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Friday, June 22, 2007

You've got to rise and shine!

Good Morning to y'all! Feeling much better this morning. Wish I knew why some mornings I can hardly move and others, like today, I can get up and actually move! Well, just glad there are mornings like this!

Who wooda thunk that a lowly screw would make you guys so happy?!?! So glad that you are all liking this kit! Sometimes when I finish a kit, I think ...YES! And, then the DL's don't agree! Then, other times, I think, well, I like it BUT...and the DL's go crazy! This time though both coincided! I really liked this kit when I was doing it and so glad that you do, too! Like I said, the male species are difficult to design for...they are just not multi-faceted like us, the superior gender! LOL! Only kidding! (sorta) Don't want to start a war here!

Speaking of wars....have you heard all the stuff going on with the gals from DSO and their blog war? How silly! These gals are having some fun, giving out freebies, and they are getting slammed! (Shaking my head here) And, Selena, got rude comments because 'real' life is taking up so much of her time that she hasn't been providing her usual huge list! Unbelievable! If any of you reading are guilty, please hear this. Freebies are a bonus! Yes, the gals from DSO do 'sell' but the are not 'selling' the freebies! You can grab them or not, if you grab them that does not mean you have to go buy something. They are doing it to have some fun and you benefit by it by getting free samples of their talents! And, Selena, along with all the others that put out freebie lists, do it for 'free'! Both, the designing and the freebie searching take time, and LOTS of it! How many times has your real life gotten in the way of something? Do you think these gals live in a bubble that "scrapping" is their only reason to live and breathe? We would like it to be but reality is, we all have families, jobs, obligations and assorted "s-it" that comes up that prevents us from doing what we love. So, my advice to these rude, inconsiderate people who probably have never left a nice comment when they downloaded something, only negative comments when they feel they have been short changed is, start designing, get yourself a blog, spend hours, nay, DAYS, putting together freebies, post them and then feel how it feels when people just grab and go, criticize your work, criticize how you blog and in general, slam you! If you don't like what some designer is doing, then don't go to her blog! Don't take advantage of her talent and's simple! Thank goodness, the rude, inconsiderate people are the minority but unfortunately, like the old saying only takes one bad apple! Have you noticed that some of your top designers are not offering as many freebies? Gee, wonder why? Or have I spelled it out for you clear enough? This does not apply to the majority of you. I understand busy, I understand forgetting (um...I am the Queen of ForgetfulLand!) and I have come to terms with the comments will never equal the DL's but leaving nasty comments and sending rude emails is not understood! If someone were to give you a gift in person, would you say "why didn't you spend more?" "why did you only get me one present?" or would you just say, "thank you"? Life is too short for unprovoked nastiness! Stepping off my soapbox now but this just really irked me! I don't know any of these ladies personally but I have been appreciative of their talents and time they have given to the scrap world! I am not going to apologize if I offended anyone because those that would be offended are probably the ones that leave nasty comments and they should be offended! This isn't an open discussion, just venting how I feel about what is happening out there!

Anyway....kit coming to a close here. This is the last of the elements. Just have some quickpages for you tomorrow so now I expect some great LO's being done all over the world! LOL!

Like I said, I do like this kit so there may be an add-on in the future. I really think that I will use this to scrap that birthday party for my cousin's hubby and I am sure that I will find something I need along the way. If I do...I will share it with y'all!'re it!

Download no longer available...sorry!


jackie said...

Very well said Jan.
Thanks so much for the kit, I love it and I too hate to see it end.

ida macken said...

I agree, very well said !
I was totally "beyond appalled" by those nasty comments that were left at the other blogs, really couldn't believe my eyes !
I guess like they say, it takes all kinds ! jeez !
On the bright side now......
Thank you for yet another wonderful kit ! I just love your work ;-))

Fishinmom said...

