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Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Friend in our Community needs some help

I know that I said that weekends would be family-only time but I guess in this case, I am not really breaking my own rule. Vikki Pearson, although I do not know her personally, is a name that I have seen in many of the groups I belong to for a long time and she has always been very generous with sharing and now she is in need of some help. I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I know that several years ago when my Dad was so sick, it was such a comfort to me and to him, that so many from around the world were praying for him. So, please, read Vikki's message below and add Jarrid, Vikki and the family to your prayers.

OK I know this is way off the topic of the groups and I normally wouldn't do this but this is important. My 19yr old nephew Jarrid has what they call Good pastures Syndrome (we found that out a year or so ago) but we just recently found out that the meds from the disease caused his hips to deteriorate and needed to have both hips replaced. Well the other day he went into have 1 done the other day. Everything seemed to go well but then they thought he had a blood clot in his lung. Well I just found out that he has a collapsed lung.As far as they know the Good Pasture's is what caused his lung to do that. I know this will make him afraid to have the other one done now which was supposed to be done next month. But I was wondering if we could get some prayers and stuff out for him..
Thanx bunches
Hugs N Luvs Vikki

I thought I would send ya all a pic of Jarrid. This pic was taken a couple years ago. Just b4 the disease hit him. He had is whole life planned out. He wanted to go to college to study forensics so he could be a forensic scientist or be in a CSI type of thing. But that was all taken from him when this disease hit him. He wasn't supposed to work but he had to try tho as he didn't want to try and get SSI because he was so young and he didn't want people to look at him funny and think that there is no reason he shouldn't be working. But his working and his meds are what caused his hips to deteriorate. But anyway I thought I would share his pic with ya all.

1st Update
Hi everyone just thought I'd let ya all know what I found out. They think the disease (Good Pasture's Syndrome) might have come back. His lung is still collapsed (as far as I know) and they are in the process of giving him a blood transfusion (which when the disease was at it's worst in the beginning he had to have several of them). My sister is on her way up their with Jarrid's parents and Jarrid's brothers are on their way up to be with him. What was gonna be a 3 day stay for the hip replacement surgery has turned into a longer stay for him. I'm afraid that since this happened he won't go in for the other hip replacement surgery or that they'll let him have it with the complications he's had so far.
My mom has been keeping me up to date and as I find out more I'll let you all know.. Thanx for being here for me and for Jarrid especially

2nd Update
Well I thought I would let ya all know I just heard from my mom just now. Jarrid is stabilized now. His fever is down and things seem to be better after his transfusion. But knowing how things can be this could be the calm b4 the storm but will keep thinkin positive that things will be fine. But should I hear more I'll be sure to let ya all know.
Thanx 4 being there for me any my family!!!
Big Hugs to ya all

Thanks and big hugs to you all!


jill said...

Jannidee -- please pass along that we are praying for Jarrid. That his physical challenges will be stabilized and that he will be encouraged in spirit. His course may have been changed, but there is still plenty of purpose stretched out before him.

Sophie said...

I'll keep Jarrid in my prayers too. I second everything Jill has said because she said it 'all' so perfectly! Best wishes to this family.

Scrapcat4914 said...

Please tell Vicki that I have them all in my prayer's
I know all to well the hard blow's that life puts to us and with God's help we may get thru them

patchas said...

Prayer works!! I absolutely believe that as it has helped me in so many ways. God is good. Our family will pray for Jarrid, and for his whole family. Tell them WE CARE!

Becky said...

You have some beautiful kits!