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Friday, November 16, 2007

No, I am not dead! LOL!

Real life, computer troubles...Lordy! Sorry about being MIA...I just couldn't seem to stay connected to the internet. It has cleared up so I am not sure if it was computer related or ISP!


Teresa....I have answered all your emails going back to September 30th. Please check your spam and bulk folders. The most recent ones have all been as replies to your emails.

I am a little concerned about the number of downloads. They no way match up to the number of members, not even for the passwords! Do you not like the kits? Is there some problems? Please remember that the kits will be removed 3 months after their posting month and will not be posted again so if you miss them you will not be able to get them again.

And, again, please use jannidee@gmail for membership questions. Several of you have written to the yahoo account and I really do not check that account very often. I have it set up so that all of you will be recognized by gmail and not go into spam. Yahoo is the one I use for groups and it is always loaded. Please do not use that account if you expect an answer. And please do not use the gmail for non- member chain letters to that account please..send those to the yahoo and I will eventually get to them.

Members...please do not feel like you have to comment on each part of the downloads. I love reading your comments but I know commenting on each part is time consuming so if you comment only on the first part that is just fine!

Life is about the same. A very good friend made a comment that I find myself repeating MANY times a day..."you can't fix stupid!" LOL! Something I think I have finally learned!

As far as my Mom goes, thanks so much for all your comments. I love her to bits and wouldn't trade living in the same house for anything. It has had and still has it's drawbacks but after all she has done for her family, it is a small price to pay. Just so hard to face the reality that time is drawing to a close. We have been so lucky that she is in relatively good health and I hope that continues.

My friend is doing good with her chemo. She has one more treatment left. I drove her and her son to a rehab hospital to admit him for one more try. He was admitted the day after her treatment and she is usually wiped out on that day. It ended up being a very short distance from our cabin and she had never been there so after, we took a little side trip. Our friends were up there so we stopped for a little bite to eat and chatting and decided to plan a "girls" only retreat for after Thanksgiving. We decided that we all needed to get away from "stupid" for a bit! I just pray that 2008 is a better year for all of us!

I have a FREEBIE FOR ALL today. This little kit tried so hard to become a big kit but somehow it just wouldn't happen. I do love the background papers so I added a few little tags and frames and decided to give it away! Hope you like it and can find some use for it. I called it Up on the Rooftop...

Sorry, my 3 months have past and I have been removed!
Also, I am repacking Frosted Window Panes as the Oldie but Goodie for this month. So many of you have asked for it and it I did love that kit. It was the first kit that I was really proud of and excited about! I think it was the 2nd kit I gave out so it really is an oldie! Also been working on some parts of collab kits that I was invited to take part in and some other goodies for you! Getting to be that time of year where it is busy, busy, busy!
So...I am off. Thanks so much for your patience and concern. You guys are the best and really do pull me, sometimes kicking and screaming, through my bad days! Love you all!


Lori said...

YAY! I've been wondering about you! I came back this afternoon just to see if you'd checked in and you HAD! HUGS about mom...I am going through the same with my mom only she lives 1700 miles away. HUGS to your friend and her son and I hope you guys have a blast on your girls night! WOOHOO!!!
I need to find me some friends so I can do that....

Elaine (rags2r) said...

Hi Jan, yes I have missed you. It used to be I would come everyday just to see what was going on with you and to read your cheerful banter. Reading your blog usually brought a smile to my face. I miss officer goodbody. lol. But I know you are very busy and I just hope things do calm down a bit for you. I did send you an email to your yahoo address and not to your gmail as it wasn't business related. I did however put your name in the subject line as you suggested. Thanks so much for this little mini kit, it is really cute.

Julene said...

This kit is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. And I can't tell you how very excited I am for Frosted Window Panes! **happy dance!!** It's good to see you back!!

babydoe said...

Glad you are alive and well and also feeling a little better about all that is going on. Thanks so much for this cute little kit. Santa heading down is really cute.

Becky said...

Thank you, Janice! I knew you were very busy or you would blog. Take care and enjoy.

sweetheaven said...

Thank you very much . Love the paper and Santa tag. I am glad to know that everything is more or less ok. I was worried that something happend to you or your mom. Glad to know both are ok.
take care

My Digi Corner said...

