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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Kit and chat!

Sorry that I have been on the quiet side lately. Real life has been a real drag and some days I just wish Calgon would take me far, far away and no one would ever find me! LOL...and I was brought up hearing "if you can't say something nice..." Well, lately, I can't find too much nice to say so I have been keeping quiet! (hmmm...that may be yet another reason for the elevated BP!)

My Mom has not been feeling well and that I understand but I think a lot of it has to do with just feeling old and "in the way". We live in a 2 family together and so I am her daily entertainment and, excuse me, I am just not THAT entertaining! She has been having trouble driving and it has been left up to me to talk to her about it which is like taking her lifeline away! Then, she says...well, I don't really feel that bad so I can still drive! Arghhhh! Can't have your cake and eat it too! Tough situation and I know a lot of you are going through it with parents of your own that are getting 'up in years'. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I am here 24/7 and get to deal with it 24/7! My brothers don't see it since she really perks up when they are here or talking to her so it has been difficult.

My BP is slowly coming down but not as quickly as the doctor and I wish so am keeping an eye on that but the pain is much better so that is the good news/bad news! I don't know if it is the pain meds or the stimulator changes that is working but whatever it is, I wouldn't let the girl change any of my settings when I went to see her this morning! Got my flu shot yesterday and felt like garbage last night, all achy and stuff and even though I get the shot every year, I still end up getting the flu!

The kids are great...DS is starting on Monday, thank goodness because he is driving me nuts! He is so bored but yet the stuff I would like him to do, he has no interest in! LOL! DD is still in love and we really don't get to see too much of her. She is looking into schools to go back and get her Master's, loves her new job and the new paycheck! So, her life is all rosy! (note to self...borrow her rose colored glasses!) DH is being a REAL jerk but that is way too long of a story for here! I mean, he would need a blog of his own! And, that is all I have to say about that! (Thank you, Forrest Gump! plus...if you can't say something nice....and I really can't think of anything nice to say!)

Things are quieting down with the emails a bit. I was starting to rethink opening up memberships again but have decided to keep them closed. With the holidays coming up, just want to design and post for a bit. But, geez, what is going on out there in computer land? Quite a few of you have written about your crashes!!! Please, don't send that karma my way! Just one thing, if your computer crashes DO NOT purchase another membership to get the kits again just let me know. Technology is great but a piece of paper with the passwords on it can be a life saver! I think I keep post-its in business myself!

Well, I do have a new kit for you...for some reason, I just love this one! I don't know where it came from, don't even remember what the first piece was but with the way my creativity has been dragging lately, I am not complaining! I have been trying to get into the Holiday themes and it is just NOT working, try as I might!

I had been talking to my daughter as to what I was thinking about giving her new guy for Christmas. I was thinking about doing an album for him about her growing up. One night when he was here, he made the comment about "I wish I knew you then" when we were talking about something she did as a kid. I got me thinking about how I think everyone feels that way about someone they meet and get close to, that you wish you could have been a part of their lives from the beginning. So, I asked her to go through pics and pull out those that she wanted to include. Then, this kit started to evolve, not really with her in mind but when it came to naming it, it just seemed to fit her. This one is called Kutey Patootey which is something I used to call her all the time.

It's big, not everything is shown in the previews, so warm up that download finger!

Sorry, my 3 months have past and I have been removed!

And the Sampler...for the non-members....

Sorry, my 3 months have past and I have been removed!

So, there you go! I promise to try not to be such a recluse. It is a bad habit of mine to kind of shut down when things are not going great!


ida macken said...

I got the first, it's such a cute kit ! Thank you !

I have a habit of "hiding away" when life gets like that too, will be thinking of you ! Hope things look brighter soon ;-))

Trisha said...

What an adorable kit! Thank you so much!

dianagrind said...

The kit is adorable. Thanks. Just remember Jan, YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID. LOL You still have to deal with him though.

Lucy said...

I love the new kit, I'll get to it later this month, I'm in the process of upgrading my puter and cleaning up the old one.

