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Thursday, June 18, 2009

For nasty people only!

Yesterday, I added the button for the 3 month membership that would cover April/May/June so anyone that wishes to get those kits may now join. I also added some of the kits that have been requested to the shoppe...Nautica, Sweet Baby Rosebud, Celebrate Life, E-I-E-I-OH and hopefully will get to more this week.

I again apologize for the confusion of late as I think I have done at least a dozen times before and I feel MOST of you have been very understanding and patient.

For those of you that purchased a 3 month membership in the past week, you clicked on a button under a picture that clearly read Jan/Feb/March, when you got to PayPal it read Jan/Feb/March and the receipt you received from PayPal clearly reads Jan/Feb/March and so since I get the same notification that you do, that is the password I sent. Some of you have NICELY asked about it and then there are others that have ripped me apart about it. For those of you that asked like ladies about it, I will get the password for April/May/June to you today.

To answer one person...yes, I do understand that "$6.00 is an amount that some people do not have to throw away". That is why I offer the memberships where you generally pay .50 to .80 per kit. I challenge you to tell me another site that sells you kits for that price except for another blog membership site.

No, I am not a "thief or a scam artist". I am just one person that through no control of my own has only two hands and does the best that I can with what I have. Do I make mistakes? Of course I do and I will be the first to admit it. But, I do not feel that I deserve to be called names because of your inability to read.

I should be "turned over to the authorities"? Be my guest if that is what you feel that you should do. Since I sent the password for what you purchased, I do not think I have committed any crime.

I thought I had been very up front with everyone but of course, that assumed that people actually read what I have written. Apparently, it is ALL my fault that some do not have the time or the intelligence to read and just come and grab and expect me to be able to read their minds.

Please do not respond to this. I know most of you understand and feel "how can people be this way". I am NOT looking for sympathy for this or even understanding. So don't leave me comments about it or emails. I am just venting and, yes, am wondering why I continue doing this. Between having to deal with not being able to sit here for that long and all the computer problems lately and feeling so much under the gun to get caught up so that I DON'T cheat anyone out of what they paid for, it is very disheartening to get called such vile names! For those that feel that I am a cheat, be my guest...go elsewhere and get your kits!

Just a bad day here in Janni-land! For the most part I think I am generally nice and overlook quite a bit and try to go the extra step to help people but sometimes it just becomes too much. A keyboard can be a powerful tool. It provides you anonymity and may let you be someone that you would not be in person but please remember that there is a live, breathing, feeling person on the other end of that email you send so thoughtlessly. It amazes me that there is time to write emails like these but somehow there is no time to leave comments about kits.


Liz said... comment....Just HUGS!!! Oh, and a smile.

ida macken said...

no comment here either, just more {{{{HUGS}}}} and a big smile ;-))
Love ya Janice !

Anonymous said...

just warm fuzzies, love, and thanks for all you do. dont let one jerk spoil it. amile through gritted teeth lol.

Kimber said...

Yes, I agree with Liz. I can't read either! but I agree with what you said and had to post my support for Janni-Land :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,
All I have to say is "We love Jannidee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Love and Hugs to ya,

Darlene said...

Another :o)...and more (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...


Cathi said...

so unfortunate that folks behave that way....hugs and forgive them
and we love ya!

tobius said...

Sorry to hear about the messages - man oh man - these people I guess have no life and must take their frustration out on someone - yesterday it was you, tomorrow it will be me for this comment.
I am so glad I found your site - you charge MINIMUM for your art and if you upped the anti - I would still join - complainers get out of the fantasy world you are living, join us in the real world. Hope you are on to a speedy recovery! Toby

Anonymous said...

Couldn't sleep so I got on the computer and was thinking about you so I dropped in to see how you were doing. I knew your health had been...umm...not so good. Sorry "uglies" had been sent your way. You always do your best. Hugs and fuzzies to you.

Shelly said...

Just ignore all the crappy people.

I have been very sick off and on since January and have not done as much as I should (store collabs :p )

I fully understand that stuff happens. I was unable to sit very long for quite a bit and just didn't have the heart to do it, too busy just trying to get through everything.

So just listen to the people that have the nice things to say!

And I know you said not too, but I wrote anyway :D


terilew said...

thanks for the free samples :-)