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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Some more info and some requests

Really...I have not forgotten you! Still trying to keep up with the emails and get them answered as quickly as I can!

Unreceived Welcome letters with password.....PLEASE check your spam and bulk folders first before emailing me. Make sure you add my email addy at gmail to your address/contact list so I won't end up there. (not a nice place...too many crazies hang out there!) Also, some of you have spam blockers and since the correspondence from me has so many addys in it, I am afraid that it is not being delivered at all. Don't know what to do about that, any suggestions from any computer people out there?

Password won't work....Passwords are case sensitive "A" is not the same as "a", so make sure you are entering it right. Also, sometimes you cannot just copy it and paste you have to actually type it in.

AND, PLEASE, do not use my aol or yahoo addy for membership questions. I know through paypal you see the aol addy. Don't know why since I changed it if you have sent a question or email to any but the gmail account and haven't gotten an answer write to me at

For people that are just joining or have recently joined (like in the last day), please, please, please, send me an email telling me you joined and include the name you used with PayPal and what email you wish to use for the membership. I am also guilty of using different accounts, different names but it makes it sometimes impossible to make PayPal and my list agree. An email from you would help tremendously! If you have already received your confirmation and/or password, you do not need to send me an email about this.

I do have 2 PayPal listings that I cannot match up and I will post them later if all else fails.

Thanks so much for you patience with all of this. And, for all the comments on the "nasties".....believe me, they are all forgotten and permanently deleted. Sorry but I just needed to vent a little and since I think of you all as friends...well....

I do have another kit almost ready to go....soon, I promise!

Oh, and about those to me so I have a record of a file all set up and everything! Never know when your request might be answered!


Anonymous said...

I have a request, something on music. Thanks.

Pooh Bear said...

Slow down girl. I feel tired just reading you.

I added all of your email address's to my contact list so that I won't miss you. And, as a tech, one of the things that works wonders is to use Bcc in your email when you send it out. Stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This way you also hide the email address's from each other, makes it harder for the bots to grab email address's to spam. You will want to put one address in the "to" field or the spam grabbers will grab because it's empty. I always just send to one of my other email addresses.
Hope this helps.

ida macken said...

I don't have any, well just one, Keep up the good work ! And anytime you want to vent you know we are here for you !

Lori said...

Lord I hope this doesn't turn into something too much for you gals. Just relax...your stuff is up for 3 monthes so whenever they join they will be able to access most of the stuff. Enjoy life...because all of this is not worth it if you are unhappy.


olga9999 said...

Sorry to hear you are so busy with the memberships, and I hope you do not get any more emails of the bad kind.

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)

twoisisomega said...

Janni, I was blown away, after reading about you getting nasty emails. So you know I went to yesterdays post and to read your response. Please don't tell me they are complaining about the fees. I mean, my god what is this world coming to. I am so very annoyed that people out there think they should always get something for nothing, GRRRRRRRRRRR
I hope this hasn't dampened your beautiful spirit, you and Anita are the most generous designers I have had the pleasure of getting to know. And I don't really know you that well, LOL. But I will, hopefully! smile! I know you deleted the emails, and have long forgotten the silliness, I just had to let you know how I felt about it. Oh yea, don't forget your me time!! Huggs