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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm going to Radio City!

Well, I have to wait no more to find out what my present from hubby is! About 22 years ago I went to the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall and have talked about it every year since. We talked about taking the kids when they got old enough to appreciate it, then we talked about going when we could afford to take the kids and then the price of the tickets became so crazy that I had just about given up on ever seeing it again. My Mom has never seen it and always wanted to. Sunday evening, Joe and the kids sat my Mom and me down and said that they just couldn't wait any longer...and presented us with tickets for this Sunday! The whole bunch of us will be heading to NYC on the train and seeing 90 minutes of pure magic! I am so excited and so thrilled that he remembered how much I wanted this. I haven't even brought it up for about 5 years and he remembered! LOL! Beginning to think he is a keeper after all!

AND...Sears finally came through and got us our frig and it was delivered yesterday. The new team they sent to deliver it had no trouble getting it in the house. Plus to get us to buy it through them, they took another 10% off the already 20% sales price! I guess sometimes it pays to complain! Now, I need to go grocery shopping because it looks like there is no food in it!
New car, new frig, Radio City...I AM getting spoiled and I AM so worth it! Ha!

Just a little freebie today. Years ago, I used to do craft fairs and among other things, did a lot of little ornaments for kids. I was going through pics and I had one of my kids working, assembly line fashion, making puzzle wreath ornaments and thought I would do a LO of it. Decided that it needed a wreath so started to play around and see if I could duplicate it in PSP. So, just a little bit of a thing but I thought I would post it so you wouldn't just have to listen about my presents and you not get anything! See how nice I am?
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Dede said...

Thank you so much for the gift. Hope you have a wonderful time at Radio City!! And miracles never cease, I was just able to download all the goodies!! Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Take care. Dede

Elaine said...

Hi Jan,
oooh, Christmas Spectacular! I have seen it 2 times and it truly is Spectacular! I live in NY and I saw it many years ago, then once when my Sister came to visit I took her and my brother in law to see it. What a wonderful Christmas present. I am happy for you. And, you got your new fridge, great! I hope you have a great time. Also, thanks for the goodie.

Pooh said...

How cute! Thank you.
I hope you have a great time ... wish I was there.... lol

Anonymous said...

thanks. 44 downloads and 4 comments. some of us are being naughty again. There is really no excuse anymore. Since the change in 4shared you can type in your comment while waiting for the dl link. Once you click on the link and the dl starts then you can post your comment on 4shared. Come on everybody. Lets be nice.

Thanks Jannidee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely gift and have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot my. Thanks again, Teresa

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Yes I think he is a keeper . I know you will enjoy the show. Have fun.
Thanks for the wreath.

katt said...

Thank you for the cute present. It is just adorable! I agree your hubby is definately a keeper. That sounds like so much fun - truly a wonderful present. I hope you all have a wonderful time.


Beth said...

Your "goodies" keep getting better 'n better. Thanks for sharing the Wallpaper, I loved it the first time I saw it, what a treat!
And how cute is that puzzle ornament!
Enjoy your time in NY, it's so neat when someone gives you something that you forgot you even wanted.
How wonderful for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea with the puzzle pieces!!! How cool is that?!!

I hope you have a blast on Sunday!!! This Saturday is a busy one for us as my daughter turns 7 on Saturday, we have endless family dinners, a birthfday party and then on Sunday we have to go to the Dofasco Childrens Christmas PArty. The company gives the kids a present and they can go skating if they like. We then have to spend the afternoon at our daughters god parents....I will be glad when the holidays and all the travelling is over...we still have a 6 hour drive to my folks for Boxing Day....

So...If I'm not around the join you for coffee, you'll know I'm going insane!

Have a wonderful time with the family!

nana8 said...

WOW, sounds like you hit the jackpot!!! Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute of it!!! Merry Christmas!! And thank you for all the goodies!!:-)

Patty said...

Thank you for the cute puzzle
ornament~cute. What a wonderful
gift your keeper is :) Hope you
have loads of fun and safe trip.

Mary said...

What a cute idea! THank you!

Kim said...

This is such a cute ornament! I would be interested in some of the other crafts you've made for craft fairs if you have time to email me. I would like to have a craft bazaar at our church next christmas. Email me sometime if you get a chance

Felicie said...

Have an enjoyable trip. So glad your wish came true.

Scrapcat4914 said...

Wow!!! He sure is a keeper!
Hope that you all have a fun and safe trip to Radio City!
Thank you for sharing this cool wreath, brings back memories when I worked as a CNA in the nursing home and I'd help the residents to make them! said...

Thank you

cford said...

Thank you for the wreath ornament. It's adorable for scrapping and a great craft idea for kids. Merry Christmas!

Stormy said...

A train to NYC Huh? Wow, how cool is that! I wish you all the joy and happiness on your trip.. And stay safe dear! PS... Love all the goodies you have been making for us.

NinaJo said...

Jannidee, I didn't download this one, but I'll thank you for the people that didn't while I glare at them! (glare)
I did however try to comment on your wonderful gift from your husband. Blogger has been less than cooperative, it has been a downright PITA. It doesn't recognize me, I think because it's the Beta of the new blogger, and I'm still on the old one, I don't trust this new one enough to switch yet.
Congrats on the new refrigerator!
Hope you got it nicely
Have fun Sunday, so what if it's not a "Wampum" tablet, you'll have a blast, and his remembering how much you wanted to do this is worth so much more. Men never cease to amaze

Molly said...

Thanks a bunch.
My son is autistic, so this is a beautiful image.

Merry Christmas!

Hillary said...

Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhh. You get me laughing and I forget to dl. Hehe!
Well, I tried to dl the cute lil Christmas wreath...puzzle parts...and there was no zip to dl there. Could ya by any chance....send it too me. If not, don't worry...I will only sulk for a month. LOL aka Hilly

Hillary said...

Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhh. You get me laughing and I forget to dl. Hehe!
Well, I tried to dl the cute lil Christmas wreath...puzzle parts...and there was no zip to dl there. Could ya by any chance....send it too me. If not, don't worry...I will only sulk for a month. LOL aka Hilly