Take it easy dear, you need to slow down and relax. Memberships are closed so you may get some of those things done that you never seem to get the time for...I to wish to hide away but with 2 little ones well that's just immpossible. Take care lots of (((HUGS)))...Lucy Goosie.

babydoe said...

It sure seems like everything has hit at once in your household. Just think, it has to get better.

Kimberly said...

Wow! How do you design these so fast! This is so pretty! Thank you!

Beth said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful kit. I just LOVE it!!

Hopefully things settle down a bit for you.

marilyn said...

Jan, thanks for another fabulous kit. I can't decide which element I like the best.
You give us so much of your time and talent, if we can help at all by just being here for you then know we are all behind you and support you 100 percent. Feel free to vent to us. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a bright and cheery kit. Thank you for the offerings. Hope things start to settle down for you soon.


FierySpiritedFeline said...

Hello sweeti :) Thank you very much for another absolutely gorgeous kit! I love the colors and design. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talents. It is appreciated whole bunches :)

Have an excellent week hun
Smiles and Huggles
Catherine (Cat)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

galtscrapper said...

Jerky husbands seem to be going around...mine's been alright lately, but my best friend who has breast cancer, and is NOT winning the fight it seems, has been telling me what a jerk he is sometimes, then what a total sweetie he can be... men...can't live with them, can't kill em ;).

I wanted to thank you for the congrats... I saw that yesterday, didn't get a chance to say anything. I have been downloading like crazy the last couple of days, catching up on all my favorite blogs, trying to download all the Christmas kits I can get, lol... been waiting for MONTHS for this time to come around, lol... I love Christmas.
Pregnancy seems like it's going well, haven't been to the dr yet, but I've been nice and sick, lucky me. I HATE the first trimester, I will be SO relieved when the second trimester gets here, and I have no more 24/7, hit me whenever, so-called "morning sickness" I tried to do some laundry today, and there were some sheets w/ baby throw-up on them, so I put them in the washer, next thing I know, I'm gagging, and despite my best efforts to calm down and relax, I ended up dry heaving... so not fun. But I went a couple of days, I think without throwing up. The last time was when I took a pill late at night...there's no telling when it'll happen.

So I suppose that's enough of that! I know what you mean about not having anything nice to say!!! I will say this though... my DH ended up finishing getting the whites in the wash for me. Thank goodness. How do single moms DO it??? I'll never know!

I've gotten November's kits, but it's really late, so I'm going to head up to bed, and I'll get Oct's tomorrow. I'm not sure if I've got all of Sept's or not... I'm not sure what's on my desktop in my scrap room... I've been on the laptop for the last few days, it's the only way I can "sit" on the computer...because I'm laying down, lol. It is NICE. But my stupid PC's hard drive bit the starts up, but nothing comes up. Thankfully, hard drives are cheap, but I'm probably going to end up losing a bunch of files for my wishblade. I did get some burned to CD, but not all of them. I'm going to have to try putting the hard drive into the freezer and see if I can revive it long enough to get the files off!

Well, I've really got to go. I will talk to you later, though hopefully not so much time between. I'll be back tomorrow.


galtscrapper said...

Oh yea I almost forgot...

I originally come from Greeley, Colorado, so watching MY Rockies (LOL, I am NOT a sports fan!) bite the dust like that was so sad for me.
And then the Broncos are just having a pathetic season, and I can't remember the last time the Nuggets had a really good season, probably when I was a kid... Denver has got to be suffering, they're so into their teams! They're not really "fair weather" fans, they're really good fans in Denver. But like anyone, they love it when their teams win... I think everyone misses John Elway. ;).

I haven't seen a Rockies game in ages...but I do seem to remember they were a bunch of cuties :) LOL


Pugsli said...

