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Friday, July 06, 2007

re: Being MIA tomorrow

Because I feel so bad that I am not going to be here tomorrow, I thought I would upload another part of the kit tonight. I really would prefer to stay home and not see Tim and Faith but my daughter is counting on me to go....NOT! Sorry, I love you all to pieces but have you seen Tim McGraw???? (drool...heart fluttering...feeling a little flush!) The last time I saw him in concert he was amazing so, sorry....I would take y'all with me if I could!

Bling???? Bling is sparkly, rhinestones, glittery stuff!

My dear, sweet daughter informed me tonight that she is bringing home a kitten in a few we need another furbaby in this house! Note, she chooses to tell me this the night before she is taking me to the concert! Someone she works with has a cat who just had kittens so they are still too young to be taken from their mom but she has been getting updates on her for a couple of weeks and has seen pics and has been obsessing about a name. I am kind of glad she has waited until tonight to tell me since when she obsesses, she really obsesses! I told her to wait until she has the cat and then see what name she should give it. We don't know the sex yet which may present a problem since Lola is a female and not fixed! Putting that on my TO DO list right away! Lola is also NOT the most affectionate and social cat so this could be very interesting. Hopefully, my son will be able to take his cat back to school with him soon although I will miss her terribly. I mean who else is going to wake me up 3-4 times a night just to say hello? It is not like she wants to be petted or anything because as soon as she wakes you up, she jumps off the bed and walks out of the room! I guess she is checking that the person who gives her breakfast in the morning is alive and well! Furbabies...gotta love 'em!

So, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and just so you don't feel left out, I will leave Officer Goodbody here and you can have him all to yourselves! Now play nice and share!

Here is the next part...some ribbon trims and lace!
Download no longer available...sorry!


Anonymous said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!! have to wait to see Tim & Faith until Labour Day weekend when they play here in New Brunswick...can't wait!!! Hope the concert is great!!! And thank so much for the next part to this kit!! I love it and my daughter can't wait to play with it :)...LOL

Lizzerd said...

oh, do have fun!!!! thanks for the bling!

Anonymous said...

Love the ribbons. Thanks so much for sharing.

Scrapcat4914 said...

Hope you have a great time & a safe trip!!!!
TY so very much for these last 2 wonderful DL's!!!!

EAL Designs2 said...

Thanks for the ribbons, they're awesome.
Have fun at the concert, but not too much, remember his wife's with him, so no throwing your bra up onto the stage, lol.
Sending hugs your way, and thanks for the email :)

ida macken said...

Hope you have a Wonderful time at the concert !
Thank you for the bling ! ;-))

PSharp said...

Have a great time!!! Thank you for the Bling.

Lori said...

I hope you have a great time at the concert! Thanks for the bling and OFFICER GOODBODY! I call dibs!

grambie said...

I am green with envy, & that is saying something, so remember that as you so enthusiatically attend the concert. Their shows are fantastic. I just saw a small part of one of their concerts and I could not believe the fun & wonderful music.

Oh my, these fabulous twirling ribbons are so gorgeous as they wrap so beautifully around the straight ribbons or objects. You know your work is beyond descriptive commprehension & so artistically rendered in the most professional & meaningful way. I definitely will have fun with this one. Thanks for taking the time to leave us this wonderful gift, I really was not expecting this. I was checking to see if everything was going okay for the concert. I am not feeling so great today, I had to take respiratory treatments this morning on an emergency basis, so will just rest. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

Sandie said...

I hope that right now you are having a wonderful time with your daughter in anticipation for tonight!! I really appreciate you leaving Officer Goodbody here for us, but come get Tim!!! I really don't think that is such a fair trade!!
Thank you so much for this next part~ you are truely a wonderful artist!! I love all your work so much!!
I also just wanted to say that I hope Grambie is doing better~ how scary when you need resp. treatments! Feel better!!

LVMommy22 said...

janni, do you have sleep apnea? i wonder if lola wakes you up because you aren't breathing? just a thought ...
:) M

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for todays part. I hope you have a great time at the concert. And if I had known your daughter wanted a kitten I would have gladly sent you one already since I had 10 new kittens to get rid of. Teresa said...

Thank you. You all have fun

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much for more goodies! What a sweetie you are to think of us when you could be using that time to think of Tim!
:o) WARNING: Looooong comment below!