I so agree with you Jan! People who are downloading "freebies" don't have a right to bit@$
LOL! These freebies are giving from the heart, they are samples of a designers work. You have the choice to download or not to dowload. Mostly likely the people that are slamming the DSO artists are site owners or designers from another site that are just jealous because these woman are finally getting the attention they deserve! These are all outstanding artists whose work I greatly admire. The freebie war is a blast not just for the designers but for us freebie hunters - I've so enjoyed reading the antics! If some view it as a "make money scheme" so what if it is? These are after all, women from a commercial scrapbook site! They have every right to promote their site as they see fit! If their promotion benefits their customers all the better! LOL! Every legitimate scrapbook site sends out ads and promotions through blogs, yahoo groups, chats, etc. So what's wrong with giving away freebies? Jealousy I say - lol! I personally think these women at DSO are great and they've added some fun into it for the rest of us! Big round of applause is due to all these ladies!!

As far as poor Selena being slammed - obviously the people doing this are just plain rude! How dare they complain! Do they even realize the time and effort that is put in to searching out all these freebies and then posting them on the blog?? I tried to post the freebies on my blog when I first started and promptly stopped lol! It just took way too much time!

They are not paying her for the service she is providing! She is under no obligation to post every day or at all. I don't understand how some people think - lol!

Loved this kit - thank you so much for providing us with all the lovelies that you do!!

Now I'm going to go vent about this subject on my blog! LOL!

gailfort said...

Ditto! I have to agree...very well said! I've read some of those comments on the other blogs and, like Ida, I was apalled.

I hate to see this kit end, but do thank you whole heartedly for your generosity!

Meridith said...

Thanks so much for this great kit!

Pugsli said...

Again you prove what a great person you are. I am sooo proud to say you are my friend! I agree with you- you designers are people with real lives and yet you take the time to make beautiful things for us and give them away at that. Each gift you give is free, no strings attached. A thank you is the least we can do to repay your generosity and kindness! So to you ,dear friend, and the other designers, a great big heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!
As for disrespecting Selena- Shame, shame on you! Didn't your Mama teach you any manners?
I really am sad that this kit is coming to an end! I have 4 grandsons and it works so well for them. @ of the grandsons are 8 &9 and the cute little baby boy kits just don't work for them but this kit will. Thank you so much for the time you take to share your gifts, they truly are appreciated!!!
Hugs to ya!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your wonderful work.

T5454 said...

i usually leave my comments at 4shared, but today wanted to leave it here----well said!!!
It's a super kit and just right for the guys!! thanks so much!!!

KendiRN said...

What is with people? Are they honestly this nasty in person? This is just pure insanity! Does the anonymity of the computer screen put their brains in their arse? I am so sorry that you (an many other designers/bloggers: this issue today also) are subjected to this time and again. ::shaking head:: I do not know what to say, as there is nothing to say to such pure rudeness. Know that some of us enjoy your humor and honesty. HUGZ!

.:kristine:. said...

Hiya Jannidee,
One of my blog readers told me about your post and "Hats off to you!!".

I blogged about the subject as well today. What is the matter with people?! Keep up the great work hunny, it makes our day!((Jannidee))

Kittie said...

Thanks for the great kit. Was wondering if you could contact me at I have a few questions that I would like to ask you. Thanks again

Bunny, DSO said...

lol. I like your soapbox!

cute stuff hon!!

iahawkeye said...

Thank you for this wonderful "Man" kit. It is going to get some good use.

Anonymous said...

wow this kit is so awesome!!! thank you so much for all the freebies :)

Hilmarose said...

I seem to be following Kimberly... Fishinmom... around. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HER... I had it happen on my blog too... I share very few freebies on there now....
I subscribe to your blog thru bloglines, as well as to a few others,... so I come read every post... I skip alot of freebies on the web cuz I have so many paid for kits and freebies I have never used yet BUT I LOVE reading the blog(S)... this whole thing made me sick... there are only a few rude ones but they sure can zap ya! THEN the other ones bring you back to life!
Just wanted to share some love!

xashee's corner said...

