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Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Add-on for The Hatbox

Andrea wrote to me and asked if it was possible to get the hatboxes separately. In the past, I cleaned out my "working" files when I was done with a kit but just recently I started to save them. This kit was started quite some time ago and I was afraid that I didn't have them anymore but, thankfully, I did! Ummm, and Andrea....I had better get an email showing me what your idea was!! LOL!!

So here ya add-on for The Hatbox! longer available

Joyce (aka grandmajak) sent in 2 QP's to share with you all using this kit that I have uploaded.

Please remember to thank the ladies that send in the QP's for everyone to have so that their generosity is acknowledged! Thank you, Joyce.....lovely as always!!

Deb (aka CraZcat) sent in a few LO's done from Midnight Rose for you to see. No QP's from these since she used templates from other designers but still nice to see how different people use the kits!! But, the one in the upper left is her design so maybe we can convince her to send that one in as a QP to share! (hint...hint...) Thanks, Deb, for sharing!!

Lei of Fairy Dust Princess has lots of stuff on her blog that you should check out! Freebies and QP's and more! Here is just a sample...of course, I am showing what she did with one of MY kits! LOL!! But, there is more, oh, so much more! a member didn't get the first email with her password from me and I sent her another that, fortunately, she did get. Why? Who is great when it works and baffling when it doesn't and it got me wondering, and I sent her this reply.....

"Don't you sometimes wonder where all the lost emails are??? I mean is there like a cyber landfill somewhere that is getting full? Glad you got it this time..."

WELL! This is what I got back from Tori!!!

"It does make you wonder, doesn't it? Maybe there is some guy out there who has a secret passion for scrapbooking that swipes your password emails. He has to swipe a bunch of them, just to make it look like it is a faulty email. After all, he can't tell his biker buddies he likes to scrap ... he would be considered a wuss then!

*looks around with shifty eyes*

We shall call him Bubba. :)" we know! Hmmmm, maybe I should dust off Officer Goodbody and have him put Bubba in his place!

Have a great day all! Since I have been on this computer since 9AM and it is now 3:45PM, I think I should go and get something else done...whaddaya think?


grandmajak said...

I seem to always be loosing socks and forks for some reason, Do you think this Bubba guy could be the reason too! LOL Thank you for The Hatbox add-on.

Wendy said...

Hi Janni! Just wanted to let you know I was reading, and to say hi! Sorry you're having such a hard time with the memberships this go round and people being rude! Patience truly IS a virtue, isn't it?

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 11 Jul [LA 03:35am, NY 05:35am, UK 10:35am, OZ 08:35pm]).

Sue B. said...

Awesome add-on to this fantastic kit Jan :) Thank you so much! Big hugs to you and to Grandma Jak for the beautiful QP to go with it!
Sue B.

Tori said...

ROFL!!! Well, I certainly didn't expect to see our little email exchange up on your blog when I came over today, but I have to admit, it made me laugh! (:

Thanks for resending my PW. Maybe now that Bubba has been exposed, he will keep his mitts off your emails! ;)


Anonymous said...

OMG! The biker named Bubba is too funny BECAUSE my brother IS a biker (only on weekends) with a Harley and he LOVES to scrap his biker rallies!!!!!

grambie said...

Oh my, you definuitely have a full plate and it is overloaded. I just adore people who have patience in time of stress and you definitely fill that role completely. Hopefully, the mail will go to the correct email because your club is definitely a give-away and has always been such. Bubba could possibly be the one that causes my Senior Hours instead of having Senior Moments when I forget what I am supposed to do. I had initially blamed it on all my medication, but now I see the light. Please let me know when you relesae Officer Goodbody, so that I can be emotionally prepared. I can only take but so much at one time, and he is definitely a hottie to take at any time.

Thanks for the darling addon. Love the hatboxes, because I have plenty of them left in my backroom, although I have given the hats away. Oh to be young again, HA!HA!! I agree with you, it is time for you to leave the computer. After all this is not a job, you know. You have put in over 6 hours of work, which is more than many put in at work although they are supposed to work 8 hours. LOL. Thanks sweetie, you are and always been a precious and loving person to me. Your gift of love is important to me and was a great lifter-up when I was released from the hospital. The QPs from various members, as well as your fantastic addon, definitely will enrich any page scrap. I hope to be able to send in a few in the near future, provided I can stay vertical instead of horizontal. "SMILE." Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

annelize webb said...

Hi Janice

Thanks for the nice add-on. Reading your blog is entertaining as always... And thank you to everyone who has generously made their beautiful QP's available.