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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


That's the subject line you should all be looking for in your emails. I have just finished sending out all the passwords so check your inboxes, bulk folders, spam, etc. Also, check the email you have registered with PayPal. These were sent out in bulk so who knows where they will end up!! Maybe in Bubba's hands!! If after all that and you still can't find it...drop me a line at Although I love chatting with all of you until this mess is all cleaned up, please refrain from emailing me. You do not need to respond to my email with the new password. If you have any membership questions by all means, of course, email me.

For those that just joined in the past couple of days, my response email will already reflect the new password so if you got an email from me today, you are all set.

Also, I just reset the password for Nautica...use the new one!

Thanks for all your patience. I know this is an inconvenience for everyone involved!
Now I am off to package a kit and hopefully will be posting it soon for you all! (Well, all of you except for the pirate anyway! LOL!)


Tori said...

You poor thing! Keep your chin up ... we all love you, and appreciate your designs! (((Hugs)))

Elisabeth said...

Thank you for the new password.
Your work is always so beautiful.
You stay in our mind.

Cauleen said...

Misfits is adorable! Thanks for sharing with us. I've tried to download Nautica for several days now but 4shared isn't cooperating. Is anyone else having the same problem? I can get it, but it "hangs" when I go to download after the waiting period.

I'm optomistic that it's just temporary....