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Saturday, April 26, 2008

LOTS of this and that!

Cleaning up some emails today....
Grandmajak sent an update on Daxton along with LO's of this little "chunk o' love"! She also made QP's of these Lo's which I have uploaded to the Members QP section so make sure you grab them! (link is over there>>>>) What a cutie! He is doing well but may still have a rough time of it as he grows. Continued prayers for him!

We have a NEW Member and I think she must be our youngest at age 15! Angel sent me these tags as a way of saying thank you! She has only been using PSP for 6 months! Watch out! I think we have a real budding designer in out midst! Great work, Angel! And, I will say again...your emails bring a smile to my old puss! So sweet!! Thank you for sharing and I think we will be seeing more of her shares in the future!!

Looking for some great QP's? Are you a fan of my work and Anita's? Well, then I have just the place for you! Vicki of BubblesBabbles has tons of QP's for you! Plan on spending some time visiting here and downloading lots! Here are just 2 of the many LO's that she gives you the QP's of!

And, just when you think you can't have enough QP's....Linda (EAL) has been VERY busy!!! Just look at what she sent in for you! I love how she put a little frame on the tractor so you can add your own driver! Make sure you check out her blog also EAL Designs! You can download using the permanent link in the side bar!

And...they just keep coming......Deb (cra-z-cat) has a QP of this LO that she did of her grandson for you. Seems he didn't like the smell of the vinegar in the egg dye!! Cute! Again...the link for all members QP's is in the side bar.

Michelle sent in an 8x10 QP from this LO that she did for her brother who just had his first baby. So cute! Both the LO and the baby!! Link for the QP download is on the left>>>>

Love bragbooks? Check out Rosa's Blog MamiScraps4U! She has made some for us in the past and is still going! Great blog to go to!!!

And, last but certainly not least...Violet has sent in a QP, not from my kits but from her own designs. Here is her blog Violet Virgo Designs . She is just starting but she does have some freebies for you there!
Remember, the download link for ALL Members QP's is now a permanent link located in the side bar! To all these ladies...THANK YOU so much for sharing your talents with us! I do love to see how you use the kits and see members of your families. If I have missed anyone that has sent in a LO or QP, please let me know, It was not intentional to overlook you but I did get a little behind in posting these. But, didn't it seem like Christmas today with all theses goodies??? Please remember your manners and if you download from these generous gals...say thank you!

Well, as for me, today is moving day for my son. Although, at the moment he is still asleep since he worked until 3AM! Thank you all for the emails and comments, his moving out is difficult but as they say 'the greatest gift you can give your kids is wings!" He is just such a funny kid and makes me laugh. But, I am sure with the way he loves to eat, he will not be a stranger! He is taking his cat, Lola, with him and I will miss her. Somehow I think she knows since she has been more affectionate the past couple of days which is really not her nature. Some of you know but some of the newer readers didn't understand when I said both "my men" were moving out. DH is also moved out since I had filed for divorce and that is the biggest source of the emotional roller coaster. I am sure that some of you understand...not a great situation for any one to be going through. But, we are parting as friendly as possible..probably friendlier than we have been in a long time! Which adds more bumps in the roller coaster! LOL! We even went out for dinner on our anniversary on daughter and I planned to go out and then I thought he was probably not having the best day either so we invited him to join us. I know, I lawyer thinks I am nuts also! I guess he is not used to "pleasant" clients but I feel life is too short to be nasty about this, no one will be better off if it is nasty and I rather remember the good times and part friends. Just hope the lawyers don't screw that up!

Ah, well, this to shall pass and brighter days are coming! Maybe I will take Officer Goodbody out of storage, dust him off and live in my fantasy world for a bit! It is nice there and everyone there thinks I am wonderful!! LMAO!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


grandmajak said...

Jannidee, Everyone here thinks your wonderful too!

grambie said...

I know that you are a wonderful, loving, and caring person without any doubt whatsoever. WOW, with your son moving out from his nest is always hard on us although we raised them to be self-sufficient. Mom, he will be there a many a day for sure. You are so right in your positive way to handle the divorce. I wish you success because if you don't continue in the same manner, the negativeness will pull you down. (It didn't work for me so that is why I am praying so hard for you to have success.)

When you are ready to party, Officer Goodbody will have to make an appearance and bring his new buddy along. This will present a reason so that any member who have not met him before will have that privilege. YAHOO come on let's party.

grambie said...

To Michelle. You are so wonderful to share this landscape sized QP to the grouping. I so appreciate this gift of love from you because it is in my preferred size for scrapping. If I knew your blog, I would personal give you a HUG! Thanks for sharing this so perfect QP to use for my grands.

Jan you are a doll to give them a section to display your lovely kits in an actual layout.

Anonymous said...

Jan, I know it is sometimes hard to be pleasant to your ex and sometimes you have to bite your tongue but yes, it is worth it. My ex and I split in '85 after almost 21 years of marriage. Now with grandchildren, we can still all celebrate holidays together because we remained civil to each other. Last week we met mutual friends for coffee and I know everyone thinks we're nuts too. And sometimes, when the hurt seemed unbearable, it was easier if you became mad at him about something. It reminded me of just why we split in the first place.


txbubbles said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I love to share what I have made with your wonderful creations!
LOL! Bring on Officer Goodbody! He hasn't been around for a long time!

Sandra said...

Oh Jannigirl! I thought I had missed the CATW quickpages forever! Thank you so much for putting them in the 4shared folder! Thanks to all the designers of these beautiful pages! It feels like Christmas all over again! 8)

annelize webb said...

WOW!! All these QP's are really gorgeous. Thanks to everybody who took the time to share their great work.

Jannidee, seems like you are having a tough time. You are wonderful and I wish you all the luck in the world.

My mom used to think that I was crazy for staying friends with my ex-boyfriends, but you know, it was better for my soul. Grudges just make YOU unhappy. I still chat to some of them, know what they are up to and we are all happy for each other...MUCH better!! Even more important when you have been married so long and have kiddies....

Well, hope you have a fantastic week!!


Pooh Bear said...

So sad to have the kiddo leave.. but like you said.. he'll be back. My girl is 29 and still comes to grocery shop at Mom's house on occasion... I know.. she should be able to get by on her own by now....sigh... always a Mom..
Thank you for all of your goodies! And WOW! these qp's get better and better.. well, not that the older ones aren't great.. it is just that when you go to the 4share site.. it keeps getting fuller! Thanks all.. wonderful qp's!!