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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just some chat and some info

Good Morning! or at least it is morning where I am! I sent out the Welcome Letter and password to the next group of members that joined as of midnight last night. From this point on, if you join, please give me 24 hours to get the password to you. AND, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR BULK/SPAM FOLDERS FOR THE LETTER... it is a bulk mailing and chances are, until you add my email addy to your contact list, that's where it will be. But, if you have not received it and you joined prior to September 4th, please email me at the gmail addy.

I am still waiting to hear from D.Clinger! I do not have a good email address for you! It keeps coming back as undeliverable. And, I am sure that I have missed at least 3 people so if after checking and you didn't get the letter you need to let me know!

So glad that you like Lavender Sunshine! I guess I have sorely neglected you yellow and purple lovers for long enough, right? And, since so many of you have said that this kit alone was worth the membership, does that mean I can quit while I'm ahead????? NOT! LMAO! Wouldn't do that to you!

To answer some questions that I have been asked...

*For non-members...the only way to get the password is to join. I am sorry if you do not understand what Anita and I have done but it is no different than getting a Sampler or small freebie from a designer that sells at a site. The freebies that I will continue to give out will be enough to make a page or two out of, or a quickpage. YES, I will give out quickpages from time to time. Didn't realize how many of you liked them! I still think I stink at LO's!

Also, I have no control over what is listed at Freebie sites. Some are computer generated and grab whatever pic it wants to post as a freebie. Nothing I can do about that but just because they list it as a freebie, doesn't make it so! About the only thing I can do is to ask that they take my blog off their list and I really do not want to do that since they go through the trouble of listing freebies for everyone. But, I repeat, I do not control which image they post as the freebie. So, please...I think I make things pretty clear on what is available to who when I post so no more nasty emails, please? I have been very generous with all that I have given out over the past year. I left my freebies up and available for much longer than most designers so that everyone had a chance to get them. But, just as you would not write to a designer that is selling at a site and ask her for one of her kits that she is selling for free, do not treat me any differently. I am sorry if this upsets some but as I have said before, if you do not like how someone is running their blog, don't visit them. There have not been a lot of nasty emails but enough that it is getting annoying. I have tried to be nice when I respond but if they continue, I will just delete them and not respond at all. $6.00 is about what you would pay for a kit from a site for Pete's sake! I am not going to be able to live the life of the rich and famous off memberships and after all I have given for free, I really resent the implications of "thinking I am better than others", "taking advantage of people", etc.! I mean, come on! Count how many kits you have downloaded from me for free and multiply that by what you would have spent if you had to buy them and then, if you still think I am being unfair, don't bother telling me cuz I do not want to or care to hear it. Getting off the soap box now! (Thank God the nasties are the minority!)

*For Members...yes, I will bring back the old kits from time to time. For the newer readers, take a look through some of the older posts and if there is a freebie that you are interested in, let me know. I may post a poll with a few choices and go with 'popular demand'.

Tutorials...while I will always try to help you in any way I can, I only know and use PSP. So, to offer tutorials would be a little hard since not all of you use PSP. If you have a question about your program, feel free to post your question in the comments or in the chat box and, hopefully, someone else that uses that program can answer you. Some ' newbies' (heh! we were all newbies at one time!) have asked how to use the kits. Go to some of the Scrap sites that have galleries and just look through them. There is so much amazing talent out there! Everyone has their own style of scrapping and it will take awhile to develop your own. Just like diving into a pool, count to three and just jump in! The beauty of digital scrapping is the power of the undo button! If you don't like something, undo or if you REALLY don't like it...DELETE! No wasted paper or embellies! You just try again until you get what you like! Play! Scrapping is supposed to be fun! Need I remind you, how many had never done a QP before the exchange we had here a couple of months ago? Now, I get emails from you saying how I have unleashed the monster within! And, there is no PERFECT , there is YOU! Your scrap page is a piece of you that you are sharing in the scrap. Not only are you passing on the memory, you are passing on a piece of who you are when you create it!

