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Friday, October 27, 2006

Just me today...(nope, stuck some freebies in too!)

No freebie today. (Not exactly true but you have to read to find it!) Not that I didn't feel like giving something away but for some reason I can't connect at anything higher than 38000 bits or whatever the h##l it is, and the uploads were just hanging there. Finally can get DSL in my area so hopefully will be switching in the next week or so. It baffles me how they do this. There were people that live right down the road from us and they had DSL but when I would call they would say it wasn't available for our number. My cousin is the same. Her neighbor on the corner has it but she can't get it. Maybe they connect by the street I don't know but this dial up has been a real pain! Isn't it amazing how impatient we all have become? Snail mail was fine until email, waiting an hour for a baked potato was fine until microwave and now those things are too slow!

Anyway, I was reading some of your comments and thought I would answer some of the questions I have gotten.

I am 54. Depending on the day, that is either old, middle aged or younger than spring time! They say that having kids keeps you young but sometimes I think it works the opposite. I think when they are younger, they do keep you young. But as they get older and need you less and you have time to sit back and observe instead of having to get up and go, you begin to realize how much times have changed and find yourself doing what your parents and grandparents used to say...well, in the old days...back when we were kids...! I have told my kids that if I ever try to tell them that I had to walk to school in 3 feet of snow, barefoot and uphill both ways, to just send me to the home! With the fibro and arthritis and all that brings with it, when I was working full time, I was literally dragging myself through each day. Now, I am a little better but, ya know all those things that you say, "when I retire, I'm gonna do..."? Well, some days ya just don't feel like doing them. I have been involved in several new treatments for fibro and chronic pain which involved surgeries to implant electrodes in my head (which didn't work for me but worked great for my friend) and now there is another which involves IV therapy of vitamins and minerals, more of an naturopathic approach, which I hope to start soon. I know too much info...but I know that there are so many out there that have fibro and chronic pain. It is becoming epidemic in proportion!

Sharing how I made the fringe...why not? I know for a fact that many of you, in your minds, have some great creative ides. The only thing holding you back, is how to get the effect you want. PSP can do soooo many things and and sometimes it just takes a little direction that leads you to the "a-ha!" and then that leads to even more creativity! Now if someone could just point me to a great bow making tut, I would be eternally grateful! As much as I try, they just look only 2 dimensional!

Hmmm...what you would like. Baby stuff...that I've got. And, if you click here (sorry link has been deleted) you will find some files that I have shared through groups that have a little of this and a little of that. (So, I guess, I am giving away something today...makes me feel better!) I have more since what got me into designing was doing my kids a scrapbook before the unsorted, undated mounds of photos where ruined. There is some Christmas stuff there and, I don't remember what else. Most have previews.

Goth? Maybe it is my age but somehow I don't get exactly what that is! I see some things listed as Goth and is that Goth? and then, other times it is too Goth for me!

Internet that might be a challenge and something fun to think about.

Doodles...I've got doodling but my scanner is kapoot (sp?) so they are sitting in the sketch pad for now.

Leaving the links up. Several reasons...I hate for anyone not to be able to get something they like or want, too lazy to remove them, and, for right now, no reason to take them down. Eventually, I would like to sell some of what I make and maybe that will change some things but I don't know. I understand why some people make them limited time but if you belong to groups like I do, sometimes by the time you read that email and click on that link it is 2-3 days after it was sent and it is gone. And, with everyone giving away stuff on a daily basis, your daily check list could take you all day to get through. Downloading and collecting stuff is addictive and as far as I can tell, there is no treatment for it! Plus the fact, I am, by nature, a people pleaser and can't stand the thought of someone being mad at me...even someone from cyberworld! LOL! Sounds like a Dr. Phil show!

Enough rambling. Have a great day! Keep the comments coming and I am so thrilled that so many of you have liked this kit! Please, if you do a LO, let me know and I will try to post some of your work here! Huggers and warm wishes!


Beth said...

Hi Janni! LOL...I enjoyed your post! And as I read I kept thinking, "yep!..I know what you mean!" Kids, aging, goth, etc.
I can relate 100%. :)
You are a generous person, a kind soul, thanks for sharing. I hope hubby's doing better today! ;)

Ummaro said...

I want you to know, you're 5 years YOUNGER than me! LOL, but that's OK, I'll still like you anyway. And I DO love your kits! I wanted to give you a link to a piece of equipment that my youngest daughter just got...she has Fibromyalgia too. Take a look at:
(Or just go to and click on wbv.)
She said it really eases the fibro pain, and I know they are using them for arthritis patients as well. My sis and I just bought one as well, since we come from a long line of 'bad knees/hips' genes. Only got it this week, so haven't used it much yet...I'll let you know how it works. Hope your DH feels better soon, you'll start feeling better then too!

Elaine said...

Hi Janni, Thanks for the freebies for today. I was the one who asked you how old you were, your not old, in fact a year younger than I am. I also read your whole post and have to agree with everything you said. I am one of those with the disease, you know the downloading disease. I am a little better though, that is I am getting a little more choosier. I have much much more than I will ever need, but then I see this beautiful kit for free. Some of these kits that I get for free are prettier than some of the ones they sell. I am hoping to retire soon and plan on learning how to design a little. If I am any good I will give my stuff for free also. I have gotten so much from so many and I hope to pay it forward. Thanks again and I hope you feel better.

susan said...

Hi janni, just wanted to say thank you for your lovely scraps, i snagged them all ... Hope you and your hubby are feeling better ..

Jean said...

I just found you through Nana's Attic and I so glad I did. Thank you for all the beautiful freebies!!! I loved every one of them :)

Robyn said...

What a nice collection of goodies; thank you. :)

I enjoyed your post. I know people with fibro so my heart goes out to you.

Hugs to you!

Mary said...

I'm so happy that you decided to leave the links up. I just found your site today and I have bookmarked it. You really do lovely work, and you could certainly sell your kits. I know what you mean about downloading being addictive. I think I have carpel tunnel in my download finger!

linnie-818 said...

Wow! What fun to go and open these misc files and discover what treasures are within. Thank you for continuing to share these links for so long. This allows new people (like me) to be able to scoop them up and enjoy them. You are so generous to do that! Thank you for sharing your time, effort and talent so freely!