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Friday, August 31, 2007

Problem files?

It is 1:30 and for the moment I am caught up on the memberships so I thought I would check in with you all. me!
AND, also, Olga if you would please email me I would appreciate it!

And a couple of you emailed me about problems with some of the files. I re-uploaded the following:

Atta Boy: all except the papers. Please note that I had changed these files to 200 ppi so you will have to resize them back to 300ppi or change the papers to 200 and then when you are finished with your LO resize the whole thing..that might be easier. I do not see any difference in the print quality from 200 to 300 but that is an age old discussion and generally everyone shares at 300.

Garden party: the tags

Sweet 16: the ribbons

Grab them quick! The links are the same.

Some of you have written the nicest notes with your memberships, thank you for your head aches now...never have been one for the routine mundane tasks but I hope that this will be fun for everyone! Well, gotta run..I have several kits in the process but nothing finalized so I had better move this arse! Love to you all!


Sandra said...

Mernin Jannigirl! Relax a little, it's not like we are expecting you to have something for us at 12:01am Sept 1st! lol Course, if ya did...I would not complain one little itty bitty bit! :b Seriously, take a day or two to get things together -- even your sanity if need be! Ever heard of "Jannitime"? It's absolutely just need to set it aside and USE it! hehe Night night sweets! xox

grambie said...

Oh my so sorry about your friends. I am so sad to say that so many woman are in the same position because their spouse's do not understand. You are a friend that she will listen to my prayers are always there for her and for you. Her husband just doesn't understand. Me, I am going fighting all the way, my next session starts September 17-21 and I will be there with bells on and my books to read. Takes your time, I felt that the timeframe was too short for you to begin with and you are due some times to take care of personal affairs. This is a holiday weekend, so enjoy. Go for the 6th or after, who can complain with all the full kits we have received. Give your family my love. "CUDDLES!"

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I confess....I moaned about the problem files. I just want to thank you for being so amazing as to find time to upload them again, even though you have so much else going on. I really appreciate it!

Good luck for everything. I for one will gladly wait for you to be with your friend, before posting a kit...priorities...I feel they should always be with friends and family, especially in times of need.

Thinking of you both...

Annelize Webb

LadyDove said...

I too was one that had problems with the files....and I guess I was to late getting here to get the new up loads. *sigh* need to slow down a bit and do some things for yourself. Spend time with your friend, fur babies, family etc. We all understand "real life" things and will be here when you get back from some "Jannitime" *smile*

Maybe you could extend your membership due date a few weeks longer, that way you will have plenty of time to get things all set up and in order the way you like it.....just a thought.

Anyway my dear.....again a HUGE Thank You for ALL you have done.