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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been a very bad blogger!!!!

I know, I know....bad, bad blogger! Things have just gotten so away from me that I just realized this morning that tomorrow is Halloween! Where did this month go??? Real life has been hectic...nothing bad, really, just the same old poop and I have gotten so that I when I am designing, I get another idea and then go off and start another kit without finishing the first so I don't forget what my "brilliant" idea was and consequently...lots of pots on the stove and still nothing to eat!! I promised to at least one of them finished up and packaged so that I can post it tomorrow!

I did promise you pictures of the new dog and I just downloaded them off my camera that I finally got back from my son and then I finally got the right cable from him so I could actually download them....yep...that's about how things have been going...hurry up and wait for someone else to do what they are supposed to do. Not a particularly stress-less way of life for a control freak like me!

My Mom, I guess is feeling better physically but mentally she has been so depressed and just seems angry and negative ALL the time. After years of working with geriatrics, you would think I would deal with this better but when it is one of your own...not so much. Plus with everything else that is going on that is positive, I am having a real hard time being around someone that is so negative about everything that I am happy about. My brothers are absolutely useless and clueless so there is quite a bit of family drama. MEN!!!

But, here are the pics of Pepe (with Bonnie peaking out from her covers!) and then another page of what my DD is putting these poor dogs through for Halloween!


Cricket said...

Your babies are just precious. Love their pictures.
I am a animal lover myself. Sorry your mom is being so negative. Sometimes we waste away our time about things we can never change.Praying for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Your Puppies are gorgeous!!! Just love the darlings! I am thoughly empathetic in regards to your situation with your mom, I often go thru the same with mine! Keep your chin up, sometimes that helps!