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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Okay, I am back!

A little calmer now but, boy, does stealing really push my buttons! It is right up there with not saying thank you, showing no respect and lying! Just ask my kids! Many hours sitting in time out until they learned how to be a respectable person! But, now they have the same values and I can honestly say that I am proud of the persons they have become! It did seem to take forever for my son to realize that if he told the truth, he might get in trouble but if he lied.....oh, brother! Guaranteed the punishment was going to be worse!

I am really afraid for this world...we seem to be losing so many of the basic values of life, not to mention the ability to use common sense! Is anybody else fed up with "pedestrians have the right of way"? They ALWAYS had the right of way! They just used to have to engage their brains before walking out into traffic! It is so dangerous going through parking lots now. People just walk out of the door of the store, cell phones to their ears, not even aware of any cars and just walk! Scary! And, these people are raising their kids to be the same! And, what has become of jaywalking? What if your brakes fail or if a driver is having a heart attack or stroke? I mean, come on! A little common sense people! Scary, just plain scary!

Rant over, deep cleansing breathe! Inhale, exhale! LOL!

I am sitting here looking at my Christmas tree...yes it is still up! I really think you should be able to call someone and pay them to take it down and put it all away! Any takers? Good thing it is artificial!

So, this weekend my friend and I went poking around. We found this new little store in town that is just a really nice little gift shoppe! Such cute stuff, most a little pricey but still cute. Then we went to our favorite furniture store. She has bought lots of furniture from them, I just gaze and dream! Can't tell you how many times I have redecorated my house while walking through that store! The owners are such nice people and sometimes we just stop in there to visit. Other than that, didn't do much except play with the puppies. Of course, I forgot my camera! 7 of the cutest little things on four legs. Every time I thought I had a favorite, I would pick up another one and decide all over again! They are 4 weeks old and just "entertainment" when they are awake! Came home to mine and really got a "sniffing"! Watched a couple of movies and just relaxed...heaven in the mountains!

I have a little kit for you. I am trying to clean up my harddrive yet again! I keep finding kits that I started and never finished! I am trying to get everything in order and move to my ED. My computer is acting a little weird at times and I am paranoid that it is going to crash!

This is called Winter's Softer Side. longer available

And, the Sampler... longer available
GrammaDiane...please email me...need a good email addy for you!


Michelle said...

I just wanted to say that I love the new kit you posted. The colors are so cherful! Thanks for your beautiful work!

My Digi Corner said...

Love it Janice, thank you!

Aeryn said...

Thank you so much for the new kit, it's beautiful!! :-)
I truly understand how you feel concerning the piracy issue, it's disgraceful!! My daughter frequently calls me to vent on the lack of manners/respect in others. I believe that those who behave nastily like this only have bad karma to forward too.

Aeryn :-)

Cra-Z-cat said...

this new kit is a beauty.. i love the soft colors in it.. lookin fwd to using.. thanks for ur creations!!

Dixiecharm said...

This is such a pretty kit. Thanks for creating it.

EAL Designs2 said...

Oh Jan, what a beautiful kit, I love the colour choice, and the word art.
PS..I emailed you a little gift :)
Sending big hugs

Beth said...

Thank you for the new kit. It's beautiful! So peaceful.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

OMG Janidee I just read your entry below this!!!!
I know all to well were your coming from being a widow on a very tight budget too!!!!!!
Thats why I wasn't able to keep my membership this time around.
I can't understand why a member would even do this after ALL IT HURTS EVERYONE ALL THE WAY AROUND & TAKES OUT OF YOUR POCKET!!!!!
ALL the time it takes all you DESIGNERS to create your creations & to have someone steal them some people just don't realize ALL the WORK & TIME that goes into doing them!!!!
A HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So glad that you had a WONDERFUL time this weekend!!!!
Was Officer Goodbody good to you!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for your BEAUTIFUL sampler!!!!!!!!!!!

lark said...

What a delicate kit. Thanks for sharing. Sure hope that some people follow instructions and don't ruin for all. Hugs

wilma730 said...

Thanks, Jan, this is lovely. Love the colors for this time of year.

Lynnk said...

A beautiful kit. Thank you for sharing it.

Peggie said...

This is so pretty. The weatherman said we might get some snow tonight,but he isn't always right, so we will just wait and see. I'll use the kit anyway. I love it. Thank you.

Sunshine said...

Beautiful sampler, I love the colors and the snowflakes, makes me almost like winter! LOL! Hugs :}{:

Anneilze Webb said...

These soft colours are great! Thanks Janice. At the moment it is quite cold here, so this fits well!!

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very pretty

Chelle said...

Thank you very pretty

jenjen said...

oh my GOSH!!! this is so cute. I LOVE IT! It is like a "winter baby kit"...and I have winter babies..heehee

grambie said...

So glad to know that you had a respite from everyone and everything, if only for a short period. Let your peeves out, that way it will not fester because we would not allow that to happen.

Thanks for the lovely download. I am still going through the same, trying to get my kits in some type of order. I am finding more stuff than I realized. My hard drive is over 350 Gig and my EHT is 300. I am now doing duplicate to DVDs, as a precaution just in case. So this will be added to your wonderful collection. They are talking about snow as we speak here in Baltimore, MD, and my grands are coming over tomorrow to visit. So fun time will be had. Thanks again for the lovely downloads. HUGS!!

april said...

OH my god Jannis I love this kit...the colors are gorgeous and the bells are just awesome. I love the papers too. You can keep on emptying out your computer as far as I'm concerned..haha...thanks so much for sharing. (ps i have to read your previous blog to see what happened..did someone steal something. Shame on them. I hope you got it fixed.) Take care, april

Sandra said...

hehe You are so right!! I have always taught my kids to watch out for cars or they will get ran over! I still tell them to watch for cars! lol People really amaze me nowadays. People have stopped thinking before they speak and do!! That's all I'm going to say because one of my biggest rants are how stupid people have become and how those people are raising their kids to be the same way! lol Thanks for the goodie, Jannigirl!!

Anonymous said...

I can NOIT believe this is for free. AMAZINGLY cool. WOW!!! Thanks sooo much

martiegras said...

thank you so much for this kit it is lovely