Okay...this was supposed to be a quick post! My Irish "Gift of Gab" is running high today! Did want to leave you with this little joke I was sent...

A married couple was in a terrible accident where the man's face was severely burned.
The doctor told the husband that they couldn't graft any skin from his body because he
was too skinny.
So, the wife offered to donate some of her own skin. However, the only skin on her body
that the doctor felt was suitable would have to come from her buttocks.
The husband and wife agreed that they would tell no one about where the skin came
from, and they requested that the doctor also honor their secret. After all, this was a very delicate matter.
After the surgery was completed, everyone was astounded at the man's new face.
He looked more handsome than he ever had before! All his friends and relatives just
went on and on about his youthful beauty!
One day, he was alone with his wife, and he was overcome with emotion at her
sacrifice. He said, "Dear, I just want to thank you for everything you did for me.
How can I possibly repay you?"
"My darling," she replied, "I get all the thanks I need every time I see your
mother kiss you on the cheek."

If this doesn't make you smile ~ nothing will.
Have a great day!


Jody said...

LOL Yes, that joke started my day on the right side.

Sorry you have had some nasty emails. There will always be those kind of people in this world of ours. Fortunately we can choose to ignore them and move on. You have definitely been more than generous in the past and now with your new venture you continue to be generous. Six dollars is just a token payment for what you offer. Thank you for sharing your talent and for those that are unable to join, do enjoy the wonderful Samples that are offered.

EAL Designs2 said...

rolmbo, that's too funny, only for me I'd laugh more if it was my mom kissing it, lol. Ok, I'm bad, lol.
I'm sorry you've recieved nasty emails, some people, I just don't understand the greed.
To the nasty posters/emailers! If you got to know Janni you'd see what a truly wonderful, giving caring person she is.
Since she's started she gave a lot away free, I can't believe you can be so rude. I've only been digi scrapping for just over 2 months, and when I found Janni's site, I fell in love with her kits, and you know what, all her offerings were there for us to get, way after they were originally offered, she left them up, were others take there's down within a week.
Be kind, not nasty please.
There's a saying right out of the Bambi movie, and it's something my children learnt and live by, it goes, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all" as said by Thumper!
Janni, thanks for all you do
Sending you big hugs, Lisa

Ruth/cuponer/flaggerj said...

Snicker, Snicker!
As for nasty emails, well I've tried writing back myself but I find it usually gives them more incentive to complain. They know they got to you. I admin a kids web site and you would not (or maybe you would) believe how nasty and impatient some kids get. I've even been threatened with a law sew (suit) if I didn't answer LOL! I know it's hard but you just have to ignore them and realize they just want something free without doing the work themselves.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Just dropping you a little line!!
Just about done here only a little more to get connected at least now I can play a little catch up!!
Computer stand & ALL LOL
Sorry to hear your getting a gfew complaints!!
If they don't like it they can just shove it!!!
BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karen said...

I just want to say thanks for all the past kits... and for the future ones you're doing for just $6. Keep up the great work!!

ida macken said... the joke, it would be me laughing when my SIL kissed his cheek

As for the nasty emails, I am with you......delete them, it only seems to encourage people if you answer them.

I have paid for a few kits from other designers, and believe me we are getting a great deal with our memberships here and at "Nana's"
After all of the wonderful kits I have gotten for free from you both I am not going to complain about a low fee to continue getting them !
You know we love you ! ;-))

Lucy Goosey said...

Loved the joke!

I can't believe the nerve of people! I don't understand how a generous individual can get nasty emails! I agree, ignore them.

You are a beautiful generous soul! I have made beautiful baby books for my children and I give all my thanks to you, when my computer died you still had all your wonderful gifts available, most others do not.

When you offered the mail order option I jumped to the opportunity, I don't have paypal and will never become a customer thru paypal.

You gave me so much and even made a mini kit from my suggestion and I was ashamed to take without returning the gesture, now I can give you my support! Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you!

