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Saturday, December 29, 2007

And, we are off!

Okay, it seems to have taken me forever but I think I have all my ducks in a row and am now opening up for re-subs and NEW Members!

How do you like the new look? I thought the blog was getting a bit cluttered and information was getting overlooked. I have added a Navigation Bar at the top of the blog that will, hopefully organize things a bit!
Let's take a tour....

This is HOME... the Main Blog, the place where all the action is! This is where I will let you know what is going on in my Little World, show you the previews, post the links for the downloads...pretty much the way it has always been...just cleaner looking!

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION...pretty self explanatory. Everything you need to know about being or becoming a member. You will find how to become a member, what to do when you join, the TOU for Members and Membership Guidelines. And, oh, yes, the links to PayPal to purchase a Membership. With it's own little home, this information won't get buried by future posts. Eventually, the information in the side bar about passwords will be moved there as well.

ABOUT ME...not that I am that interesting but I do have some pics there to amuse you!

CONTACT...if you need to get in touch with me, please read this first. Some of you are still using the wrong email addy to ask me membership questions and your email is getting buried in with all the groups shares.

GALLERY...this link is not active as yet. It may be a Gallery or I am really hoping it will be my JanniShoppe where you can purchase retired kits individually. It is pretty labor intensive since the older kits all need to be re-packed as individual files and put in zip format. If there is a kit you are particularly interested in, let me know.

So. that's it in a nut shell! I have found that I really have a STRONG DISLIKE for HTML after doing this!

A few changes in Memberships... I am now offering a 3 Month and a 6 Month Membership. I hesitate to offer a year since with all that is going on in my personal life, I don't feel comfortable committing to that long of a time. Not that I want you to worry about there not being kits because I already have all my kits for January and February done, some for Saint Patrick's and Easter almost finished and some others in the works! I find that getting lost in designing is a great stress reliever and the best therapy!

Memberships will close on January 31st. If you wish to join for 6 months you will need to join before the cut-off since passwords will now be given out only once for the 3 months. Confused? Let me see if this makes it clearer.

If you join for 3 or 6 months in January, you will get one password for all the kits posted in January, February and March. In April I will again open up only the 3 Month Memberships. Those that joined for 6 months in January, and those that join in April will be sent a password that will be good for April, May and June. Then in June, it will start all over again. This will eliminate the need for changing the passwords every month. That is, unless (and let's hope it doesn't happen again), the password is compromised.

At any rate, please read all the information on the Membership Page. Your cooperation will make getting the passwords to you much easier. I will probably head up to the cabin either later on today or tomorrow morning so if you do purchase a membership, I will not be getting back to you until next week around Wednesday. For those that have already paid for their re-subs, I will be getting in touch with with your passwords.

NEW Members...join before January 31st and you will receive a bonus of the December Kit Package.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Years! My Christmas was strained considering the situation and I am glad it is over. I did enjoy being with my family though and I am going on record as saying that I have the most wonderfully supportive family in the world and that is, in my older years, what is the most important thing to me at this Holiday! Prezzies are fine but the love of family and friends is EVERYTHING!

My daughter woke up on Christmas Eve morning craving Bread Pudding! Don't know why! It is not something we have often and I think she has only had it a handful of times. But, I had seen a recipe on the FoodNetwork for one made out of Pannetone and mentioned it to her. Well, she made it for dessert that night and it was delicious! She and her boyfriend are now collecting recipes so I thought I would make up a card for it and thought I would share it with you. Unfortunately, I think you can only buy Pannetone around the Holidays but it does make a wonderful Holiday treat! Here you go, you should be able to just right click and save as a jpg!
Yummy! My mouth is watering!

And, now, I can't help but tease you all a little with the first kit that will be given out next week. It is called It's a Snow Day! Here are the quickpages to give you a hint as to whats in the kit!

Please keep safe this New Year's and may you and yours have a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous 2008!


Elaine (rags2r) said...

Hi Jan, I know I haven't been around for awhile, but I have been sick. Yes for 2 months now. I am now going to an ENT specialist and she is running some test. It looks like she is looking for allergies. I don't know why as I have never been allergic to anything in my life. She has me on four different medications. I just hope she can find whats wrong. It is getting very depressing being sick this long. Well I just dropped by to say hi and I am glad your Christmas went as well as it did. I hope you can enjoy your new years and pray that this coming year goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the new membership buttons all I can find is for November and October and I've already paid for them.

EAL Designs2 said...

Hey Janni,
Love the new look of the site, it's wonderful.
Sorry your Christmas wasn't the greatest, I totally understand, and pray that this New Year will be filled with lots of love, and happiness for you, you deserve it.
You're preview of the QP's are too cute, you can just tell it's going to be an adorable kit.
I agree with you completely family and friends is what makes life enjoyable.
Sending you lots of hugs, and wishes for a very Happy New Year, may it be filled with much joy, laughter, love and many blessings
Hugs, Lisa

Annelize Webb said...

Hi Janice

Things are looking great around here. It is so easy to find the info and the way you have set it up is really cool!

I am sorry to hear your Christmas was a bit strained....wishing you all the happiness and relaxation you deserve in 2008!

I checked the pics of your furbabies and the all looks awesome. That cabin looks exactly like a sanctuary for the soul should :)

Well, hope you have a great intro into the New Year. I am looking forward to signing up again!

Lotsa love

grambie said...

So sweet to talk to you Jan and wish you a continuing healthy, prosperous, and spiritual blessing. I am late again as usual, but will do my membership today. I had a busy and fruitful Christmas visiting my son and his family in Bel Air, MD. My family was indeed wonderful in the many blessings that I received. You always have my prayers because I have been in your situation, but with four young children after almost 19 years 11.5 months of marriage. I found out that if my marriage had lasted 1 more week, I would have received full Military monetary and health Benefits. So, I really understand. Look forward to the wintry kit. We had a snow sprinkling, but nothing else so far.
So here's to a Happy New Year for you and yours. GOD CONTINUES TO SMILE UPON YOU!!

Sandra said...

Hi Jannigirl! I love the new makeover! It's wonderful! =) I see you even put Officer Goodbody in your "About Me" section! hehe I am so excited about the new snow kit!!! You are such a talented woman! One of your past kits that I would like to have is U R My Sweetie Heart. I think I have like 1 or 2 parts to it -- what a tease! lol Have a relaxing time at the cabin, girl! You so deserve it!! Drink hot cocoa and take lots of bubble baths! hehe xox

Pat said...

Hi Jan, nice to hear from you! I love the kit "tease" and can't wait to see more! Hope 2008 is good to you and for you!

grandmajak said...

Love the new look,very easy to read. The pics,in about me are wonderful. I've been away for a month have missed a lot,hope to catch up on everything soon. Have two new grandsons,both of them are quite handsome. One is doing well and the other well lets just say there was a horrifying event and he is doing as well as can be expected,I pray for him every second of the day. I pray for you too,hope thing are starting to get better.