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Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Monday to you and a QuickPage Freebie!

So did you miss me this weekend? It was a rare weekend that my son came home from school and my daughter wasn't off doing something or working so we spent some family time together. He had 2 doctor's appointments that he had to go to and, of course, wanted Mom to go with him! (Some things will never change!) He had injured his knee about a year ago and it was still bothering is ok, no tears but still inflamed; and his ears which have given him trouble since birth were acting up again, will have to have another set of tubes put in. Poor kid...this will be his 8th or 9th set of tubes! He has spent his entire life not being able to jump in the water and not worry about plugs or ear infections! Then, while doing his laundry, I decided this kid needed a shopping trip. So it was a busy weekend. Not complaining though, I love it when he is home. He comes home, tells me what meals he has really been missing and then cooking for him is such a treat. So he is my meal planner and very appreciative diner!

I do have a freebie for you.................

A quick page with 2 freshly baked gingerbread men cooling on the rack ready to frame your own favorite holiday treats! There is also a journaling card to personalize as you as the Bake Shoppe owner. Thought it was kind of a fun idea. I am putting together a calendar for my Mom for Christmas and this is from December. I don't think I am very good at LO's but I thought this was kinda cute. I added some more to my page but I left this one plainer so you could personalize to suit you. Hope you enjoy!

Gotta run...Lot's of errands to get done today...have a wonderful day!

Sorry...this file has been removed.


Felicie said...

Very cute
Thank you

Elaine said...

Oh look, I am first to comment. Thanks for this cute little quickpage. Looking at it makes me hungry. Ever since I found your blog (last week I believe) I have been coming everyday. Love your work! I am glad you had a nice weekend with your family. Seems like you were very busy. I hope you got some nice pictures. Take care.

Sharon said...

Thank you very much Janni. This is so cute.

Anonymous said...

This is Sooooooo Cute!!!!

Thank you!

jill said...

Oh so sweet! Thank you for your generosity.

Imbi said...

Thanks a bunch! This is so cute.
It really makes me hungry.

Oh those eartroubles. I feel for him.

You both have went through a lot.

Have a great halloween!

marietta99 said...

I'm glad your son and daughter came home for the weekend. We found with our boys that the longer they were in collage the interval between visits also grew longer.

Somethings never change. The boys always brought their laundry home, too. One time when the older one was a senior, I was sorting and washing his clothes when I came across a pair of bikini panties.

Based on the size, I knew the boy was not cross-dressing! I did his laundry, including the panties. I placed them on top of the folded clothes and put them back in his bag.

He knew I knew, but he never mention the panties, nor did I.

shirley said...

Oh! This is sooo cute! Thank you for sharing it.

Dana said...

Thank you so much - the page is adorable !!

Barbara said...

Thank You so much for this page. I think you make Great pages/layouts!

Sarah said...


your blog is great! this qp is too cute. thank you very much.i also took your autumn-freebies. it's beautiful! thank you very much for them, too!!

hugs sarah

Robyn said...

This is a darling LO. I love gingerbread men.

I'm glad your kids came home for a visit and it sounds like you had fun. :)

Thank you so much!

Nancy said...

Thank you so much!!! I love your Blog and your wonderful sharing your scraps with us. Have a great day!

beth said...

Wonderful QP!
I am loving your creations. And you are so sweet!
Thanks for sharing. ;)

Heather said...

I LOVE this! I don't download many QP's, but I had to with this one! So cute! Thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

very cute ...ty!
congrat's on your new car!

Patty said...

Awesome Gingerbread and just love
em lots!! Cute eyes~TY so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Absolutely Love your kits, but your Gingerbread QP won't download (no file). Can you fix please? Thanks!