VERY well said and thank YOU for addressing it! people can be so incredible!
thank you so much for this awesome kit and i wish you a GREAT day :D

Sandie said...

Just wanted to say here that I can't believe what I have been reading on some blogs!! I don't know where these people come from, but it really scares me to think that they feel they can act that way to another person!! It just amazes me to see what this world is coming to when people don't do something for FREE and they get slammed for it!! I havent' gotten over to Selena's for a few days because my own life has 'gotten in the way', so I didn't even know all that was going on with her too~ it makes me sick. I'd just hate to see all of you wonderful designers pack up your freebies & move on only to selling because of some ignorant people!! Thanks so much for addressing this problem~ maybe someone will see themselve & stop ruining it for the rest!! Then again, sadly, probably not.

Tina said...

First of all Thank you for the fabulous freebies you offer. They are great. I just got caught up on all the links (thanks for leaving them up and available for us slowpokes).
I agree with you and everyone else! It's just unbelievable that someone searching and downloading freebies would leave anything negative or nasty. If you don't like it move on. I generally go for the "boyish" stuff because I have boys. If I go to someones blog that generally posts freebies that are more boyish and one day they happen to post something more girly...I wouldn't use it so I move on....I wouldn't blast you with a negative comment just because I personally wouldn't use it. I am a beginner when it comes to designing and I have created and uploaded a (yes, A, meaning one) kit and it took forever with a DSL modem. It is time consuming and until they (the nasty folks) do this themselves they will never understand why these types of things bother people so much.
I love having the freebies lists that Selena and others's handy (expecially now that I am out of town and away from my computer) I can go to one place to find all the info I have in "my favorites" at home. There are several of these freebie lists out there and if one isn't available I just go to the next one. Yes, these ladies have lives away from their computers!
Ok, my post is becoming as long as your's so enough for now.
Thanks so much again for the fabulous kit. I will use it and I will share my LO's....when I get home of course. Have a great day! :o)

Nancy72 said...

OMIGOSH, Jannidee, this is a fabulous kit...sooo, what's new about that!!! Anyway...I just thought of something you could make that has me laughing so hard i can hardly type...LOLOLOL!!!

Do you remember the "pocket protectors" that some men wore in their shirt pockets so the ink wouldn't ruin their pockets? Welllll, my DH STILL WEARS ONE!!!

We have to search the net for them and then I order several if I find them...I HATE them and I don't think they are necessary for modern pens. He was a mechanical engineer who retired at 80 and is still doing some consulting at 85...he would work at it full time if he could.

I am always tucking the flap inside his pocket...but it magically slips out again...;o) Why does he need to carry a pen & pencil at all times??? Well, you never know when you will get a world altering idea!!!

How about a gosh-awful pocket protector...white, because I can't find the clear ones anymore...I am still laughing...............

Nancy72 said...

I forgot something...;o)

As for the, ignorant, classless, mean spirited people who dare to complain about free stuff or anything else...this is my remedy as I had problems when I had the "nerve" to stand up for artists' rights.

I delete an email as soon as I read the first nasty words...then I block the addy...if they want to repeat, they need a new addy and the next email also lands in the "circular file" which is the only place it is at home!!!

Darleen said...

Thanks so much for this MALE kit. And for sharing your work with us.

Linda said...

Very well said; it needs to be said and often. Thanks for the adorable tags! This is such a nice kit, but then all of yours are!

Jody said...

I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. Love the way you write.

I also have to commend you on the way your blog is organised. I was starting a layout the other day from one of your kits and I just knew something was missing so I went checking on your blog. What a delight - everything is so organised and so easy to find. I found what I was missing in no time flat and also found some other freebies I had missed :)

I loved the way I could click from one page to another and always have the index handy. Your site is simply the best organised and easiest site to get around and as a bonus we get to read all your delightful tales from your heart.

