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Friday, January 11, 2008

Going MIA for the weekend!

I will be leaving today for some time away at the cabin so if you send me an eamil about membership or if you join, you will not receive an answer until Tuesday. not use any addy except for membership questions, comments, etc! If you use another addy, it may not get answered. And again, that addy is the one that you need to put in your address book to recieve the passwords. If you do not let me know that you want to use another email addy, the info is sent to the email you used through PayPal since it is the only addy I have for you.

I can still not figure out a way to compare my membership lists to make sure that I get the December Bonus out to all the new members. WE all change our user names, email addies, ISP, etc. so running a comparison is impossible. If you are a first time member and have not received your Bonus, drop me a line at the right email and I will get it out to you.

Life here has been pretty quiet, all right, painfully quiet, so I am really looking forward to getting away. I have been designing and have lots in the "works". But, other than that...nada! Boring, boring, boring! Dusting Officer Goodbody off and taking him with me! LOL! Don't I just wish he was more than a pic! Really, it will just be me and the dogs heading north for the weekend! And, I am not even sure that I will be taking them! My daughter really misses her Bonnie when she goes with me but if I leave her home without leaving Bogie, the little dog is miserable...whines and cries, won't go outside by herself...and if I leave Bogie home and I am not here, he is miserable...I just can't win! Just when I am at the age that I don't have to worry about who is here for the kids, I have the furbabies to deal with! As soon as I take the bag out to pack in, the dogs are following me around thinking they are going to "doggie camp" so I will be having to sneak out of the house! Oh, and you think my life is easy!!!

So have a great weekend everyone! I will talk to you soon!


babydoe said...

I hope you enjoy your time away and you come home relaxed and happy.

sweetheaven said...

enjoy the cabin.

Annelize Webb said...

Hellooooo Janice

I hope the weekend away is just fantastic and nice and all the good things! Ha ha ha....seems like it never ends hey? And here I thought having a baby was difficult :)

Chat to you soon. Have fun.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

By now your on your way to the cabin but I'm wishing your & Officer Goodbody a Safe & enjoyable weekend!!!!!!!!

ida macken said...

wishing you a great weekend, lot's of hugs going with you ;-))

grambie said...

YEAH!!! for you. Go hide, enjoy, and do whatever you desire. Tell Officer Goodbody that he better live up to his reputation because I want to see you refreshed, contented, with a happy smile upon your face. LOL!!!

Have a nice time and always that you are loved!! HUGS!!1

Sunshine said...

Have fun at the cabin and don't worry about the furbabies. I promise you that the minute you return home they will forget you were gone and shower you with love and kisses. Unconditional love no doubt! Hugs :}{:

april said...

That is so funny, I have to do the same thing. I have JoJo and Shaylee which are lhasa apso/poodle mixes. When I go to my moms I usually take JoJo but Shaylee is miserable when I do. But I usually leave one with my fiance to keep him company too. He can't handle it when I take both of them. But you know your breaking their hearts when you leave. Aren't puppies the most wonderful thing. So, I completely understand. Glad you had fun getting away. ( I know I'm commenting a little late.) Take care................APRIL

Joanne said...

why oh why do I always miss going to the cabin with you...grrr..I so want to go...someday I am showing up at your door..and we are going if I don't get to try some of jannidees home cooking ..before I die..I will have missed out on one of the finest things in life..girl...hope you had a great weekend...big hugs, Joanne