Hey Dear Friend,
Yep, it's me Pugsli! My daughter has moved back near me and I seldom have time for the computer it seems. If I could help you with talking to your Mom about driving, just write me. You know I had to quit driving, so I know both sides. Anyway, if you just need to vent, I'm only an email away!!!!
Love and hugs to ya!
See how the "Heimers" affects me, I started this to tell you how wonderful and great you kits are! I see how you have grown so much as a designer and it truly amazes me cause I thought you were so good, you couldn't get any better! You are my favorite designer ever!!!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I know how you feel, Besides being a retired firefighter I use to be a CNA & worked in a nursing home which I loved!!!!
All I can say is its a B---- when we get old!!!!
Please take a nice hot bath & relax WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
LOVE THIS KIT & I hope you show some of the album to us when you get it done!!!!!
OOOPSSSSS old age got me!! LOL
TY so very much for it!!!!!!!!

patty said...

So Love your Kutey Patootey! Haven't heard this name in years-let alone remember how to spell it.
Jannis you always have such kutey names for your scrap kits :)
go so perfectly with each one too.
Thank you very much for all that you do for us. Hope you start to feeling better soon.

Jamie said...

Wow! I was just talking to my dd about doing this for HER boyfriend! Great minds think alike, huh? (grin) Thanks!! Great kit....can't wait to get started.

Nancy72 said...

We're entering the most stressful part of the year...holidays and all they include...I sure hope you can allow yourself to simplify a bit. It's tough to do...I have a hard time allowing myself to "let others do it" or just "NOT to do it this year". Since all our kiddos live far away and sometimes thay don't all get to come home...I decorate our house only with the Nativity sets I love to collect...they aren't the expensive ones but they are all pretty...;o) Add a bit of red & green and the house looks great!!!

Thank you so very much for this BEAUTIFUL gift...;o)

cathy said...

Thanks so much for this adorable kit.

I feel for you! Your situation must be overwhelming at times. It's hard when 3 generations live together in one house. I think you must be a saint to carry on and you deserve to vent occasionally. Blessings to you!

CraZcat said...

luv the name of ur new kit.. so surprised ur dd will agree to u makin a scrapbook of her to give to the bf.. my dd always tells me to put those old pics away!!

great writings today, enjoyed every minute of readin whats been goin on in ur life..

put that dh in his place.. don't let him be a jerk to u.. when mine acted up, i would refuse to do his laundry.. that'l teach 'im!!!

thanks for the new kit..

Sue B. said...

I can't believe what a sweetie you are! With all you have going on and the way you're feeling, to even come up with an IDEA for such a beautiful kit amazes me! I'm one of those sickeningly cheery type of people, seldom down, and let me tell you, if my life depended on it, I couldn't dream up such beautiful color coordination and all the components to create one page, let alone this gorgeous kit. You are truly blessed with a gift for creating! I am extremely grateful to you for allowing us to enjoy your talents. So, make yourself a cup of tea, ignore everyone and put your feet up and relax :)Take time for you! Thank You & Hugs, Sue B.

wilma730 said...

Thanks Jan for this awesome kit. It is a hugh kit. I hope you get some R&R soon. We are currently a 3 family household. I know tension is really high here at times,but hopely peace will come soon. Hang in there.

Julene said...

Beautiful kit! I love the colors! Thank you!

Carolyn said...

Janni, I completely understand the problem with your Mom..I too faced that years ago and it's so
dishearting-it's so sad to take away things that they love to do for their safety. We decided to just take the distributor off where it wouldn't start and just shrugged and said that the car must be broken. That seemed to work. Thank you for all your wonderful offerings and sharing with us-may you be blessed with a quiet moment of peace and contemplation.

grambie said...