Thank you again and I am sure looking forward to the Quickpages - I LOVE quickpages!

reecy said...

Well, I haven't been reading anyone else's blog the last few days, been too busy with "real" life, but I am glad I missed it if people were behaving in that way. Geesh, how dare they complain! Nobody owes us freebies. We should show appreciation for the designers' hard work and generosity.

tina said...

Sorry for all the people who leave the bad comments - but then again, they're probably just not very happy people anywhere in their life.

The rest of us appreciate the freebies, and understand all the hard work that you put into them.

And we also like the stories that you share with us in your blog - so, please keep sharing.

Thanks again

grambie said...

Jan you have said it with compassion & understanding for a fellow blogger. I was shocked when I read her blog & found out what happened. I visits AmyW & leave remarks because I met her at the Rak & she invited me to her blog. Through her link I found Selena. I don't normally use their freebie list, but visit every now & then to say Hi. I have your blog & a few others in my favorites for kits, & a few for letter-sized templates. How can you dl a freebie & not leave at least a thank you? I would not be able to sleep at all.

I and many others really appreciate your kindness in sharing your professional design skills. We could not afford to pay for your multiple (RAKs) Random Acts of Kindness that are more like Regular Acts of Kindness. Your blog an extension of yourself sometimes make us cry, more often it makes us laugh. I understand your frustration when comparing the dl with the comments. We know that it will not match, but there should be more in proportion to your fantastic scraps.

Thanks for the final portion of this kit. Oh my, that plaid is calling me loud & clear & I definitely plan on answering. Love the hanging tag on the hook, so cute, along with the curling ribbon holders. Everything is so reflective of their work bench with your fabulous extra touches. So letting my love show, thanks again for being you. GOD HAS SMILED ON YOU!!! HUGS

shar said...

Thanks for the tags!

Diana D said...

I love the freebies I get from all the great digital designers out in digital land. It has become my daily fix! I can not even begin to understand anyone being critical of anyone giving us something, we had to do absolutely nothing for, except say thank you.
Jan, you hit the nail on the head with your statements. Well done.
I love this kit and thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.
Have a great weekend!!

dianagrind said...

Well, this all reminds me of my uncle's wife. When they used to come to visit she would ask my mom, "Have you got anything to give me?" Actually I had to Aunts like that. My dad always said he did not understand how such nice guys found such sorry women.

So yes, there are plenty of sorry people out there, always has been. The internet just lets them hide under annonymity and show their obnoxiousness. (sp?)

Thanks again for the freebies, We luv you Jan and all the others who are so good to us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! -jsj

patchas said...

I so totally agree. It takes all kinds in this world. But, there are so many of us that truly truly appreciate the giving, caring, talented people who make it possible to enjoy scrapping on a limited budget. God bless them all. Thanks so much for all you do!

senati said...

This kit and all the extras are absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing :)

katt said...

Well said! I think greedy/selfish people are never feel satisfied or happy. I feel sorry for them. Thank you again for another great kit. I am just amazed at how creative you are. I feel very lucky to have found your site.


Barbwire said...

You deserve a standing ovation for saying what many of us wish we had the guts to say. I believe these thoughtless rude people are the minority in the scrapping world, but they give all us DLs a bad name. I for one appreciate the hard work the designers do which they share with us for free and I also greatly appreciate the time spent by those who create lists of those freebies. I work full time with long commuting distance, so would never have the time to locate even half of the stuff they find for us. It has introduced me to many designers and sites I otherwise would never have found.
Thank you everyone. And can get on your soapbox anytime you want cause you are saying what most of us are probably thinking.
Hugs and thanks for this great manly kid.

Barbwire said...

I meant Manly Kit..not kid. ROFL
Teach me to publish without proof reading. LOL

Lisa said...

