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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My fur babies!

Just finished these for a challenge for Scrap2Design and I thought I would share my fur babies with y'all.

Bogie, the beagle, is mine. He is such a lovey and is never far from my side. Quite a couch potato and expects to be petted 24/7. Bonnie, the Jack Rat, is Jessica's. She is none stop energy! Quite the opposite of Bogey and that does present some problems.

Then, there is Lola...self proclaimed Queen! She is actually my son's cat and supposedly just on loan until he moves somewhere that allows pets! She takes aloof and independent to an all time high! Can you tell Bonnie is my daughter's? The dog has a more extensive wardrobe than I do! We tried dressing the cat....still got the scars to prove it!

The alpha on Lola's page is from Tracie Sims Blog Freebie from quite some time ago.


Christeph said...

I am of course, scared witless of all things canine, but your beagle Bogie has the most beautiful eyes. Bogie as in Bogart perhaps?

We used to have two sibling cats, Platypus and Oedipus. Poor Oedi had a death wish he finally fulfilled (he could get himself in trouble in a padded cell poor thing). But Platy thought she was the Queen of Sheba reincarnated - she used to curl up with my other half on the sofa, and whenever I finally got to sit down she got all huffy and acted like she was the mistress of the house and I was the pesky pet!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

I LOVE your layouts with your pets..How cute! I have a dog and my daughter has a cat.They get along just fine and even play together.Sooo cute.:)Thanks for showing us.:)
I also want to thank you for all the beautiful kits you have given to us so generously.You do fantastic work and I love them all.:)

Scrapcat4914 said...

Awesome LO's!!!
Thank you also for the fantastic Garden Party BG's!!

Pugsli said...

I don't know how you do it! Just when I KNOW you have done the best, you come up with better! You are truly a talented artist! I love the Garden Party!!!!!! It makes me smile!
Also, I thought you said you couldn't do lo's. Oh yes you can! I love the pets. In my perfect world, there are pets, pets and more pets! Thank you for being the most sharing person I have ever had the priviledge to know! You are a role model to the world and if we had more people like you, this would be a wonderful place!!!
Hugs to ya

Anonymous said...

Wow gorgeous layouts. Teresa

Lisa said...

Too cute! I have 2 stray cats on the back porch and a 14 YO Yorkie that rules the roost!

patty said...

such cuties-looks like a housefull!
GJ on your layout!

Lisa said...

I was reading your blog from top to bottom (my brain is in backwards) and didn't realize that the beautiful frames were on the same post as your fur babies!! Anyway thanks so much for sharing another awesome creation!!