I'm sure since your DD is getting a "kitten" you'll have a better experience than we did. We have a cat that sounds alot like Lola. She's a calico named "Pooter" & she'll be 12 in October. We had her spayed when she was a little over 6 months old. She got caught in the fan blade of a car around 8 months old, and had a big gaping area of hide showing where it ripped her side open. She had about 5 inches worth of stitching to get her fixed back up. She was really lucky, as most cats don't
survive an accident like that. I think that accident changed her whole personality though. She would NEVER go outside in the
daytime after that. Eventually we had her declawed, and she became a house cat. She kind of reminds me of a feline version of "Maxine"...mostly grumpy & VERY vocal. Well... in May of 2001, I brought home Buster; an orange 2 year old...quite, layed back, neutered male with claws. My Mom & Stepdad's neighbor was moving and she couldn't take him with her. Poor Buster! Pooter hated him, and he was scared to death because he didn't know where he was. We had the litter box in our under the
stairs closet because it had no door on it. When I took him out of the carrier to show him the box, he made a mad dash to the lowest part of the closet! He stayed there several hours. We would check on him every 30 minutes or so, talking to him and trying to coax him out. He would answer us with mad/scared hisses! I went in there one time as far as I could get. I was in a squatting position, and was a little more than an arms reach from him. I was talking to him & he was "hissing" at me. I reached my arm out to pet him, and he hissed and moved towards me. He backed up again; but he'd difinitely gotten his
message across! Since the closet sloped the way it did, and I was already squatted as low as I could be, I couldn't jump up. So, with my heart in my throat, I quickly eased my self out of there! Sometime in between one of our checks, he snuck out and hid under our bed. When I'd raise the bedskirt and talk to him he'd still hiss. Eventually we went to bed. I left the door open, so Buster could get out, and back in if he wanted.

I sleep with earplugs, because Sam, my DH snores like a buzzsaw. Some time in the wee hours of the morning, I thought I heard a cat howling, so I took out one of my earplugs and listened. I didn't hear anything, so I thought I must've been dreaming. No sooner than I put my earplug back in, I heard it again. Yep! That was definitely a cat howl. I went into the living room without putting my glasses on. I could see Pooter up on the bookcase behind my chair, but I couldn't see Buster. I walked toward the bookcase, and there he was behind my chair. He ran towards me, and because of the closet incident, I though he was REALLY after me this time! Scared the crap out of me! I grabbed a towel that was on the back of the kitchen chair, and held it between us "bull-fighter" style. Like that would really protect me!!! LOL Well; he ran for my leg, where he proceeded to rub back and forth...just purring away. Poor baby wanted some lovin. I loved on him for quite a while, and then went back to bed. The next morning, he was back under the bed, and hissing again! That was his routine for the next couple of days, until I lured him out with a string. When he was through playing, he went back to is "safe" place. Other than that, I just let him adapt on his own terms. Pooter eventually learned to tolerate him.

In September, that same year we moved. It was traumatic for Pooter, who spent alot of time howling or hiding. Not Buster! He
just made his self right at home; checking the place out good and proper. You know how cats have a tendency to sometimes be right under foot? Well, one day while I was walking through the living room; carrying our poodle "Angel", I accidentally stepped on Buster's tail. Of course he howled, and ran. To give you an idea of how opposite his & Pooter's personalities are...She literally came out of nowhere and "ATTACKED" him!!! She had him backed up against the couch, and was slapping him in the face! Remember, she has no claws, but he does. He was slapping her back, but didn't even have his claws out! Poor thing, I guess he's a lover not a fighter. They were both howling, and Angel was squirming & barking, trying to get in on the action! I was screaming at all of them! I finally got my foot under Pooter, and gave her a good shove to get her away from him. The rest of the day every time they saw one another they'd start howling again. This same scene was repeated a couple of years ago, when Buster was again in the wrong place at the wrong time. She has definitely got her bluff in on him, because at times I believe he's truly afraid of her. He doesn't realize he could shred her to pieces! Every now and then he'll try to get her to join in a game of chase. Only thing is, I don't think she realizes he only wants to play, and she gets
defensive. But that's all OK though, because he and Angel are good buddies. Even though she tattles on him every chance she
gets! Ü Told you it was LONG! Hope ya'll had great time at the concert!

Fishinmom said...

I feel so sorry for you, being forced to attend the concert - NOT!!

I hope you're having a blast even though I wish it was me LOL!!

Big Hugs

BelindasScrapz said...

Thanks so much I am so envious and yes even jealous I love Faith Hill and Tim McGraw they are the ultimate super couple. I would love to see them. I have not been to any concerts in ages.. The cat thing should be really interesting ...hope it doesnt get ugly...the poor kitten might just go hide under the first thing it finds..
thanks for the kit