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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Thinking Blogger

WooHoo! I got an award! The “Thinking Blogger Award”! I didn’t even know anything about it until Candee posted a comment here and told me to check out her blog! Gee, it’s nice to get something because someone thinks enough of you to think you deserve it…thank you Candee!

Here’s how it works: All you have to do is tag 5 blogs for the award-state them on your blog with links and why you give them the award and then let them know they've been tagged so they can carry on the process too! You can't tag someone whose already been tagged.

Now the tough part is, I don’t do a lot of blog hopping and Candee already nominated Anita and PillowGirl has already been nominated and those are two that I would definitely pick but here goes:

Joanne from “Pocket Angel” because she definitely is an angel in my book. She is always there when you need support and is always willing to help you whenever you ask. Plus, I think she is very talented and shares so freely. Not just her finished designs but her knowledge as well.

Beth from “Moodee Beth” for much of the same reason. Seems to be a trend of how I pick my friends, eh? Beth is amazing! Her designs are awesome and realistic. You can tell just by reading her blog that you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with her and feel right at home.

Dorothy from "Dorothy’s Creations" and Scraps2Design Yahoo Group. Dorothy not only is talented but she gives so much back. She runs a great group with lots of challenges and also gives classes but most of all, is very encouraging.

Rina Kroes from "Reluctant Recluse". I am sure Rina does not know me from a hole in the wall but, I have asked her a few questions through groups and she was always so kind and willing to answer not only me but anyone else that posed a question. Her blog is diverse with freebies, LO's and spotlighting others. Nice and talented…wonderful combination.

And, last but not least, An from "An’s Little Place". Another lady that I know through Yahoo Groups that is a share-aholic. And just all around nice person!

There are so many wonderful blogs out there. And, so many other scrap-people that I think should be recognized but they don’t have blogs. We certainly are very fortunate to receive so much from all the designers and from others that search and share!.

But, I have to say, if there was a way to give all the readers an award, MY readers would get the Gold Medal! So strut down that Red Carpet and give yourselves a round of applause cuz you're the BEST! LOL!


Joanne said...

Thank you very much are very special in my heart...and your words tender at a time when tenderness is needed...give me a day or two to get my home bearings and honor this lovely award..with kind regards...

sweetheaven said...

Congrats . You deserve it

grambie said...

Oh this is just so heartwarming. That is what I love about the beautiful people that I have met through digital scrapping. We scrap from the heart & this just proves my point. Keep up the good works DESIGNERS, let it SHINE for all the world to see. KUDOS!!!!

Beth said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much Janni for this, I was quite shocked when I saw my name listed.
It was a double take moment, for sure.
I need to get to work and think of which 5 I'd like Tag.
That's the hard part, choosing.
Again, thank you, you are far too kind! ;)

Dorothy'sCreations said...

Thank you soooo much Jannidee for my "Thinking Blogger" award!! How cool was that! Your kind words meant so much to me and I appreciate you so. I also was shocked to be listed.