AMEN, and ditto to everyone else's comments! I have made the same point you did before about if someone handed you a gift, would you not at least say thank you? I hope that those of us that genuinely appreciate the gifts can make up a tiny fraction for the rude ones that don't! Thanks for the the one hanging from the peg creative!!

candiem said...

Here, Here...YES M'AM! I am with you ALL the way!! Yes...I am very forgetful sometimes...I even will download and close the link then and only when I am unzipping do I remember...did I forget to say TY...or did I? So...If I do forget, it's just that Forgotten...and I do apologize for that. I try to say TY each time I download...unless it is more than one download...then I might use the first or last to say TY for all of them. Why? I get confused and forget which I snagged and which I haven't gotten yet! When they are done downloading..out of habbit I close the link...and thenk Shoot, did I say TY?...But I am working on getting better at even that! Anyway...YOU ARE RIGHT!! Well Said! TY for taking the time to do so.
and TY for these lovely pieces...I LOVE THIS KIT!

olga9999 said...

I didn't know what have happened in Selena's blog. :( I know that things like that have happened in several other blogs, some of them that I usually read. I don't know and don't understand why people can get annoyed just because she hasn't posted her daily list. There are plenty of lists out there to choose from if you don't find a list one day. It's simply so pathetic. Internet definitely has the knack of getting out the best and the worst of people. You can get lots of help from some people out there and other times lots of bad behaviour.

I'm really sorry for Selena as she quite likely was busy or something happened for her not to post her list, and getting that kind of comments at the same time, might not be helpful at all. :( Best wishes to her. :)

Thanks a million for the download with tags today, have a great weekend and best wishes. :o)

By the way nice to read your back feels much better today. :)

Always Plumpster said...

Thank you again Jan for this wonderful part to the kit. I read all you wrote today, and I agree, alot of hard work, time and effort goes into making these "freebies" and also the great "freebie lists" posted on the net. As for me, I appreciate each persons gift of time and talent. It would be a shame to loose it.

teresaj said...

Amen to your comments. I always try to thank someone if I get a freebie from their blog because they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts and not because they have nothing else to do. That could be farther from the truth, they squeeze time into their to create and share with us all their lovely talents and the least we can do is thank them. I also try to buy something from the designers to show my support also. I have really loved this kit and the colors are so great. I love the clip boards I think they are the best part. Thanks for all that you do for us. Some of us really do appreciate your wonderful talent and you taking the time to do this as a freebie. Hats off to all of you wonderful designers. Teresa

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Can't add to anything you or the other commenters already expressed so eloquently - just wanted to agree, 110% !!
Thanks so much for the kit!

miss j said...

This kit is gonna be so perfect for scrapping photos of my dad. This kit reminds me of his garage. Instead of using it for his car, it is filled to the brim with tools, wood and junk. He is constantly "fixing" something and I think this kit is just perfect for him. Thanks again.
PS. I came across a couple of blogs where I couldn't leave a comment because I myself dont have a blog or google account. Then when I searched for an email address, one was not provided. What should I do then?

NinaJo said...

I so agree with you, a TY takes but a second. I don't know what's going on with someone getting slammed, but it seems to me that it was rather rude of them to slam someone that was giving them something. Some people have no common courtesy, imagine what their children are like! I shudder at the very thought.
This is a great guy kit, it's very different from other guy kits, cuz it actually has guy stuff in it, like the screws. That was pure genius on your part. I especially like the screwy alphas and the pegboard mat.
I've downloaded the whole shebang today.
I hope it's ok to thank you for the whole thing in one fell swoop.
Thank you so much for all you share!

Cindy Robertson said...

I don't thing my puter likes me. Everytime I try to leave comments anywhere it kicks me back as invalid password. You would think that I know better than the computer what my password is,so, I changed it to my password. I'm sure this note will dissapear and I will have to start over. Pay no mind to my blog if this does go through. It was another hoop I jumped through to get it to let me post. I can't be the lone ranger. I'm pretty sure that there are many of us that would love to thank you for your wonderful kits but we get kicked off and ultimately give up. So, thank you and if this kicks back, i'm off to bed since this is all I've got done today.
thank you,

Cindy Robertson said...

