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Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's Super Bowl Sunday

I don't have a favorite team playing (since the Patriots played like they didn't want to go!) so I will probably just cheer for the team that my DH DOESN'T want to win just to make it interesting! To all you Colts fans....Good Luck and to all you Bears fans....Good Luck!

Valentine's Day is a Day to show Love so in our house we do Love Tokens...freebie gifts, little RAK's, little things to make you feel special. So, we use coupons and I made this one up for this year and thought I would share it. Just print up a whole page and leave them in a basket and when you think of something you can do for someone special, you make out a coupon and put it in the basket and on Valentine's Day, you get to go through them all and find out what goodies you have in store for you! Cute idea, huh? Started it when my kids were little and money was tight. I remember one of mine from my son was "taking a bath without a knock on the door" something I rarely got to do when they were younger! Why is it that kids can not talk to you for hours but as soon as you get on the phone or in the tub, they have something "earth shattering" to talk to you about?

This download has been removed. Sorry!

Note: the cute background I used is not mine.

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Susan said...

Your site was recommended to me as a newbie at digital scrapping. I was sooooo pleased! Your designs are amazing and I plan on letting you see some of my pages when I get around to it! Thanks for the freebies and I will definitely be crediting you if I post a page whichn uses anything of yours! Thanks again! said...

GREAT!!!! I love it thank you

tajicat said...

Thanks so much, this is so cute! I appreciate you sharing with us! :)

Pugsli said...

Finally, I got rid of company, again. If I ever find that vacancy
sign that seems to hang over my house, I'm going to shoot the lights out myself! Actually, the "company" was my daughter and her family. We really had a good time but it is nice to just be hubby and me (and of course Pugsli) all by ourselves!!!

You know, every time I think you have created the best kit ever and you'll never be able to top it, you do! I don't know if we (the recipients of your beautiful gifts)
really realise just how lucky we are to have someone as talented as you just GIVE us your work. I for one, will never be able to repay such kindness other than to thank you for all you give. I mean, it's not just the work, but more like you give us pieces of yourself. You are truly a wonderful person and I am so glad I found you. When I'm down, I read your blog and ALWAYS come away with a smile on my face! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the kind of person you are and sharing yourself and life with us! You make a big difference in my life and I'm sure in other people's lives too! Thank you dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Can you tell I like your work?
I sure hope so 'cause it is the BESTEST!

Chelley said...

Cute, TFS!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow!! Man do I wish I'd found your blog earlier lol. I've spent hours on here today reading and downloading all your gorgeous kits! You've made me very homesick lol, I come from Vt although lived in Ct for several years also...but now I'm over in Scotland...although it's similar to Vt in many ways it's also vastly different!! But ohhhhh I'm so looking forward to my trip home in April lol. And I think I'll be using some of your delicious papers and embellishments to scrap the trip home! I'll send in the LO's when we return. I've bookmarked your blog and will be returning regularly. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and time with us are just fantastic...and thank you seems to be so little for what you are giving! I hope you are having a wonderful week!!
Sassy your blog you've talked about housework and those evil dust bunnies...I had to find a way to get past them myself...I'm disabled and unable to do the cleaning...drove me nuts hubby couldn't 'see' dust or their evil offspring...I've been disabled 7 years now and let me tell you...they only accumulate so much, then it doesn't look like they are breeding...mind you heehee I was told I could have anything I wanted for Christmas this past Christmas and although I was tempted to go with new filters, more psp stuff, maybe a few new tubes...I finally decided I wanted a female house cleaner to come in twice a week. I didn't get it...but have been promised it for my birthday in May lol but for Christmas hubby did do good, got a new laptop with loads and loads of memory, and a kick butt graphics card...and even after that he also got me a wireless set up AND a wireless tablet to help me with my psp although I didn't get what I asked for YET, he did do sooooo good lol...but ohhhh bring on my birthday and having a room where it really has no dust bunnies...or cobwebs in the corner of the wall ...or muddy paw prints across the carpet....or ...or....or... lol...oh it will be soooooo lovely...and I plan on scrapping the whole event lmbo. Anyway, thanks so much, you've really inspired me and I'm going to start playing! Take care and have a wonderful day! xx

WillowRaven said...

You have some wonderful scrap sets. I was wondering if you have a mailing list that lets people know when you have new freebies up?

linnie-818 said...

What a sweet idea. Thank you!