You have a sweet generous soul and don't let anyone convince you otherwise! Hugs! :)

Vivki (Chickivaney) said...

LOL again and again! Love that joke! Too too funny Also, wanted to say I'm sorry you've had to deal with nasty emails. Some people are such a$$es! They are NEVER happy. In their eyes it's your duty to just go on doling out the never ending freebies. They're probably the same ones that never bother to say thank you either. Aren't we glad we don't know them in real life?

Lisa said...

That joke is too funny!! I am so sorry you are getting those emails! After all you have so generously given out, I'm sure that just gets your goat and makes you feel like someone licked all the red off your candy! I mean, come on people, let's put this into perspective....if you skip going out to lunch just ONE time in THREE months, you've paid for the membership or skip having that latte at Starbucks! You won't find a better deal anywhere!!

Mickey said...

I cannot believe the nerve on some people. After all you have given away and people treat you like that? You have nothing to apologize for or feel bad about.
You And Anita are the most giving people I have run across in my search's. and I feel honored to be a member. And somewhere in the future if you feel the need to raise your price I will still be a member.
Thanks for all you've done.

Jonimarony said...

That was too funny. So sorry you have gotten nasty emails. These people need to get a life. I for one am very happy with how you and Anita have decided to do things. You both give wonderful kits and $6 is nothing to have to pay. Just know that there are more people that like what you are doing and love your work then there are people that don't. Keep up the great work and thanks.

Elaine said...

Oh Jan that joke was just to cute, thanks for sharing it. I can always use a smile. So sorry to hear about your nasty emails. It really amazes me the nerve of some people. Everyone who knows you, knows how big your heart really is, so please don't let these people annoy you.

Sandra said...

Jannigirl, I cannot believe after all you have done here that you are getting rude emails. Ya know what? Delete them, ignore them. Beggars can't be choosers and they should be grateful for what they get for free!! grr That so makes me angry and I'm really sorry you had a few. I paid for my membership and I don't feel taken advantage of in anyway, shape or form. I will admit I was disappointed as you were one of the two freebie places I loved to go (Nana was the other lol), but above all your kits are well worth the little itty bitty teeny weeny fee of $6/3mo!!! Most retail kits out there are $4-15 and a LOT of them are not NEAR as nice as yours!! Infact, some are ugly as sin and I wouldn't use them if they were free! lol So don't let those few jerks get you down. You got it all going on and your REAL fans will stand by you. =)

TripleD said...

Oh dear, surely you don't deserve nasty emails. But, if your scrunch up your face real hard, squint your eyes real tight and let your mind drift off to one of those totally Ghandi places - you could look at them as compliments. And if it doesn't work, at least you have done your facial exercises and probably enjoyed a nice little nap as well. Which should make you feel better.

By the way, I completely love the joke. I wish my mother-in-law was still alive so I could share it with her. She would love it too.

MaggieM said...

I for one, will go on record and state that I am very happy and feel that my $6 was very well spent. I go off to PSP all the time, and I can't come up with anything 1/2 as good as you produce, so Thank you and I wish you all the success in the world. RE: old kits. Either you or Anita had a kit posted quite some time ago named Country Cottage? I saw some layouts and that was what they listed for credits. Would bringing that back for a quick download be possible if you have that?
Thanks again for all you've done.

Sassy said...

