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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just saying HI!!

Phew!!! I am kinda glad this weekend is over! It was a busy one with family and friends (not the part that I am glad is over) but it was HOT AND HUMID! I don't do so well in this weather and this change of medication seems to make it worse! Yuck! But, I am alive and even though I feel like a soppy wet dishrag with not one ounce of energy, I am thankful!

Our best friends' parents have been visiting them from New Mexico and will be leaving tomorrow so before they left we wanted to all get together and have one last "sit down"! So my friend and I put out a great dinner of steak, stuffed shrimp and all the trimmings! We had 11 around the table with her kids and mine and assorted others and had a great time. Of course, her parents LOVE this weather and later on in the evening when things were starting to cool down a bit and we were sitting outside, they went in and got sweat shirts! LOL! I think the temperature had dropped to about 90!

DS and DH finally got the lights on DS's car finished after another 6 hours of working on them. Personally, I don't see that big of a difference but they do! I guess I am just not the car nut that they are. To me a car should look 'okay' and get you from point A to point B without breaking down! But, this car is his baby and he wants to trick it all out and go to rallies and such. I am thankful that that is what he is into instead of what so many kids his age are into!

Then yesterday DH and I had to go to court. We had filed for a continuance for reconciliation and we had to make an appearance. For the amount of time we were there actually in front of the judge, it really did seem like a waste of getting dressed and make-up! So we made a date of it and went for breakfast after. Things in that department are going fairly well...lot's of talking being done, guidelines being set and, just in general, getting to know one another again without all the BS! I am still cautious and will probably always be but...more optimistic than before. Thank you all for all the private emails with your kind words and support...they do mean so much!

And, speaking of being at court! OMG! I was just floored how some, nay, most of the people came dressed! Especially to the criminal court! I mean...if I was arrested and had to go to court to plead my case, I think I might at least change out of my grubby clothes or pajamas, take a shower and try to look less guilty! I saw more baggy butts and boxers, tank tops and bare midriffs, short shorts and filth than I cared to! And, the language! I am NO prude but I think truckers would have been blushing! It really was like being at a very low class circus. Lordy!

My living room....the room being painted is still in upheaval and is really starting to get to me! But, I start to do something and poop out so it is taking some time to put it all back together. Painting is done but now hanging the curtains, cleaning the furniture, polishing the hardwood floor...ummmm....not so much! Today is not so bad so hopefully, I will get most of it done today. Then, of course, I went and bought the paint for the bedroom...what am I thinking? Somebody knock some sense into my head!

Hmmmm...the awards some of you have nominated me for...I do so appreciate them. But, lately, I really have not been blog hopping the way I once did. Time is so tight with all that is going on. So as much as I appreciate them, I really do not know how to nominate other blogs since I don't "get out" that much! Most of the blogs that I would nominate have already been nominated. I can't remember the last time I downloaded something or checked a site...not being uppity or anything like that but between personal life and memberships and getting back into designing...I just haven't been 'surfing'. I do appreciate that you think enough of me to give me awards but I hesitate to post them on my blog since I can't comply with nominating others they way I should. I hope you understand.

I sent all the passwords for the memberships that came in over the weekend and the links for those that purchased from the shoppe so check your emails. Jeannine...sent you an email about the trouble you were having with the May and June kits. If you are still having trouble, make sure you let me know.

So...before I get out of the mood...let me go and play Martha Stewart in my living room! Have a great day all! And before I go I want to share a LO that Gina did using Under the Sea...I think this is just too cute!! Gina...thank you for sharing!!


Sunshine said...

What an adorable LO Gina! I wish I was talented. I have been collecting scraps forever and I have never used a one. Not to sound whoa is me but I come here for the blogs. I don't have any "real life" friends but by reading blogs I feel like I have like a million! Some people come here to grab the scraps and run but I come here for the family and can't wait to read what each blogger has to say even if it isn't directed to me. What I am getting at is thanks hon for sharing your life, with the internet it is almost like I have one! LOL! Sending sunshine and hugs :}{:

grambie said...

So nice to hear from you and to read about your hectic schedule. We won't even try to figure out the criminal court sessions and the oh so innocently charged people. It is a mess to see what the criminal attorneys try to pull when they are weeding out the more knowledgeable jury pool. The more educated you are, the more you can know that you will not survive the jury pool process. I haven't visited some of the blogs in so long, that it is a shame. They are still in my favorites, but I don't have the energy to go there. I have an emergency appointment in the a.m.;therefore, if you don't hear from me later this week, you will know that I didn't make it back home. Talk to you later. HUGS!!!

Lucy said...

Sounds like you have been a buzy lady, glad to hear your well.

Your painting, well looks like we both have a challenge there! I'm painting the whole house and doing some bathroom repairs, and all has to be done before the summers end. Good Luck to you with your project!

Take Care...send a HUG to Anita if you hear from her. {{HUGS}}

Lori said...

HUGS...sounds like things are busy. But good. :) Keep at it hun, it will all come together. At least, that's what I keep telling myself! lol