So glad to hear from you. Regarrdless of whether it is a high or low period, you can always remember that we are here. Yet, I completely understand how you feel. I see myself because I do the very same thing. That is why my sister calls and tells me the same thing. I am glad to hear that the pressure is lowering, yet not as fast as it should. I completely see why. I don't know your Mother's age, but it is unfair that you have her 24/7. It does not mean that you love her less, but everybody needs a break. Why can't your brothers, etc., take her for short periods of time to give you a break. I was much younger when I had to stay with my Mother. But my next to eldest sister, made sure that I had time for myself because she had everyone to come over and give me free time when needed. You deserve much more because you and your Mother both are much older, and each one needs their own space. Enough said, about dh, we won't even go there. It seems as if you are married to a stranger at times. But, it is the entire family's responsibility to help with your Mother. Of course she is showing them her bright side, because they are her babies. You know how Mother's are about their boys. They are always boys and she has to look out for them. If your brothers are married, more the better. Then their wives can assist also. It is also their responsibility because she is her dh's Mother. You have to share the responsibility albeit just a little. They feel content knowing you are taking care of Mom. So everything is hunky dory. Change it and let them have a taste of what your 24/7 is really like. It doesn't mean you love your Mother less, but that you are human and needs your space. So tell the boys their dates and just give it to them. If you don't, your pressure is going to get worse. (I look forward to my infusions and don't take anyone with me. I take my books and fruit snacks, lay in my recliner, watch cable in my cubicle and rest with no worries. That is what you need, but without the medical part attached.

KUDOS for this huge and so bright and pretty kit. The colors just pop! If anyone cannot make a happy page scrap out of this kit, then they are definitely lost with no help in the future. "SMILE." Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

Lori said...

Oh Jan...both of these kits, the Big Top one and this one, are absolutely fantastic. You have put in so much time and energy. Put that much into your health and family life too sweetie. HUGS

olga9999 said...

Oh don't worry about, considering how things were not so long ago I'm sure you appreciate the quietness you have now. And if you're having some health issues I don't think you might feel like blogging. Anyway it's great to know that they seem to be sorting out and that you're feeling much better from them all. :)

It's great that both your son and daughter are also having a nice time in their lives, even if it's not the same kind of nice time. :)

Your latest kits are terrific, I don't really know whether it's the quiet times or what, but you are creating awesome kits of the late, very, very beautiful. :) Thanks so much for them. :)

Take of yourself and best wishes. :O)

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Love the new kit!! The name is too darn cute!! That's what I call my youngest too!! Hope things look up for you soon!! I know what you are going through with your Mom - my mother went through the same with her Mom!! Take care!! Hugs!! :)

T5454 said...

beautiful new kit!! thanks so very much!

Peggie said...

Thank you. Very pretty.

Lisa said...

Thank you, it's just beautiful! I sure hope you are feeling better about things now and that your mom is better also! I gues your DS is getting ready for the big day on Monday, I wish him well at his new job! Thanks for designing such wonderful things!!

Rae said...

You are so talented and generous. Thank you so much for this wonderful kit, it is fantastic. Where do you get all your inspiration? or is it like the old saying, inspiration is 90% prespiration? You are just fabulous and can't wait to use this kit. If will be fun!

Anonymous said...

thank you, its a darling kit.

Gloria said...

Cute Kit...thanks so mucho Jan!

Anonymous said...

I have been emailing you with no response to get my pw. Please check your email. I can't wait to download my gifts. Hope you're feeling better. Teresa

Sandra said...

Jannigirl, I'm so sorry you are having to be 'the bad guy' with your mom, she is blessed to have you who cares about her and loves her anyway. =)

I'm so happy to hear your daughter is still happy in love and I think the childhood album gift for her new sweetheart is a GREAT idea! Very thoughtful and I think that would be a very appreciated gift.

Ok, will stop taking up so much of your time!! Love the new kit and love the colors too! Gonna go download it now! hehe Thanks hun! xox

hehe I love dianagrind's comment. :b

Elaine (rags2r) said...

Thanks so much Jan for another great kit. I just love all those different elements. Those heart patches are just so realistic. I am sorry to hear that your still not up to par and I hope since your last post you are feeling better and your BP has come down to normal.

Christina said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful kits. I hope you and your family are doing well. Take care. xxxx

patchas said...

Love the new kit but don't have time for downloading right now, but wanted to say HI. Sorry to hear you are down in the dumps a little. It is hard with parents when the roles are reversed. I don't have either one of mine any more so just try to enjoy the time you have together while you can. I know, easier said than done. But you do have your net friends, so SMILE, cuz we luv ya. Gotta get back to chores, but will check in again.