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Friday, August 08, 2008

Back up and running...

I just sent out the memberships and links for those of you that joined or purchased from the shoppe this week.

My computer with all my scrap files was not taken..thank goodness...since it was a desktop, I guess and since my bedroom is right off the room that it is in and probably would have made too much noise to disassemble. The computers that were taken were in my daughter's room which is in the back of the house (she was away for the weekend...yes, I was home alone!) Whoever took a few other things but it is more the feeling of violation more than financial loss. They were able to lift some prints and hopefully can match them up to some of the other break-ins in the neighborhood. According to the detective, they do have a couple of suspects.

Our Jack Russell is in a crate at night and she won't bark when she is in there but why the Beagle didn't bark is beyond me! Of course, part of me is glad he didn't since I might have gotten up and come face to face with the scumbag! It is just so unnerving to think that someone was walking around in here and I didn't know about it! So sleeping has become a problem but I am sure that time will take care of that eventually. I worry since my Mom is very hard of hearing and if I am not home she really doesn't hear anything! But, as fate would have it...on Friday of last week, we had a stray dog come into our yard and she just fell in love with it! We called the dog warden and she did come get it but we told her that if no one claimed it, we wanted it back! She called this morning to let us know that unless someone should call tomorrow, the dog is ours! Or, I should say, my mom's! Going to be hard not to take this little guy over! He got along with my dogs and cats, was great in the house, comes when you call cute! A little Pomeranian and unlike some, not yippy or snappy. When I had him in the house, I went to the cookie jar to get the dogs a treat and he immediately started to do some tricks so someone spent some time with him. I am so surprised that no one has claimed him but as the dog warden said, they are finding more and more dogs just dropped off since people cannot afford to take care of them anymore. She will drop him off on Monday so Mom is very excited! Hopefully, this will fill the void in her life a little and give her something to take care of and keep her company which, hopefully, will make my life a bit easier!

So inside the gray cloud is some least that is how I am choosing to look at it! Although my windows are down and locked and the doors are kept locked all the time now which is a bi---h in this heat but....I will just have to suck up the electric bill to keep cool! DH has spent the past couple of night's here and that has helped some. The whole thing baffles me! Why didn't the dog bark, why break into a house where someone is home that has dogs to steal so little? My daughter had 2 diamond necklaces right next to a jar of change that they took but they left the necklaces! Well, I guess if you are dumb enough to be robbing houses then you are not the sharpest tool in the shed!

There was a break in across the street that the police made the arrest for. (Of course, the kid is out on bail) and hopefully, the rest of the break ins can be tied to him so there will be some sort of closure to this. So glad they got some prints! Thank you all for your patience and for your prayers! Very sad commentary on our society that people are doing this. I know that there has always been crime but the up swing lately is so frightening.


Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Glad everything is back to as normal as it can get after something like that. Sounds like maybe kids did it, since they didn't take you DD's necklaces. And on a better note, hope your Mom gets the dog. Isn't it wonderful what pets can bring to our lives? Take care!

Anonymous said...

We have a rescue dog called Harvey, and he has bought so much joy into our lives, and I do feel safer with him in the house, but I know if someone managed to negotiate our alarm system and access codes on the doors he would probably wag his tail and make them feel very welcome. I have been the victim of 2 armed robberies in the shop where I worked so I definately understand your feelings.As you say crime is soaring and here in the UK it is getting worse on a daily basis. If women were in charge, the world would be a better place.
Marilyn UK

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Soo sorry you had to go through this.:( I hope you will be able to get some rest.
Usually when dogs don't bark like is because it's someone they know.And..since it is happening in the same neighborhood..have you thought of that?

Grammadiane said...

OMG Janni....I had no idea what you have been thru...we have been sort of preoccupied planning for and getting ready for our annual family picnic...I hope that they do tie that kid to the other burglaries so you can have closure and feel safe again....Thank God you didn't wake up....Since they already got to your place I doubt very much that they would return so you can breath easy...Hope your Mom gets that Dog too....Animals can be such a comfort....Well Dear....Perk up.....At least you still have your scrapping stuff although DD probably is a bit sad for now....Sending A buncha Hugs.....Grammadiane

Lucy said...

I'm so glad you are well, in time you'll find peace within your home and daily life events.

The stray sounds cute, love to see a pic of the little guy.

God Bless.

Lori said...


I am so sorry for what happened! I guess it's really good you stayed asleep and all they were interested in was stealing things! HUGSSSSSSS

And your mom and the dog...awwww that's so great! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie this is horrible, it has happened to me as well so i do understand how you are feeling. i am just glad you and the family, dogs included, are safe now and well.