I agree what everyone else has said, totally. For those who can't understand that you are still going to be receiving freebies and are outraged that a designer, who spends all their time & energy creating for you, is somehow worthy of being abused with nasty emails, get a life and go elsewhere! She's not suddenly going to be charging for everything as some designers have done in the past (and for those designers it is their right to choose what they do not anyone elses)...but think about it, reverse it and tell me, would you be happy to give away all your hard work all the time? Well??? I didn't think so, she's taking nothing away, she's simply adding another feature, you aren't required to join...but hey, if you are only on the lookout for freebies, check back once in a while, otherwise, don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out and go look for someone else to bother!
Phew! Ok, stepping down off my box, man I can't stand ungreatful something or other's! Oh and I've got to say yet again I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first club kit, it's just fantastic! $6 is no money at all...less than £3 if you are in the UK...come on a cup of coffee costs that much and you can only use it once! LOL Janni, you ROCK, don't let the bad seeds get you down, the rest of us understand what's happening...if the others would bother to READ your blog before getting their nasty pen out it would save them a lot of frustration. I love the delete button, for trash like that, just flush it down the toilet where it belongs :o)
But the joke!! Oh I LOVED the joke, I copied it and forwarded it on to my MIL she'll love it too. Janni you have a great day Sweetie and forget about negatives and nastiness. And I agree with Eal Designs2 and Thumper...keep it zipped if you can't say something nice! lol ok that wasn't the exact quote but it's the same meaning.
Sending lots of love & hugs! Sassy

Sandie said...

Well Jan~ I can't believe that people have the nerve to send you, of all people, nasty emails!! You & Anita are two of the most generous designers out there that I know of!! I say if you can both make a couple of bucks for all of the time you have spent doing these kits for free, then way to go!!!
I'm not going to bother going on & on about these ignorant people, they will never be reading these comments anyways!! Just know that I agree with what everyone else here has said, and that we are all behind you 100%!!! You are an amazing designer, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for us here!
Also, the joke was just too funny!! I've got a few people to forward it on to.
Thanks for listening, and please don't get discouraged by these people. You are just wonderful!!

grambie said...

Now, you know exactly how to cheer up my days. That is just too much for words. One thing, she is definitely a happy wife indeed.

Now, Janni the nuts that are still sending you nasty emails are just sickos. You have a wonderful plan that really makes me feel much better. Some designers have accounts at PayPal where you can send them a donation every now and then. You have given us kits beyond imagination with no way to say thank you with a donation. So this membership at least helps me to feel a little better, not too much, but a little. We are all indebted to you for giving such an enriched collection of graphic art to scrap. Thanks again for being the wonderful and warm person who loves her fellowman, provided they have sense enough to keep their traps shut. That to the sickos who keep sending you email.

So nice to just read and enjoy your sharing moments with us. Give my love to your family and friends. My prayers are with you as ever. Leavin LUV!!! XOXOXO

BelindasScrapz said...

Oh my goodness Janni it seems the nasty nellies are out in full force. I think they must live in the psp world both in the tagging and scrapping communities. I have noticed lately they have attacked anyone who has gone pay with their designs. I dont think they understand how much work it takes to make your kits or how much time it involves. I cant afford to buy every designers kit or join every membership site but that doesnt mean I think they are bad etc..i just check back and see the new stuff enjoy the blogs and when i can buy what I can..they however are nasty no matter what. They are the ones who think that people owe them something for some reason. I think you should simply hit that good old delete button and save yourself a headache you have been more than generous with everyone.
Thanks for all you have shared and whatever you continue to share whenever you can and the membership is a good deal!

Garnette said...

Jannis, I just downloade the Lavender Sunshine kit... and
I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much... it's more than worth the membership fee!
Congratulations on your success dear.

Nancy72 said...

Delete...first nasty words...DELETE!!! You and Anita have been more generous than anyone should ask or hope for...AND!!! both are TERRIFIC designers. There is no way you should take any @&%$##* from anybody...ordinary life gives us all problems. I simply don't understand why anyone would dare to give you grief!!!!!

I'm sorry for getting just a tad emotional about this...;o)

olga9999 said...

I cannot believe people can behave that manner. It's incredible the way people behave through Internet feeling they cannot be seeing. The problem with Internet is that it gets out the best and the worst in people and at the same time you can find terrific people and you can also find very nasty ones. :( So sorry about those emails and the best you can do is to delete them and forget about it. You have given plenty of freebies and continue offering, so that should not be a problem for anyone. And it's a freebie you are not obliged to give a freebie to anyone. :(

Forget about it, many thanks for everything and best wishes. :O)

mssbee said...

Thank you for another great kit.