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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas?

I guess it is that time of year again...let the hectic race to the finish begin! I do love Christmas but it is too much for me to keep up with what I have done in the past... 2 Christmas trees, decorations in every room, candles in every window (our house has over 30 windows between mine and my Mom's floors), the baking, making presents, the shopping...I'm exhausted before I begin! So despite my desire to do it all, I have decided to eliminate some of it and try to enjoy what the season really means instead of being too tired to appreciate it.

My first decision was to put up only 1 1/2 trees. Okay, you really cannot put up half a tree but instead of the big family tree, I thought I would put up a 4 1/2 foot tree and give the 7 1/2 foot Martha Stewart tree that I bought new last year to my daughter. I had bought it last year because it was pre-lit and supposedly easy to put up and take down. It was gorgeous but it was still a lot of work to put up and take down and my back was shot by the time I was finished. So..sent it up to my daughter so that she would not have to buy a tree. She was thrilled... I ,mean a good tree is not cheap and since they are trying to save for their wedding, and the added expense of having to theft proof their house since they were robbed last month, every dollar helps. I am such a good Mom, right? Well, maybe not...last weekend they decide to start decorating. Put up the tree and realize that they have a 7 1/2 foot tree and their ceilings are 7 1/2 feet! But. I guess the tree is not quite the height it says it is and there would have been just enough room to put on a tree topper. Then, they plug it in................

Lovely, isn't it?

They tried EVERYTHING including going to Home Depot and looking at Martha's tree but they have changed the design of the lighting set-up in this year's models. I had read last year that some people had trouble getting all the lights to work and if they weren't plugged in just right, they wouldn't all light. The parts that are out will not even light when plugged directly into the outlet. They spent 2 days working on it before they finally gave up and took it down. She is going to call them and see what they can do since it does have a 2 year warranty and, maybe with all the other complaints about the lighting, they will make good on it. Geez, a $300+ tree, used once and now it is not good for anything! They went out and bought a live tree for $40 but then had to buy lights so my attempt to save them money was a bust!

So, Jess is not too thrilled with Martha. She had bought a patio set of her brand from Home Depot and after having it about 2 weeks, they came home one day to find the glass top shattered. Nothing had fallen on it, it wasn't in the direct sun, just shattered for no apparent reason. They contacted the company and Home Depot and were told that this sometimes happens?!? The store did not have any more in stock so the did reimburse them for it. Hopefully, they will be as helpful with the tree! Come on, Martha! I love you but a little quality control, please!

I will be going up to her house on Saturday for a jewelry party along with my Mom, Jeff's Mom and one of the bridesmaids. When their house was broken into, they stole every bit of jewelry she owned except for what she was wearing. She was heart broken since 2 of the pieces were gifts from her grandfathers, who are no longer with us, and she had planned on wearing them for her wedding so she would have their presence with her on her big day. I thought with our home being broken into twice would have been enough but I guess she has inherited our bad luck. So she is having a party to try and restock some accessories.

And, to top it all off. they day they were leaving for Florida to visit Jeff's grandparents for Thanksgiving, they discovered that someone had hacked into their bank account! Poor kid! She works so hard...they both do and they are NICE people. they don't deserve this run of bad luck.

Enough with the downer stuff! We are getting into this wedding big time now. Two weekends ago, we went gown shopping! You Mom's will understand what a big moment this was for me! To see your baby girl in a wedding gown... a day you started dreaming about from the moment you knew you had a daughter! She was beautiful in almost every gown she tried on but not quite ready to make a decision. The 2 that she really liked were 3 sizes too small so she really couldn't tell which would be the best so she is going to try another salon to see if they have a size closer to hers. She wants a vintage/rustic theme and either gown would be great. She wants to carry a brooch bouquet so I told her that I would make one for her so I am now on the hunt for rhinestone and pearl brooches. I have quite a few already and have started to play around with putting the bouquet together and I think it is going to be spectacular. She thinks, and I have to agree with her, that flowers for the bouquets are a waste of money. This bouquet she will be able to save since it will have a base of silks. She is thinking of her having bridesmaids carry an embellished clutch purse which I think is great. She does have a good head on her shoulders when it comes to money and her venue and food were the two items that she splurged on and the rest she wants to do as much DIY and DIM (do it Mom) as possible. I designed their Save the Dates and we are now working on their invitations. So much fun! I will keep you posted on her wedding plans...wish I could invite you!

I do have a kit for you! In the Christmas spirit so it is a Christmas kit. Kinda funky and fun, relaxed and casual. It will only be available for 2 weeks so get it while it's hot! I have decided not to keep the downloads up forever because I may be going the Etsy route. But for those of you that have kept me on their updates and get first crack!

Download HERE

I hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment so I know that I am not talking to the wind, okay?


BlueCat said...

This tree looks so tall!

Thank you very much for the pretty kit.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon.:)
WOW..So much has happened to you and your family.Sure hope and pray this coming year will be a whole lot better for ALL of you.Maybe the coming wedding will be the start.:)My Niece wanted to remember my Dad (her Grandpa)at her wedding.So she had a small framed photo of him attached to her wedding bouquet.Close to where she held it.You might like to suggest something similar since your daughter's Jewelry got stolen?

What a Wonderful gift you have given us.It feels so good to come by your blog and see your designs again.:) Thank you so much for sharing!!!

I sent you an email.Hope you got it.Please let me know.:)


Anonymous said...

Oh Janni thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas kit. I lost my external drive a few months ago that had all of my scrapkits and all of yours from my membership so was so happy to see a kit from you. I was so surprised to see you posting and hope that you and your family are well. The wedding sounds like it is coming together great and I am sure that you will all have a great day. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Dianne

nanasax said...

we are doing the same thing scaling waaay down and trying to remember what the season really means, without the exhaustion of trying to do it all. the kit was cutsy and can't wait to give it a whirl
lol on the tree issue with your daughter a page right outa my life lol
have a greaat season,,,,and thanks for sharing your talent with us again
hugs, Cathi

Unknown said...

Wow sounds like the wedding plans are moving along and lots of fun.
Thank you so much for this Christmas kit. Don't know where you find the time to make such beautiful gifts for all of us.
Good to hear you are getting on with the Christmas decorating. We arn't doing any here this year. I had shoulder surgery and it's pretty difficult to do some things with only 'one wing'. One finger typing is the pits too...LOL
Again, thanks for the Christmas kit!!!

Tina said...

Thanks so much! Love your work!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 14 post on Dec. 01, 2011. Thanks again.

ccynden said...

Thank you for the Christmas kit, it is lovely. It is so wonderful to have you back even on a limited basis, we have all missed you.

Faith A said...

SO many thanks for your designs, so GLAD to have you back :)

grambie said...

Thanks you for this so lovely and warm holiday kit and its becoming color scheme. I truly missed you.

It is so wonderful to hear from you and your family. I am so glad that you are able to assist your daughter with the upcoming nuptials. My prayers and blessings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this kit. the colors are very nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much. These are great.

paperlady-Joan said...

So good to hear from you again! I always enjoy reading your posts. And, of course, thank you so much for the sweet kit.

sweethussie aka Joan Reid said...

Thank you so much, will come in very handy this season, Hope you and your family have very happy holidays.

Ruth and Amy said...

Thank you for the kit. I've been away from Scrapping for some time and when the desire returned, yours was one of the very first sites I stopped by. Thank you.