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Saturday, September 01, 2007

First mailing...


LOL! I can't get the numbers to match with what PayPal provided and my membership list but I have sent out the first mailing!

Now, apparently there are a couple of names that are on PayPal and I am sure that you have joined but for some reason (probably my eyes) I have missed putting you on my list. So, if you joined prior to September 1st and do not receive a email from me, please send me a NICE note at . Make sure you check your spam folder. Since it was a mass mailing, that is where it might be. Make sure you add my email addy to your contact/address book so maybe I won't end up there all the time!

For those of you that joined after August 31st, you will get a mailing in a couple of days so don't fret!

I apologize for any duplicates you have gotten or will get, trying to find some organized way to get this set up has been difficult. But, I will hopefully get all the kinks out soon!

PLEASE NOTE: addy keeps coming back as undeliverable, please contact me with another addy!

Breavis...still cannot match you up with PayPal's records. Please forward me the info I requested.

I will get a kit posted after Labor Day if not sooner. I am trying to get it finished up and packaged. The elements will all be on a separate file and that takes a little more time. I may not post a freebie as often since when I do send out a kit, you will get the whole kit at one time instead of in pieces.

And, also today I will start to remove the kits. I am sorry if this means some of you have missed all or part but I need to get this done. I will start with the oldest first so you still have a little time!

On a personal note...I know I have said it before but you guys are so special! So many of you wrote such wonderful and touching notes when you joined. I really wished that I could have answered each and everyone but if I had it would be next September 1st before I was up and running! Just know that you touched my heart with your words. You have no idea how many times when I needed a boost, I turned to your comments!

I appreciate your understanding about needing time to spend with my friend. She is going to have the chemo and I am sure that her hubby will finally see the light even if I have to hold his eyes open! I think, between, the cancer, her son, the fire and losing her dog, she has just had more than she can handle and it is, understandably, really shaking her. Dealing with just one of those is enough for one person...dump them all on and, well, there has got to be definitely only one set of footprints in the sand! Thank you for all the prayers for her. Selfishly, I do not know what I would do without her!

Thank you all and let me know if there are any problems with the email.

From the bottom of my heart.......God Bless! And, have a wonderful Labor Day! (gee, is summer over already?)


denizepontes said...

oie, deixei um selinho pra vc no meu blogger,

Ruth/cuponer/flaggerj said...

Got mine! I can hardly wait LOL! But take your time and don't stress. I deal with hundreds of kids on a daily basis and sometimes what gets typed isn't the way it is really ment.

Lucy said...

I'm sending off the mail order tomorrow or when ever the mailman gets it! I guess this process will be a snails pace but I'm going to be patient! My prayers are with your friend, God bless and happy labour day weekend...Lucy.

Lisa said...

Thanks Jannidee! My prayers are still with your friend and so glad she decided to do the chemo! Looking forward to seeing what you have instore for us, I know it will be wonderful!! Have a great weekend!!

Tracie said...

Got mine and dont stress hun we can wait

olga9999 said...

Glad to hear that your friend is going to follow the chemo treatment. It would improve her situation surely. :) Sorry to hear you are so busy with all the things in the group and I hope that once things get settled it would be easier for you. :)

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)