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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aunt Verda Had a Wonderful Time!

Many of you have asked about all the cards that you sent to Aunt is the email I got from Diana....

"The party was a huge success with about 100 guests and a 5 hour reception.
Aunt Verda said she had never hugged so many good looking men in her life.
Aunt Verda wanted me to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart for all the
beautiful cards. She said she just could not believe so may people took the
time to send such beautiful cards and wishes to someone they did not even
know. I think she received at least a couple hundred cards. A whole basketful.
He son did say that it caused quite a stir when the cards started coming in.
They thought maybe alzheimers was setting in because she did not know who
any of the cards were from. About the 5th card carried an explanation and they
had a wonderful time with all of them.

If anyone would like to see a few pictures there are some posted on my blog.

Thanks again Jan for doing this. It meant the world to her. She talked about it
all weekend and told everyone who came about it."

So nice to know that we played some small part in making someone's day a little brighter!!


Lucy said...

How sweet, I'm happy to hear Aunt Verda had a great birthday!

Lori said...

SO COOL!!!!!!!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

I agree...VERY COOL!

I'm glad that she had such a wonderful time and sending a card was such a small gesture.

The photos look great and it seems like they had a blast!

It was so nice of you to help with this Janice.

Annelize Webb

Lisa said...

Oh, that is great!! I was on vacation and missed Aunt Verda's party, but how cool was that and sounds like she had a wonderful time!!

grambie said...

Love to hear the wonderful news regarding Aunt Verda's happy celebration. I visited the neice's blog and also left a few words of kindness. It is always so sweet to visit links and see the wonders that this association has brought. I would have never known about this joyous occasion, but you alone was kind enough to share this life's celebration.

Sunshine said...

Thanks for letting us know how the party turned out Jan! I hope I look half as good as she does now at 100 as when I do at 50! Hugs :}{: