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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Arghhhhhhh....I am now officially old!

OMG! I was getting ready to go out to lunch, doing the hair, doing the make-up and I found a hair on my chin! Not one of those soft hairs, oh, NO! This thing was like a 22 gauge wire! I flipped out! Called my husband in and don't tell me he couldn't see that I was genuinely upset but what does he do? Does he tell me he loves me anyway and will continue to love me with whiskers and wrinkles! NO! He gets hysterical laughing! I mean, I know I am not a spring chicken but OMG! a whisker!!!! (It is painful even to say the word!) You know I will be checking everyday with a 10X magnifying mirror to make sure those little suckers are plucked to a very short life! The only good thing about it was when we went to lunch I told the two friends I was with and we got to talking about what this age is like and almost got asked to leave the restaurant because we were hysterical laughing.

On a happier note....My new scanner and printer arrived today! And we should have DSL by the middle of next week! Oh, see jannidee doing the happy dance!

My son is coming home again this weekend and he has planned the I the only one who doesn't mind cooking but hates trying to think of what to have? It seems like I get stuck in a rut and end up making the same thing over and over.

I am thrilled that so many of you downloaded Soft Memories. I do have an add-on for it. I made this ribbon garland some time back just playing around but never used it with any kit but it seems to fit with this one. So I recolored it. I also started some frames (see, I do read your comments) but I am not quite happy with them yet.

I have decided that the weekends will be "family only" time so I will chat with you all again on Monday! Have a great weekend and I am going to leave you with the quote from my blog banner ...
" Dare to may surprise yourself!"

Sorry this download has been removed
The preview does not do them justice. The garland does have some shadowing on it but the rest have none.
There are 2 files: one is in png format and one is rar.
Hopefully no one will run into anyproblems!


Pooh said...

Very nice!! Thank you.

PS... you're only as old as you feel.. hehe... my husband tells me that a lot. I usually say that I must be

Sophie said...

Hi Janni,

Thanks for all the cute freebies you have shared with us, i love the gingerbread QP and the baby charms in particular ...... too cute! Ohh and the tut to do frayed edges .... i've been looking for one of those for ages .... so thanks! And i want to say thanks for the laughs too! The hair on your chin story .... Hahahahaha! Too funny! I know it's not really funny, it's just the way you put it! I'm 42 but i have already warned my daughter that when i am in a old people's home in the future, she best be there once a week to ' pluck ' any strange hairs from my face! lol And lastly .... DSL next week, new scanner and printer, and a new car? Heck .... did you win lotto?

Anita said...

lmao, too funny... I'm finding that a hair on the chinny chin chin is the least of my problems with old age...
love the ribbons going now to download... I knew there was a reason I waited to make a tag with these.

Designs by Diva said...

Beautiful ribbons, I just love them and appreciate all that you share

Elaine said...

Beautiful, I really love this kit. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend, don't worry about one little hair, you got a new scanner and a printer and DSL coming. lol

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for sharing this beautiful kit and the add-on

Terri said...

These ribbons and the cards are gorgeous, thanks for sharing and don't worry about the chin hair!

Sharon said...

I can emphasize with you Janni. I don't check every day but I have one that keeps coming back Iovely set of ribbons. Thank you for them and for the laugh this morning.

Barbara said...

Hi Janni,
Love the ribbons, natch!
About the starys as we call them, dont stress, actually once a month wax strips do a great job! And I hear that the hairs grow in lighter, at least mine do! So chin hairs what is next? sideburn fuzz! at least That is very soft
::::::running FAST:::::

lisa said...

Love these ribbons and the hair on the chin story!! I warn every female over the age of 25 about what they will face one day!! Thanks for the share! :)

linnie-818 said...

Pretty ribbons. This kit is very lovely. Thank you.

grambie said...

Thanks for having this so cute kit available to us late comers. Love the softness & elegance of this kit that will complement any special occasion. The ribbons are just fantastic & so realistic. Your writings are a hoot & I really enjoy reading them. (Hopefully I can visit more regularly when my computer is returned from Sony.) TFS.