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Sunday, December 10, 2006


I can never think of clever, cute titles. I think that is the worst part about blogging!

Looking through files this morning seeing what else I can burn off and free up some space. I just added memory and I am almost out again! Still waiting for my new hard drive and I think I am going to add some more memory while I am at it. I have zipped and burned off most of my scrapping files and it is a pain since now I don't have easy access to them. Every time I think I can delete something, I think "no better not, might need it someday". Consequently, I have way more than I will ever use.

So, I found some things I thought I would show you. The first is a LO I did for a friend of mine that just got a new puppy. Actually, this puppy is my Jack-Rat Bonnie's nephew. Her brother is the father to this little cutie. I do not know the creator of the kit I used and I can't get to it easily since, well, refer to the above!

Isn't he just too cute? His daddy is a Jack/Rat named Killer and his mommy is a full Jack named Kelly. There were 7 in the litter but they lost one at birth. All were just so adorable and I had all I could do to keep from taking one but 2 dogs is enough and our Bonnie would be crushed if we brought another baby in! Here is a pic of Bonnie and our Beagle, Bogie (aka Mr. Bogus Butts).

I also found a little something that goes along with our chatting about traditions. It is something I had done a long time ago for a craft fair. It is for those of you that do not have a fireplace for Santa to come in by. I do not know where I got the image of Santa or the key so please do not use this image but, feel free to use the idea if you would like.

I printed this out and decoupaged it to a piece of balsa wood and tied it to a blank skeleton key that I got at Home Depot. They sold like hot cakes. Now, you find them everywhere. Hallmark has a beautiful one but it has a nice price tag also!

I have received quite a few emails from you about the new banner. I am so glad you like it. I wanted something seasonal so I started playing. Seems like this year the frosty blues are very popular for the holiday season and, gee, I happen to know this person that did up a nice kit called Frosted Window Panes! LOL! The font I used for JanniScrap is called Flakey and at first, I thought, "great! Snowflakes" but now, looking closer does it say JanniScrap or Jannis Crap! LMAO! Oh, well, matter of opinion I guess!

Well, I needed new wallpaper on my computer since here it is December 10th and I still had up the Fall Splendor Wallpaper so I did one that matches this banner. Would you like it? As I noted way up above, the art work was misted by Inspirational Mists by Roxanne (she does beautiful work) and I do not know who the original artist is. If you know, please let me know but I think she gets a lot of her stuff from greeting cards.

Sorry, this download has been removed

Oh, NinaJo, you are too funny! A Wacom tablet? I could only dream! If I mentioned that to him, he would say "wampum? what do you want with Indian money?" He is the most computer challenged person I know! He started in again tonight and my son was trying to talk him into giving me the present early. DH said, "keep away from her ...don't stand too close, you know she can do that mind meld thingy and read your mind!" I am enjoying his excitement about it so much that I am afraid the actual getting of the present is going to be anti-climatic! I got him Snow Walkers, which are like snow shoes for when he goes hunting. I thought with his knee surgery, it would lessen the strain on it when he goes out in the snow. (Yep, he's a hunter. I am not real happy about the whole hunting thingy and guns and killing Bambi and his whole family but gotta take the bad with the good!) I also picked him up a bunch of little stuff but still want to get him another biggy present but I am stumped.

Love all you comments about your favorite ornaments! I belonged to a group of crafters that got together for about 10 years and we did an ornament exchange so I have tons of handcrafted ornaments. I am a little fanatic about our tree, it is just LOADED with ornaments...can never have too many! I hate putting it up (except for the ornaments) and I hate taking it down but love to look at it! I cannot understand people that take their tree down the day after Christmas. I hate for it to come down and would leave it up year round if I had my way!Well, enough rambling...wish somebody else would get up so I would have someone to talk to!

Have a good Sunday all!

PS. bring the coffeecake and I'll make the coffee and we can chat any old time!


nana8 said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It's gorgeous! And the best part is enjoying the beautiful from the inside of my own home. LOL:-) Winter can be so pretty but I hate getting out in it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wallpaper. I love it. I am going to use it in my email to wish all my friends and family a Merry Christmas if that is alright with you?
Thanks Again

dianagrind said...

Thanks for the wall paper. It is gorgeous.

pugsli said...

Well, I thought I had left you a thank you but don't know where it is. Anyhoo, thanks so much for the lovely wallpaper! You are a very talented artist! Also, I wanted to let you know Alabama will be in the 60's (degree-wise) and I thought if you wanted to come on down, we could sun ourselves and get a nice tan for Christmas!!!!! said...

Thank for sharing this with us.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TYS your beautiful wallpaper!!!

Anita said...

It's starting to look alot like Christmas... thankyou it's all beautiful

Anniegirl said...

Thanks for the great wallpaper. I love the heading for your blog and had already thought it would make a great wallpaper and then you go and make it one. Wow, you must read minds.

Peggie said...

This is gorgeous. We usually don't
have much snow where I live, so
I'm enjoying your snow. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful thanks bunches - Denny