP some time ago and somehow I missed it when I was uploading QPs! Maria used Tango d'Mango to make this VERY nice QP for you all. The link for the Member's QP's can be found on the sidebar! Thank you Maria...and please accept my apologies for having overlooked this!
Link to all Members Quickpages located on the side bar

And, did you read in the comments that our other "preggars" member is now a proud Momma! Sarah (aka galtscrapper) has a new baby girl, Alexandria Harmony who was born on May 25th! Congrats, Sarah.....such a cutey and so glad that all went well!

Our youngest member, Angel, is still using her talents making siggies! Below is some of her work!


Well, here it is July 1st and I suppose you are all planning your big 4th of July bashes! I will be going up the cabin on Thursday for the long weekend. Lots of fireworks, picnics, tag sales, craft fairs going on so I am REALLY looking forward to it! I did not do a kit for this Holiday because, quite frankly, I could not come up with anything better than one that Anita and I did together, Old Glory, or the one that Amy W. got everyone to collaborate on, Liberty Everlasting! Kind of like, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! But, I couldn't let such an important holiday for us Yanks go by without something is time for an Oldie But Goodie! This was MY part of Old Glory. longer available

Have a WONDERFUL Holiday, everyone!

Remember that I will be away so please give me time to answer your emails

and get passwords to you!


grambie said...

Here's wishing you and yours a fun and happy holiday. Enjoy yourself at the cabin, and think of me while I drool. I am home for the holiday so I will imagine that I am up there with you. LOL.

I start out-patient therapy at the hospital next week. So, I will have a busy schedule. Here's hoping that I will be able to scrap by then. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

D'zines from the heart said...

Thank you so much for such an awesome kit for the 4th! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday, and that you get the much needed rest and relaxation you so deserve! I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And remember, I'm just an e-mail away if you ever want to take me up on that therapy offer! ;-) *hehehe*


Lori said...

What a gorgeous qp that mango one is. I love it! I'm glad it's being shared. :)

Now I'm wishing I was a member again so I could have that huge kit! It's very cool too! :)

Sue B. said...

Gorgeous kit Jan :) Thank you so much for re-sharing this for those of us who missed the original!

jenjenjasp said...

oh, I hope you had a WONDRFUL fourth, my dear. I envy your "cabin" away from it all....hahahaha.

Thank you for this cute repast. I remember when you first made it, but misplaced it somehow. So how excited I was to see it again! THANKS!

Galtscrapper said...

Oh! HOW CUTE!!!!

Could I, PRETTY PLEASE, have that page? I just love it! My little sweetie looks so precious. Email is

LOL... this way no one can "harvest" my email addy. I've been so busy, I haven't had ANY sort of chance to scrap..digi, hybrid or otherwise, since she was born. Some days I think she either feeds or cries ALL day long! Though it is getting better.

June and July are huge months for birthdays for us... mine is the same as Nana's, June 29th, DH's is July 6th, and DD Shabree's is tomorrow. No plans though (no money, unfortunately...we'll do it later! She won't miss out.) My "baby" is going to be 6, and she's such a wise little girl. She amazes me constantly. I don't really want her to grow up. :) What parent does? I LOVE this age!

Well, have a good one! Thanks for putting Alex on your blog, that was so sweet! I'm so glad to be able to hold her in my arms (about 16 hours a day, I swear! She's been pretty needy. I'm not complaining, but I'll be a LITTLE grateful when she lets me put her down for awhile without crying.)
I am hoping against hope that DH gets some money, and I get some time. Both have been conspiring against me so I can't do any scrapping, so for now, I am not doing memberships. It'll just sit on my hard drive. But I want to say, looking at your kits, they're WONDERFUL. Nice, nice work (as always, but I'm really liking them.)
Gotta's crying!

oklaangel said...

Ty for this lovely kit i just love these colors