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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chit and Chat and other Stuff!

Whoa! Slow down there, ladies! Don't get your panties all in a twist about this! This is not a real quickpage exchange. I just thought that since some of you come up with such terrific LO's, other's might enjoy them as quickpages. So there is no pressure, no deadline, no specific kit you have to use.

I chose 8x8 because that is what I create in and offer my kits in. Until I get a bigger and better computer, which I don't see happening anytime so, 12x12 at 300ppi just brings me to a crawl. Plus, most of us, if we print out our pages seems to favor the 8x8 or 8x10 so we will stick to those 2 sizes. Also, with Christmas coming, or for that matter, any occasion, if you do up a card and wish to share that, you can. I just thought it might be nice to share the talent that you all have! I really do not want this to be like the quickpage exchange with hundreds coming in that have to be uploaded. We might do another exchange like that in the future but that will be something different and I will engage Diane to help out with that like before. I still want to see your LO's and IF you want to share them as a quickpage, that is what this is for.

ALSO....make sure you are not duplicating any templates that you have gotten. Again, copyright issues. I will not knowingly re-distribute any one else's work. So, please do not put me in that position!

Another thing, if you have a question about having trouble with a file, please be very clear about what the problem is, what program you use, etc. All of us use different programs so it is hard to give advice or trouble shoot if you have no idea what program you are talking about. As I have said, I only know PSP, but there are many in the group that use the other programs and are more than willing to answer whatever questions they can.

It is 9AM EST, and I have sent out all the passwords to date. I mention this because it is the weekend and I will not be at my computer. I am thinking that I am going to throw some clothes in a bag and head north to the cabin for the weekend. My Mom was not feeling well last night so it will depend on how she is feeling but in either case, I will not be computer bound. I will be taking my "Idea/Sketch" pad with me though...sometimes all that fresh air gets my mind working!

AND, I have decided that I am NOT going to be changing the password for October. LOL! Still trying to get September's password out to all of you! And, when it is time to change it, I will post a newsletter on 4Shared with the link so you can grab it. That, hopefully will eliminate some of the problems with some not getting the emails. Sound like a plan?

Thanks for all the remedies for leg cramps. The vinegar thing....I actually drink vinegar quite often for heartburn! About a tablespoon on a cup of warm water works really well! Doesn't really make a lot of sense to me since vinegar is an acid but sometimes that is what causes heartburn is a lack of acid in your tum! I used to have real bad leg cramps all the time, but I did start taking the calcium, drink gator ade everyday and so now just have them really only after I over-do! I love the old remedies though...they make so much more sense than taking pills for everything!

Well....going to go check on Mom and then make my decision. Have a great weekend.

Oh, it was Pat that asked about Grey's, right? They just showed clips of Addison as a preview for her new show so if you didn't see it, it was no biggy! Cannot wait for this week though! I never watched Grey's until last season, then my daughter got me hooked. Spent one whole weekend watching all the previous seasons on DVD so I could get caught up! Grey's, House, all the CSI's, Closer, and Two and a Half Men are about all I watch. But, now I will have to add Private Practice to the list! Thank God for DVD!


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice

I think this is awesome! I love quickpages for those days when my own ideas just won't form themselves into something useful.

Really hope your mom is ok and that you get some time at the cabin...I love getting away!!

Annelize Webb

P.S. How is your daughter doing with the new love? I think it's really cool!!

Elaine (rags2r) said...

Hi Jan, I just love Greys. It is my favorite show. Yep I got my Sister hooked on it, I can't wait until thursday. I hope you have a great weekend at your cabin.

patchas said...

Its funny, because I did tape (DVR actually) that Grey's about Addison. Have not watched it yet though. I am still trying to catch up on the shows I DVR'd while I was on vacation. About the QPs, it seems we should be able to set up someplace where people can upload their own QPs, like a common 4shared account or something. Will have to think on that.

ida macken said...

Funny you should mention cards....I belong to a group for admins and I am the one who does all the birthdays & anniversarys (at least one a day most days) I have started using alot of my scrap collection to make the greetings (and I always leave a link to the designer also)
I have been thinking of sharing those greetings on my blog for free, they are "web friendly" sized and could be used on blogs or you think folks would like that ?
As for QP's, I think your idea's come out much better than mine but if I come up with one I will share it here.
Hope you're having a great weekend ;-))

Sandra said...

Hi Jannigirl (again) lol...the newsletter on 4shared sounds like a great idea...and thanks for the heartburn tip. I don't get hb all the time, but every once in a while I get it like every single day for a week...then nothing for a month or two. I still have not figured out the pattern or come up with any explanation why I get it like that...but I have never heard of the vinegar trick, so I'll give that a whirl, thanks hun! xox