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Friday, October 05, 2007


The link for the October Newsletter is in the left column.

  1. Click on the link
  2. Enter your September password
  3. Download and save the October Newsletter which contains the October password

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) and getting an error message, try using a different browser.

Add my gmail addy to your address book or contact list....PLEASE!

Please sign up with Feedblitz (link is in the left margin) so that you will know when I post. This way you will get the information about membership.

Check your spam/bulk/trash folders for emails from me. For new members, check the email address you used with PayPal.

Many of you used another name through PayPal with a different email and then you write me with yet another name and email asking where your password is. I cannot verify you are a member if you do not reference the info you used through PayPal which is why I ask for an email after you go through PayPal.


  1. Each month will have their own password which will give you access to the kits posted during that month.
  2. Do not delete your passwords. If you need to go back and re-download something from a previous month, you will need it.
  3. Set up a file with all the membership info and keep everything in there.
  4. Passwords are case sensitive, TYPE your passwords in, DO NOT copy and paste
  5. September's password WILL NOT work for October's downloads.
  6. Anita's password WILL NOT work for my downloads

I am sorry but no matter what I try, everyone is not happy. I tried emailing the newsletter this morning and because of the number of members, I have exceeded the number of emails I am allowed to send per gmail. Now, I cannot respond to anyone until tomorrow morning (Saturday). I put the link in a post labeled October password, I put the link in the left margin, I have checked and double checked that the password is correct in the newsletter and at 4shared. I have gotten several emails saying that you copied and pasted it in the email you sent me and it is not the same as the password in the newsletter. Numbers are transposed, alpha where numbers should be. Some have sent me Anita's password and asked me why it won't work. Some have sent me passwords that I have no idea where it came from. You cannot change these passwords.

Emails were not going through and since everyone was able to download this should have been a very simple solution. I am at my wits end. Mass emailing is not the solution because it shuts me down. Anita tried setting up a Yahoo group but that is not working either.

For those of you, new and old members that have sent me emails today, I am not ignoring you. Until gmail lifts it's ban, I cannot respond. I will as soon as I can.


ida macken said...

It appears you are seeing red, wish I could help but I am at a loss to why anyone is having a problem - it seems your instructions have been very me at least.
I keep my passwords on a notepad and do copy & paste which works fine for me - if it didn't I would simply type it in......
Sorry some are still having a problem.....hang in there Janice {{{{HUGS}}}}

dianagrind said...

Lordy, Lordy, what a mess. I hope this does not make you sorry you tried this. I am not having any problems either. Thanks so much for your hard work.

Paula Patrick said...

I too am sorry that there seems to be problems. I don't understand it, all you need to do is read the instructions. I certainly hope that all these things iron themselves out. Your designs are so great and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to get them from you.

Lucy said...

Sweetie, I haven't had any troubles as well, hope your kinks iron out soon.

I type in the passwords each time and voila no troubles.

I'm sure all will work out, I'll keep my fingers x'd for you! For now here's a (((HUG)))....Lucy Goosie.

MaggieMae aka Julie L said...

I'm not a member but I've collected your work for months. I just wanted to say how hard it must be for you and you must be about to tear your hair out! I just wanted to send you some sympathy!

patty said...

Jannis I was able to pick up the news letter this morning okay & also received in my email. I think it tends to be too busy for me at 4share sometimes, so if waiting for another day it usually works just fine. Thank you!

Judy said...

And I wanna send you a Texas-Sized Hug, too!
I haven't had any problems either other than the fact that my first email at the very beginning went to my spam folder. And that because I (underlined) did not get back with you with the email I wished to use, you had to use the one I have with paypal. I'm so sorry this has ended up being such a PITA for you! I say "Take a break and enjoy your weekend!"

Carolyn said...

I'm not having any problems either. Everything is explained very clearly in the newsletter and on your blog. Hang in there!

pammie said...

Keep your chin up, Janni.
Like the other comments your instructions are very clear and little me over in Australia has NO problems following them.


Jody said...

Well, all I know is I followed your very clear instructions from day 1 and have had no probems. Please, those who are having problems read the instructions very carefully.

Also, I might add I have been able to copy and paste the password with no problem.

There are always kinks to work ut when something new starts, hang in there Janice, those having problems will see the light eventually!

Hugs to you - go put your feet up and igore the computer for a day :0

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Jannis seems like you sure could use this!!!!
A BIG HUGE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just can't understand why anyone is having a problem when your info is so clear!!!!!
I STILL LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pebbles7195 said...

My My - don't know why so many are having problems!! The diretions were easy and straight forward!! Wish I could help!! Sending big ~HUGS~ from Georgia!! :)

Linda said...

I can't see how anyone could have problems with your passwords and downloads....instructions are very clear! Everyone needs to READ THE DIRECTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM!!!!
I'm sorry you are having to cope with all of this; please hang in your kits!
(((((HUGS)))))) Linda

Laurie from Ohio said...

I have not have any problems either. I read your blog like I was supposed to and follow the directions. Then I got your newsletter in my email. I just don't understand why people are having problems. I believe it is not from your end so hang in there.

Mary Ann said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your time and efforts to do something nice for us all!!!! I am not having any problems, I got the newsletter and the new password. I keep these passwords in a text file on my desktop so that I have easy access to them. I really hope that you don't regret your decision to have a membership. I love your designs and think that this is the bestest bargain around. Thanks again for all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Well, here is another Hug for you. I to have not had any problems and I got your e-mail with the newsletter just fine in my e-mail addy.
I sit here and read all you have written thus far and it's pretty straight forward.
I just don't know why those ppl are having such a time getting the passwords.
Hugs to ya Jan
always, lilsunshine

Anonymous said...

And another HUGE HUG all the way from Cyprus!! I have to say, I've had no hassles either. No password problems, no hassles getting the newsletter, no nothing....very straightforwards!!

I agree...please hang in there as I LOVE being able to get your designs and would be really sad if this put you off it...

I hope you're having a nice realxing weekend and look forward to chatting again next week!!

Annelize Webb

Adria said...

Hi Janis... I love your designs and I have not had any problems with passwords... People just need to remember that the computer is not making a mistake... it is doing what you want it to... SO try trouble shooting... is the caps lock key on (or off)? Are you typing in the password EXACTLY like it is supposed to be? Capitals and everything? are you reading the instructions? It is really simple... use September's password to get the new password for Oct...
I am only reading the blog and I am frustrated because instead of designing Janis is dealing with junk she shouldn't have to ...and if all else fails... it was ONLY 6 dollars! Go back to designing and relax... the majority of your members are perfectly satisfied!!

Joy said...

I'm so sorry that this is turning into a big headache for you. I haven't had any problems at all. Everything seems perfectly clear. Please step back, take some time for yourself, have a cup of coffee and don't let this get to you. You are doing everything right. I don't see that you can be any clearer with your instructions and if it works for the majority of members, I don't see any reason it can't for the rest.
All this stress is not good for you or your creativity. Big Hugs :)

Barb said...

I am so glad I joined. You are doing a teriffic job. Don't worry about trying to keep everyone happy as that will never happen. There are always those that are never happy with anything.

You have happy members and we are enjoying your generosity and talent.

I haven't had a speck of a problem

april said...

Hi jannidee, sorry you are having so many problems. just to let you know, I got mine just fine the first time you sent it. Don't know why everyone is having such a problem. I hope everything fixes up alright for you. Good luck and I hope the surgery goes just fine for you son. thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me there was less aggrivation when everything was free!