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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Auto Shut Down...

THAT is what I decided I need so I will have to drag my butt to bed! I lose all track of time when I am PSPing! So, here it is 2:29 am, my eyes are bugging out and I am freezing but do I know enough to go to bed? Nah!

Spent the afternoon at the orthopaedist with Jess again...leg was still hurting after Wednesday's stumble so we decided to call, get his opinion and he wanted to see her. At first, he thought he might have to cut the cast off and re-set it but the x-rays showed it was still okay. Didn't get home until 6:30 so I was glad that I had made a big pot of chicken soup so supper was all ready!

I forget who was going to use "Grandpa and Me" for a brag book...I am terrible at names! But, I would love to see that! I was thinking about doing a brag book for my Mom for Mother's Day.

Isn't it fun thinking about the words your kids used to say? That age was so great! They were learning so much everyday and their actions were so amusing! Now, they spend their time correcting me and finding me, how the tables have turned!

I am going to keep this short as now I am starting to fade....

I actually have 2, count them TWO, goodies for you. One is a little mini kit called "Jessica's Starry Dreams". I wanted to scrap this pic of her and I remembered a frame that a crafter friend of mine made years ago out of wooden dowels and it had stars on it. So I had to see if I could duplicate it. I love how her hand seems to be grabbing for the star! Wish she still had those star sunglasses, although I am positive that she is glad she doesn't! (Of course, you don't get her picture in the frame! Well, if you want it, I'll give it to you but you have to promise to put up with her until her leg heals!!)

Sorry...this download has been removed

The second goodie is a pack of thumbtacks. Needed them for the kit so I decided to make up a whole pack. I left one thumbtack head in gray tone so you can colorize it if you need a special color! See? I am always thinking of you !

Sorry...this download has been removed

Well, it is now 3:12 and so I am so out of here!!! Have a great weekend all!


Robyn said...

Thank you for the goodies today, Janni. They will be fun to use. :) I'm up too late too so I'd better log off.

donwilmom said...

I just downloaded the Grandpa and Me kit. Somehow I missed it before, so thank you for leaving it up. The thumbtacks are cute and will come in handy. Thank you for being so generous with your talant.

Beth said...

Hi Jannie, I love this starry kit!
It's perfect for the lil kiddie LO's, thanks for sharing.
I see you stopped by not too long ago. :)
Busy, busy, busy, that's what I've been.

My son broke his shin bone when he was a child, I know exactly what your daughter is going through.
Not only that but after the cast finally came off, the day before his "final" check-up, he rebroke it!

I love your designs, such a great variety! Keep 'em coming! :D

Take care~ ;)

Anniegirl said...

Thank you. You can get lots done when you stay up late. I have been going to bed early lately and haven't gotten anything done. Need to change that.

kruemelmai said...

Thanks so much!

Scrapcat4914 said...

Sure hope you get to sleep in today!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing the awesome Starry Dreams and the tacks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lovely kit and love the thumbtacks. Have a wonder weekend. Teresa

Cindell said...

That was a late night you had there..don't get into the habit LOL
I went through that and now find I go to bed early 9.30pm and am up and on the PC at 4.30am..for me it works better this way.

Pooh said...

Oh no.... they kiddo is still hurting (my daughter is 28 and she is still the kiddo)Has she had everyone sign her cast and draw pretty pictures on it... of course that would only be amusing for a short time. Keeping her in prayer.
Thank you for the freebies. I think that the tacks are what I've been looking for to finish a lay out. Gonna bounce them in and see a little later.

Elaine said...

Thanks Jan for todays goodies. I am glad to here that Jess didn't do any further damage to her break. I broke my elbow many years ago but I can remember how painful it was. I hope you got a good nights sleep. Take care.

Pugsli said...

I thought I could do it, I really did. But I'm weak, weak I tell you! I was not going to visit and drool over the wonderful, beautiful goodies you spoil us with! I was going to wait until I could do something about those goodies, but alas, here I am. I enjoy your blog so much!
I really understand about the late night- I'm a night owl myself. The only problem with that is I'm married to Mr. Early Riser. This makes for some interesting times, especially if we happen to wake the other one up!
Just wanted to hop by and say"Howdy!" (that would be Southernese for "hello"). Also, I wanted to check on your DD. Will keep the prayers going for both of you!
Oh yeah, wanted to let you know we finally got what they call winter weather down here. We got ONE piece of microscopic snow. We ran outside and watched it fall from the sky to the ground and melt. Such excitement!!!
Gotta go to bed now, church tomorrow. Hugs to ya'll!

NinaJo said...

I'm a night person, on Friday and Saturday nights, then during the week, I have to go to bed early cuz I get up at 5:00 for work.
I still stay up late sometimes during the week, but I pay for it during the day.
I lose track of time when I sit at the pc. It's like time flies.
I met my husband getting up at 4:00 this morning as I was laying down...LOL.
Thanks for the cute mini kit, I love that picture of your daughter too, and it does look like she is reaching for the stars!
I have been wondering why nobody ever scraped thumbtacks. I think it's a wonderful idea. They sure look better than those prong thingies that some folks make..ick!
I love these, thank you so much!
hugs, NinaJo

Patty said...

Thank you Janni for the cute thumbtack (I haven't any :)
Have been away for such a short while and will be spending quite some time trying to catch up.
Oh just love what you have created.

Anonymous said...

This is really Great I love the push pin!! TFS!!!!

linnie-818 said...

Both of these two kits are great. I love Starry Dreams. It's great.

And the thumbtacks are really cool. I just know they will come in handy!

Thank you!!!!!