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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Please Read

The October password is ONLY being mailed to those that joined after October 1st. Existing members (prior to October 2nd) need to follow the link in the left margin under October Password to get theirs using their September passwords.

All passwords are case sensitive. They are all working and are correct. If you are having trouble, please make sure you are typing them in correctly.

Please only use my gmail addy for membership communication.

Only those that joined prior to October 1st, get the bonus month, meaning your membership includes September, October, November and December.

If you joined after October 1st, your membership is good for October, November and December. It does not include the kits given out in September. If you wish to get the kits given out in September, please contact me.

Please, add my email address to your address/contact list. Many are still not getting emails from me. If I am in your list, I am a known contact and my emails will go into your inbox. Also, please check the email addy you used through PayPal. If you did not send me an email after you joined requesting a different address to be used, that is where the email was sent. For some, I have sent the password email 4-5 times, most as a reply to your email so they should be going through.

Lastly, please read my blog. Lately, there has been very little chit chat. It has been mostly information re: memberships. Also, check the left column for any labels pertaining to memberships, chances are your question will be answered there.

I am not trying to be rude but I am spending a lot of time answering emails that the answers are already here for you. As I said, Anita and I are trying to keep things pretty much the same to eliminate confusion. But, we are separate blogs, separate people. Her passwords will not work on my blog and mine won't work on hers.


grambie said...

You are doing a fantastic job of explaining the whats, whys, and whens about the membership and emails. I just wanted to tell you that you have definitely uphelded your part of the arrangement and it is up to us to READ the blog and if any questions, then send an email. I have had no problems whatsoever. Everything has gone according to your plans and for that I am so grateful. Keep a smile on your face that matches the smile that always on your heart. HUGS!!!

ida macken said...

Ditto what Grambie said !

Jody said...

I echo what gramble has said. I have had no problems at all and am very thankful to have so many wonderful kits. Why don't you take a few days off and enjoy your family. We certainly have enough material to kep us beusy for some time.

Thanks for everything.

Elaine (rags2r) said...

I also have to agree with grambie, no problems whatsoever. In fact I have to comment to grambie. She just always says the perfect things. I wonder if she is or was an english professor. Her comments are just so eloquet. You see, I not only read your blog, but also the comments. lol

Lori said...

Are you having fun yet? LOL UGH!!!!! Sorry you are feeling like we aren't chit chatting with do ya wanna talk about? How about those Yankees?
Thanks for everything...and I am looking forward to reading more that's going on with your life...

Jannidee said...

LMAO! Lori..I am the one not chit-chatting! And, um, sorry...Red Sox fan here! Right now those Yankees are getting beat!
Not really complaining, I just want everyone to be happy and not have any second thoughts about being a member. Things will get better as we all get used to things! Hugs to you all!

Sue B. said...

Not a single complaint here either! I am so happy to be a member and to get to enjoy your awesome creations... Please don't get discouraged, it's only a handful who are having problems and they should take responsibility for themselves. We have paid you so we may enjoy your kits, not for you to babysit! Have a great weekend :) Hugs, Sue