Oh My!!!! I'm so sorry. I was so sure that my post wouldn't go through that I vented a bit. OK, a bunch. Of all times to get through. I read what I wrote and it really could have been worse considering what I went through today to just say thank you! It's too bad that you can't block the mean people from access to your sites when they are so mean. I only go to yours and fishinmoms site because as far as I'm concerned you two are the professionals who provide the best quality work with nothing but love and friendship for all of your time and effort. I salute you both. I sure hope I can tell fishinmom how much I love and appreciate her work but I have just as much trouble posting on her site. I'm joining a psp group so that I can learn to create and then if I want something I can just make it. That's an idea for those grumpy people who are so mean, "learn to make it yourself and see how much time you have to complain" I would say thank you everyday but until I figure out how to outsmart my computer, I'll just have to be happy for the occasional rant. Thanks again, you're the best.

Anonymous said...

thank you Jan for all the wonderful kits you make and share with us.

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much for more goodies! And...I've just got to say I LOVE when i read something like you've written today! It's so sad that some people EXPECT people like yourself & all the other generous freebie givers to 1. Be here everyday AND 2. Dole out the freebies to boot! Heaven forbid if you should have a life, make something they don't like or just stop giving all together. Shame! Shame! But, sadly those people will probably never change. Aren't you glad you don't know them in real life!

rags2r said...

Hi Jan, glad you felt good today. Thanks so much for those awesome tags. As I said yesterday we have our balance of good and bad. I guess that also pertains to our scrappers community. I try to thank everyone that I download freebies from, but there are quite a few bloggers out there that have either the google/blogger only, or that visual verification requirement. For the google blogger, I don't know what the problem is. I registered on google, but when I put in the name and password, it just brings me back to the same spot without adding my comment. And for the visual verification thingy, all that comes up is a little x, so I can't say thank you. And let me tell you I always feel so guilty when those bloggers comment on how many downloads and how little thanks they got. Anyway, I just wish they had a comment section like yours.

BelindasScrapz said...

I think you said that very well. When I was blogless i used to have to sign in annonymous to be able to comment and now i comment both places usually just to make up for the people who dont comment :) I read the stuff on the blogs about the rudeness to Selena and about the war and it made my skin crawl. Ive made my own kits when i had a better computer and I know it takes a lot of work and time and am so very thankful to those who do still share with us in spite of those who trollz out there who have nothing better than to stir up trouble

Meggsy said...

Hi Jan, I've said it before and I'll say it forever, I take my hat off to ALL that post and share freebies as I don't have the talent to create them myself as I am sure many don't and the time it takes to say a simple Ty TFS or just thanks is time well spent. I think those who aren't grateful should remember that without the generousity of designers like yourself they would all have a lot of photos surrounded by blank pages. As for the ones picking Selena to pieces, if they think what she or any of you do for that matter do is easy then step up and give it a go, maintain your daily lives and post lists and design and share and then have the nerve to critic Selelna. As a person that uses freebies regularly I fear that it is these whingers that will ruin it for everyone and freebies and freebie lists with become a thing of the past.
So as I am getting down off my soap box I will say Thank you once for sharing your talents from one very grateful reader of your blog and many others :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fab kit, I agree with all the comments above and count myself lucky to have been on the receiving end of such wonderful gifts. Sue

Josie said...

These are great tags, thank you so much for this and all the parts to this wonderful kit.

Regarding your soapbox comments -- RIGHT ON and AMEN. I'm not a designer, don't intend to be. I'd rather use and appreciate the talent that's already out there. I do get freebies, absolutely. I try to leave comments with every dl. And, when I find something I really love or a designer that continues to put out exceptional, unique things (like you), I buy too.

