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Friday, May 18, 2007

Just chat

Couple of things....

Nancy...I sent you an email! Now don't go crazy looking for it, I sent it to the wrong Nancy! But, she was the only Nancy I had in my addy book so I took a chance...LOL! Basically, told you that if you did not follow the doc's orders I would have to ban you from downloading anything ever again! So you behave, young lady!

And, Lynn....that has got to be the funniest comment of all time! Then, I checked out you blog....rainbow freckles? I actually did that to my son when he was little! Washable markers of course. But let me address a few of your comments here:

"struggle & sweat profusely with the simple task of arranging the elements in my folders in an aesthetically pleasing manner"

Well, there's your problem right there! No, my dear, your hard drive has to be on the verge of chaos! No organization allowed! A creative mind is NEVER tidy! Well. that's my story anyway and I am sticking to it!

"seemingly little effort that makes it easy for one to imagine that you languish on your lounge in the shade, sipping a tall (exotically flavored, of course) iced tea, thinking nothing of the task ahead until at the very LAST nano second, you nonchallantly "twitch" your kits into existence."

Couple of things obviously are not one of the spies that frequent my house...or else you would have witnessed me swearing and grabbing my monitor by the sides and shaking it when something just won't work, wishing not for an exotically flavored ice tea but a Long Island Ice Tea and wishing I could "twitch" my nose like Samantha and just make a kit!

"Seriously though, you ladies are wonderful......thank you!"

Thank you! Thank all of you, that are always there with a friendly comment and encouraging words. Personally, I have always thought that Miss Congeniality would have been the prize I would want to win since that meant you were the nicest person!

I stopped by your blog and must comment that your LO's are terrific! They truly show your personality coming through. Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

Now, being shamed into it...I have to go do some computer housekeeping today! Maybe I'll find something that sparks an inspiration!