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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something very wrong here!

I am writing to you from my daughter's computer...just call me the traveling blogger! Had to travel to the other end of the house to talk to you. For some reason, my computer will not even boot up! I am trying not to get into a panic about it but it doesn't look good to me and all my files are on it and of course, I have not backed them up for a time and, well, you all know the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach! It was working fine last night when I finished the calendar for my Mom but this morning was hung up so I clicked restart and all I get is this little blinking line in the upper left hand corner. Looks like the calendar will not be taken to the printer and, frankly, I don't have time to play computer geek. Hopefully, my son will get it fixed when he comes home on Friday but, I am afraid the calendar will be a late present! Trying to keep a positive attitude and thinking that the calendar will still be there!

Did get a lot of baking done, 7 different cookies so far and a couple more to go. The dining room is improving but not by much. But I am slowly recovering from the NYC excursion so all will get done! We bought the sound track from the show so I am re-living it through that! DH is counting the days until he leaves his job and his mood gets better with each passing day!

One of the files that I really hope is still there is a kit I have been working on that is totally inspired by my husband called "Hubby's Flannel Shirt". It started off as a color challenge for a group I belong to and has just grown from there. Lot's of fishing and hunting related stuff which I was looking forward to scrapping pictures of him and my son with! It will be there, it will be there, it will be there!

I received 2 phone calls this week from friends that got some very bad news and are now going through very difficult times. There was an email from a member of a group that asked for prayers for her little grandson of 3 months that is fighting for his life. And, one of my son's friends (one of those like-a-son kids) just graduated from night school for his high school diploma and will now ship out for the Marines. Although I am very proud of him for getting his education and then wanting to serve our country, understandably, I am worried about his safety. All this has made me take a closer look at my life and even with all it's ups and downs, the pain and hardships, I am extremely thankful that basically all is well in my little world. Especially at this time of year, we should all look outside ourselves and be mindful of those that are so less fortunate. For those that are not able to have all your loved ones around your table because of sickness, distance or because they are serving their country know that they are with you in heart and spirit and will, with God's grace be reunited with you soon. For those that are going through sickness with a loved one may you receive strength and, in this season of miracles, the miracle that you have prayed for. For those that feel like their is no one there for them, may you reach out to someone else that feels they same and find joy and companionship . For those that are going through a personal crisis with someone they love, may you find the strength to deal with it, the understanding to forgive and the faith to believe. And so, my friends, my computer problems do seem very minor and that is why I am not getting very upset about it and keeping a positive attitude. The only 2 things I really care about are for my family and, if need be, can be recreated. As far as the rest, I had more than I ever needed anyway.

Be blessed this season and look at what you have to be thankful for, and please take the time to extend kindness and love to someone less fortunate or who just looks like they could use a little lift. Your kindness just may be the difference in their life. And, say a prayer for someone...

Well, need to get the next batch of cookies mixed. Have a great day all and keep your Christmas spirit high! Remember what is important and forget the rest!

Hugs, love and prayers!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I am thankful for the family and friends I have. I hope your computer just needs a rest and will be back up and running soon.
Have a great day and wonderful Holidays.

dianagrind said...

I am thankful also for everything I have. I understand the computer though. It is just so irritating. I have had exactly the same thing two times. Best buy was able to restart it for me once and the other time by the time I got it into them it had fixed itself. So there is hope. Did not lose anything either time. Merry Christmas.

NinaJo said...

I'm so thankful for my family and friends. They make it worth waking up every morning.
I'm also thankful that I wake up breathing every morning, so that I can enjoy my family and friends.
I hope you get your computer fixed.
I too know the agony of a computer that is tired or just quits. You feel like ya wanna sling it out a window.
Merry Day before Christmas Eve!

nana8 said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So glad you enjoyed your pressie!! Thank you for all you have shared with us!!

katt said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Day and New Year. Thank you for all the lovely gifts you have shared.