But, funds are tight for me and I don't buy so often. The way I look at it, designers offer their talent ... the cost to me is praise and appreciation. I gladly pay.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the awesome tags!!!
Boy you've it the head on the nail!!!!!
The people doing it should get a life!!!!!!

Colleen said...

I always try to leave a comment but sometimes I do forget especially when I have a bad day. I thank you for your kindness in giving us freebies. I am disabled and live on a fixed income, also only started to digitscrap. Tried the paper but joints too sore to do that. I think and this is not an excuse but the ones being nasty don't like themselves so nothing pleases them. I know a few like that and I stay clear as I am a people person. Besides I have enough going on don't need negative people in my life. You do beautiful work and would hate to think rude people would take that away from us nicer ones.

2Tall said...

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ AWESOME ¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯) Thank you for this Manly-man freebie. Love the clipboards.

Heather said...

Hey woman! I just had to stand up and applaud, you're post made me a little misty eyed.

You know I'm sure I'm one in the freebie war, and honestly, it hasn't raised my sales at all. My sales are increasing at the same rate each month.

It's nice having people enjoy you're work, which is basicly what we are doing. We are having a lot of fun. I don't know of the designers at DSO that can stand up and say, woohoo, my sales have quadrupled this month! We're just having fun with you guys and with each other.

Thanks so much for this! Now, up to read the other post.

Embosje said...

I could not believe my eyes reading about people, who give nasty comments to designers, who give away their goodies for "FREE". I agree totally what you said about that kind of people. Even if the designer don't have a specific reason not to do anything, it's not of our concern. It is their life (we all have our bad days). I'm glad with anything you and all others share with us. Thank you. BIIIIG hugs.

Kimberly said...

I have not read any of these poorly worded comments, and I dont think I will waste my time. I am not only a downloader, but I am a designer too. So I know the value of leaving a kind word behind! I find it appalling that some people become so greedy that they feel they have a right to complain about something that is FREE! What that dont get is that it isnt so free for the designer or the freebie lister; it takes their heart, love, generosity, kindness, family time, energy, sleep, the list goes on! I for one feel a deep graditude to those that offer up their talents so freely. It only takes a second to leave a KIND word; note that KIND is capitalized! Not just to the sweet designers, but to those that take the time to make the list. I have several nice ladies that post my freebies. Thank you all, designers and freebie listers alike, from the bottom of my heart! ~~~HUGS~~~

Anonymous said...

I'm not a designer, but find it very upsetting when people gripe about "freebies" of all things. Most of us so appreciate the generosity and talent of the designers who give out freebies. Keep up the good work gals!

Kim Broedelet said...

Jan- JUST A HUGE THANK YOU!!! I'm one of those in the DSO freebie war and it DID start off as a "joke" amoungst the designers- and it has been GREAT FUN!!! It brought moral up and we all got to know each other a little better- I vented on my blog on Wed too and I'm lucky that I never got any of the 'nasty' mails- but my fellow designers did and it STINKS.. I had to get on my own 'soapbox' too for just a sec.. and Heather is right- it hasn't increased sales at all(but that wasn't the point of it)- it was a 'designers friendly game' and in turn people got to know us all a little better as well as our work.. So I am saying THANK YOU again for standing up FOR ALL DESIGNERS out there. going to read the next post-LOL, but sending hugs and THIS KIT IS AWESOME!

DigiBrandi said...

I haven't been following the DSO freebies and didn't notice they were having so much negativity. Give me a break! Freebies are gifts, and people act like they're deserved. I'm a designer at another store and I luckily haven't experienced any of that negativity recently, but I have in the past so I totally understand how upsetting it can be. But there are always going to be people who suck, and they seem to yell the loudest. Thank you for all the freebies you give out! I don't think I usually comment, but I do love what you offer. Many of your free things are better than a lot of what I see for sale. :)

Kathy said...


Thanks for the wonderful kit!