Hi Janice, Thanks for this darling freebie! I can see the decline in my Mom and Dad (especially Dad) everytime I see them so I know exactly how you feel. So sad and yet a part of life. Hugs....Carolyn

Nancy72 said...

WOW!!! I sure am glad you posted again...;o) We do worry...but at this time of the year it just gets crazy and sometimes our emotions get all messed up...;o(
You ARE so lucky to have your Mom...I was close to mine too and I lost her when I was only 32...I still miss her.

Anonymous said...

Hello Janice

Thanks so much! This is adorable.

As for not downloading the kits - I am guilty of not downloading Kutey Patootey, but ONLY because I am hectically busy trying to finish my honours degree. The final report has to be in on Tuesday. How you can think we don't like the kits I don't know, because they are ALL great!! Except for this one time, I haven't missed a single bit!

I have missed reading about you and what happens in the family. I must say, you always make me smile too.

The pregnancy is going well and I'm seeing the doc again next week, then we'll get a new pic of the little bean (my husband has taken to calling it Blob....he says that's all you can see on the scan!!).

Good luck for everything. Hope you have a BLAST at that girl's weekend.

Have a great weekend.

Annelize Webb

Rarole said...

Hey!! Welcome back! ^O^
You are pretty amazing! All that you have going on in your life and you still manage to throw us a hug or two. Courage with your Mom. Sometimes the hardest things we go through are the ones that cost us so much in time and energy and which no one seems to acknowledge. You look out for yourself. Take care of yourself. Know that many of us are praying for you and cheering you on!!

Christine said...

Thank you so much.

Lots of luv


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Just keep your chin up girl & do take the Girls retreat after Thanksgiving!!!
Can I come too? LOL
Glad Mom feeling better!!!
Will keep your friend & her son in my prayers!!!
TY so very much for this cute mini!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
BIG GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ida macken said...

Sure did miss you !
Was hoping all was well too,
the real world has a habit of catching up on us, hope you have a Great time with your friends - wish I could go with
This is a cute little kit, thank you ! ;-))

Sunshine said...

Love the kit hon, thanks! When that "life" thing pulls you away from the PC, just remember that your friends will be waiting for you and pick up like we never missed a beat! Prayers and sunshine going out to Mom and your friends. Hugs :}{:

PS Sorry if you get several comments from me, I keep getting cannot find website error or the page cannot be displayed when I try to post!

TiggerRD said...

Totally cute stuff - your journaling today gave me a few things to think about too! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

aww are so sweet! =) I love this little freebie! It's nice to see a 'night time' kit because there are very few out there. Glad to hear you are going on a little retreat, we all need that from time to time so -- YOU GO GIRL! hehe Thanks again, hun! You rock!

Oh! One more chance will you be bringing back your Christmas kit? I think you did that one before the Window Panes kit and I *think* it is the only one I'm missing (that I know of)!! :p

grambie said...

Thanks for the lovely freebie. It is a cutie for sure with its deep coloring. So funny with Santa's feet sticking out the chimney. I definitely agree with Elaine (rags2r), this older and wiser learner (OWL) really miss Officer Goodbody and the fun banter that would carry over for days. It really meant a lot to have that type of candor. So obviously, I want my cake along with the extras and be able to eat it too. "SMILE." I still visit your blog although I know no email has been sent. I am programmed and miss the group fun. I guess deep within because of the good times we have had, psychologically, I need it. HUGS!!!

Pooh Bear said...

Good to hear from you. My prayers are with you and your family. Enjoy your mil as long as you can. We are thousands of miles away from mine and I really worry about her.
I just opened up on a roof top... wonderful.. brings smiles right out!!
Is officer goodbody coming to your ladies only retreat? You have to have protection way up there at the cabin.. right?? lol... huggs to all.

olga9999 said...

I thought you might be busy, with the celebration and Christmas coming, many people is too busy for lots of things. So I never thought of something wrong, even though it´s not very usual in you to be so long without leaving something writen in your blog. :)

It's a great idea that your friend and you are planning some "girls only" vacation, considering everything she's going she surely needs something like that. And I hope her son this time has success with his problem.. :)

Many thanks for the kit, and take of yourself. :)

Best wishes.:O)

martiegras said...

I just wanted to say that for me I am a month behind....I love your kits. I am currently downloading Nov. stuff.