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Friday, July 11, 2008

GrandmaJak is on a ROLL!

Liz....sent you another email today. I cannot reference the order number you sent and need the name that the PayPal account is under. I did send the password email to all the addresses provided by PayPal so maybe if you check that email account, you will find it. Did send an email this morning to both of the addresses you sent in your last email. Let me know...please!

Joyce aka GrandmaJak has sent in more for you today! She made a set of 8 frames to match The Hatbox! Thank you, Joyce, for your generosity!!!

Download Joyce's frames....HERE

Some of you have asked about my daughter's car...not so affectionately known in our family as The Sour Lemon! She will be getting a new one hopefully this weekend since they still cannot figure out what is wrong with it. Their head mechanic took it home with him after they thought they had it fixed and ended up having to be towed to work the next morning! I hope that this is finalized soon so this little sage in her life can be put to rest!

Tomorrow, DH, DS and I are headed to Rhode Island to meet with my son's lawyer. He feel at the apartment that he was living at about 4 years ago and injured his knee. The landlord's insurance company has dragged their feet for this whole time...we lost the paperwork, the agent that was handling the case was fired, we finally had to get a lawyer involved after talking to the insurance commissioner. Our insurance covered all his medical so all we were really looking for was reimbursement of the co-pays, travel expenses since he had to drive back home 3 times a week for therapy, etc...not all that much really. But, since they choose to ignore the whole thing, the lawyer is going for much more. They fooled around for so long that the statute of limitations was running out and then tried to tell us since we let it go, they wouldn't have to pay! Gotta love insurance companies, right? Hopefully, we will have good news tomorrow. He still has problems with his knee and it will never be 100%...gotta wonder what their logic a little or get sued for a lot!

Me...I am headed for the doctor this afternoon since my BP is not behaving and I guess it is time to have it checked out. BP high, pulse really low and my feet and ankles are about twice the size they should be. Now, I don't have the most shapely legs going but lately they go straight down from the hips and even flip flops are tight! So attractive!!! I am preparing myself for the lecture that I am sure to get! My doctor is younger than me (LOL! most people are younger than me at my age!) and he has no trouble yelling....somehow that seems more intimidating!

Well...gonna go answer some more emails. I do want to thank you all for the nice comments. I wish that I could answer all of you instead of just sending out the passwords but time is an issue. Just know that I do read each one and your prayers and compliments are so appreciated. LOVE YOU ALL!


grambie said...

Oh my, that sounds familiar about the car. I had the same thing happen to me with a previous car that I had. It is always something trying to block our sunshine, but we are determined that it won't. Oh my, if it wasn't for faith, what would we do. I hope everything turns out allright for you and the family. (My son is going through the same thing with a Philadelphia law firm where he slip on ice. He had to have back surgery. I hope they settle something soon.)
Thanks for the lovely frame collection. They are perfect accessories that I will definitely use. HUGS!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 12 Jul [LA 03:59am, NY 05:59am, UK 10:59am, OZ 08:59pm]).

ccynden said...

Oh wow I am so sorry to hear about your troubles, it just goes to show someone else may be suffering more than you are, and I pray for your daughter and your poor son. I pray that God will give his case favor in that those who may try to cheat him, will not prosper, but by their not doing what is right, he will prosper from them. Thank you GrandmaJak for the wonderful hatbox series

Wendy said...

((((hugs)))) Hope everything works out with the doctor. and the insurance company, oy! and with the car!!

Carole N. said...

Janice, don't you wonder why life has to be so complicated? It seems nothing is ever simple anymore.

I sure hope all turns out well for you son and that your daughter finally gets a car that isn't a LEMON.

I am so very very sorry to read that your B/P is high and that your legs and ankles are swelling. This happened to me after my knee joint replacement last summer and I now have venous insufficiency where the blood leaks through the blood vessels. My legs, ankels, and feet are swollen and the right one is red. The left one isn't as bad. Now I get to wear the blessed Ted Hose to compress the legs. NOT much fun in the summer....or in fact...any time. LOL

Take care, thank you, and big hugs!

Carole N. said...

I what else is new? LOL

I wanted to tell you that we will be leaving Thur. to drive to Wichita. My back surgery is scheduled for the next morning, Friday, July 18th and since it is a 5 hr. drive we have to go the day before.

Just wanted to let you know I will be MIA for awhile. Not sure how long but you can be sure as soon as I am able I will be back here collection your beautiful kits.

Please say a prayer for me. This is my 3rd major bone surgery in 2 years. I hope this is the LAST.

Thank you and big hugs!

Lori said...

Good luck at the dr! And he shouldn't yell at you! Respect for your elders and all that...hehe.

Thanks for sharing the frames! :)

Oh, and good luck to your daughter and son's predicaments too!

jenjenjasp said...

thank yo so much!

annelize webb said...

Thanks so much for the frames are very generous!