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Friday, September 14, 2007

Shockin' that you think I'm rockin'!

Thank you, Ruthie and Selena. I was nominated by both of you although I think the only "rockin" I am doing lately is in the rocking chair! It is nice to know that you enjoy what I do though and I thank you. I will have to think a bit on who to nominate since I really do not do that much blog hopping. Especially lately.

I did take the past two days 'off'. Needed to get some cleaning done and then over did it and had to take yesterday to spend some time with my trusty heating pad! I wonder how I managed to work full time as a nurse, with 2 little toddlers, and a house to clean...seems like a life time ago! Ah, well, like I tell my kids, I am just practicing at being old so when I am really old, I will be perfect at it!

Not really too much to chat about. DS came home last night. He is really looking forward to coming home and it is becoming more difficult to be up at school the closer it gets. He does wish he could just skip over the knee surgery part and just start working! He is starting to look at schools in this area where he can transfer more of his credits and finish up. It is funny when he walks in the door, his first stop is almost always the frig even if he isn't hungry..."just checking the "left-overs" situation! When he was about 7, he was very much 'in love' with a little girl in his class. He spent hours drawing a blue print for an addition to our house so when he married this little girl, it would be all done and they could move in. When he showed it to me, there was a living room, bedroom and bathroom. I asked him, "where is your kitchen?". "Don't need one, Mommy cuz I only like your cooking!" Think that was a sign? Food is one of the centers of his universe for sure! He spent more time in the kitchen with me than my daughter and it shows today! He loves to cook and her idea of preparing a really gourmet meal is cereal with some bananas cut up on it!

Well, I need to go and get the password out to some new members. I should be posting another kit tomorrow. I am kind of spoiling you this month before memberships close! Want everyone who might be on the edge to see what they are missing to join before they have to wait until January! I also have to search through my cd's to find some of my old kits. Quite a few of you have asked for the Christmas Album from last year so I think, if I can find it, that will be the first "oldie".

TTFN! and Again, thank you to Ruthie and Selena! You girls do "rock"!


Jody said...

YES!!!!! Hooray for the Christmas Album. I am looking forward to it. And yes, you are spoiling us but I love it!

Thanks again and hugs to you and also to your family for allowing you time to spoil us!

mrscwooddell said...

LOL! I love the blueprints without a kitchen! Only 7 year olds could come up with something like
I have 2 of them now and they are soooo funny sometimes.
Thanks for all the goodies too! Maybe I can get a minute to scrap and use some of

Lisa said...

Congrats on being a Rockin Girl!!! By the way, you ALWAYS spoil us, that's nothing new!!! Hope you are feeling lots better, have a great weekend!!

olga9999 said...

Congratulations on being nominated to the Rockin' Girl blogging award. :) It's nice to get those little awards that recognize the work someone puts on something. :)

It's really sweet your son's story about the blueprint, and really nice of you to share it with us. I hope he finally has good luck with the jobs and the knee surgery goes well. :)

Congratulations on the award and best wishes. :O)

Sandra said...

awww that is so sweet of your DS!!! Stuff like that is what really hangs around in the memories! hehe How precious! You must be a fantastic cook as well! =)