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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hi-dee Ho!

For the most part memberships are going smoothly. Ran into a little snag last night. We had horrible winds last night and I just could not stay connected to PayPal long enough to download the transactions. Then, my wonderful, darling kitten decided to check out what I was doing and jumped into my lap and then the keyboard! I was working on the spreadsheet at the time and I have no idea what keys she hit but she really #!@?#! up the spread sheet! And, without being able to connect to PayPal, I couldn't fix it! I love her to bits but she is without a doubt the most curious, mischievous kitten!

But, as of this moment, anyone that joined on or before January 2nd has been sent the membership password, all that told me that they were 'first time members' have been sent the link and the password for the bonus.

If you do not enter my email addy into your address book, the email I send you goes into spam/bulk mail. If you have a spam blocker, it does not get delivered. If you do not tell me otherwise, the email goes to the addy provided to me by PayPal. This is why I asked that you enter my addy and send me an email confirming your purchase. These 2 steps depend entirely on you. There is no way I can get around it without your cooperation. Returning members are not having any trouble getting emails because they have already done this from the last time. PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE...follow ALL the steps!

Also, 'first timers' please do not wait until I have the time to compare the last list with this new one to find out that you are new...tell me. With all the nicknames, husband's names and business names, sometimes it is hard to figure out who is who.

Thanks so much for your cooperation...and your support...and the compliments!

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