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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a little chat and a Member Quickpage

I was reading some of the comments and I came across this one from Cathy,

"Sorry, I only have little princesses - no tomboys but I am sure I can adapt this kit because it's got pink. I swear I have never seen a spot on my granddaughter's clothes. I don't kknow how they do it! Thanks so much for this "sweet" kit."

My DD was like this...used to drive me crazy! Even during potty training, if 'we' had an accident, we HAD to change EVERYTHING since she had to match from undies to hair scrunchie! Her first birthday, I tried to get a pic of her with cake all over her face but all I could get was her dipping one little finger into the frosting and then a very dainty lick of her finger! Talk about a proper little lady! But, then when she was about 15 something happened and I guess she decided how much she was missing out on and was riding quads through mud and playing basketball....she still showers and changes her clothes more than anyone I know but...

Then there was my son who I was convinced that that somehow his clothes came with invisible dirt on them and that dirt was activated just by putting them on his body! I could not keep that kid clean for anything! We used to have to be very specific about telling him to take a shower...we had to make sure that we said, take a shower, wash every part of your body, make sure you use soap and make sure you shampoo your hair! If we left any part out, he didn't do it! (cuz we hadn't told him to!...only following directions, Mom!) Funny how 2 kids raised in the same family can be so different!

Well, I had my Holter monitor put on yesterday. AND, just like when you take your car to the mechanic, I noticed no palpitations! After it shut off and I was taking the leads off (leaving red welts, might I add!) I had a run of palps that I thought were never going to end! Don't it figure? Of course, I really did nothing last night since we were having a storm and couldn't really go anywhere. Miserable weather. Today is raining and blowing but, thankfully, not as cold as it has been!

Candy has sent in a cute quickpage for you that she did with Sweet Thing! Very cute and I am not just talking about the page....what a little cutie! Oh, I loved those little footed outfits when my kids were little ones! I do love this LO...very uinique and you can grab it HERE from Candy's blog! Make sure you leave her a little love if you download!
Got some paper work to catch upon later...have a great day!


april said...

Hey Jannidee, Just wanted to say that I just bought your grannies parlor kit from your store. Don't know how I missed that one before. Love your kits as you may well know by now. And just to let you know, Me and my brothers are completely different peas on one pod too. Funny how that happens. Even the 2 brothers are nothing alike. It's cold here too in Tx. Rained yesterday. Now sunny and cool. Can't wait for warm weather. Take care of yourself and I hope that your store is doing well.

Scraps of Candy said...

You reminded me of my brother and I with that bath story. I would be in there forever and my brother would be in out and when asked how bathed so quickly by my Mom would say things like "I only had to wash my arms and legs because everything else was covered up!". Thanks so much for sharing my page on your blog. Hope you have a great and restful rest of the week.

Nancy72 said...

I had a boy like yours too...he needed clean clothes so often that when he got older he thought at least 2 clean shirts a day was not too much...UNTIL...I decided they were old enough to do their own ironing...LOLOLOL!!!

Dianne said...

Hi Janni,
I was just having a laugh reading about your palp's. I had to wear the heart monitor thing and I had palp's for about 1 week every month for about 6 months. I asked the doc if it could be something messing with my hormones, but he said no. Anyway, on the 7th month, no palp's, but I found out I was pregnant, HA,HA. So no more palp's since then, but now have a beautiful 3 yr old.
Hugs, Dianne.

martiegras said...

Yikes, red welts are not good...I hope they find out soon what is causing them.


Shads said...

Hi Jannidee ... I swear those monitor leads contain super-glue! LOL! When I had to wear the Holter monitor I didn't experience any palpitations either. I later learned the monitor registered palpitations, so hopefully the same will hold true for you. After going through a battery of additional tests, it was determined the palpitations were due to a high level of stress, which came as no surprise since I was going through a divorce, my children were being monsters, and I was moving. Now, two years later, things have settled down to the "normal" low roar, and I'm doing fine. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that it's situational with you as well and will eventually take care of itself.

Christina Brady said...

Hi Jannidee I haven't seen a post from you for a week and thought I would write you to say Hey and hope you are doing well. Remember if you are not that Laughter is a remedy for all. Have a great humpday!!!!