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Monday, April 02, 2007

A little tease

Thought I would post a little sample of the kit I am working on just to tease you. Ain't I mean? Blame it on the Diva! LOL! Still trying to get it finished up and packed so I will start giving it away probably tomorrow.

Yep, it is called Blue Latte and the inspiration was my cup of coffee! Got a new mug that is this nice shade of blue and when I fixed my coffee which I like 'light', I just loved the color combo! Will tell you more detail when I start posting it but designing is back to being fun, which, to quote Martha Stewart, is a "good thing".

To answer Elaine's question, Jess is still in the air cast and still complaining! She hates that she has to wear sneakers to her new job and cannot wait to get back to her high heels! She is tall, about 5'8 1/2" but she wore heels everyday and says she feels 'slumpy' in her sneakers. Still has some pain and swelling, hates being a weather barometer and, overall all, just annoyed with the whole thing. Patience is definitely NOT one of her virtues!

My son was home for the weekend so that meant lots of cooking. Told him that as a reward for the great grades he could have anything he wanted...he picks hamburgers! So we did a cook out one night, then swiss steak, and pot roast yesterday...he never forgets to tell you what a wonderful cook he thinks you are which is so nice to hear when you put the effort into making a meal, right? DH just stuffs his face and you never know if he thinks it was good or just edible! My Mom eats with us every night but she eats like a bird and Jess, well, you never know if she is going to be here for supper or even if she is, whether she is going to be eating. So, I just love to have someone to cook for that appreciates it. DH made the comment that at least we get some good food when our son is home! Do not think that this newly-found Diva let THAT comment go by without a retort! Doubt that it will make a difference but it sure felt good at the time!

Well, gotta run and get some housework finished up... Can someone explain why reorganizing makes such a mess in your whole house?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh Jna - cleaning - my house can't take it! Gets too messy when I clean lol. Thanks for the family update. It's good to have you back!!!! The new kit looks fabulous - my coffee cup is my best friend so I'm looking forward to this kit

Valerie said... the color's and theme. Look forward to seeing the finished product, though it looks great as is. Keep up the great work.

Shell said...

Love the colors & the sample paper you have showing. Thanks!

Cindell said...

Your comments reminded me of a sign I had in my kitchen "Complaints to the chef can be hazardous to your health".
Nobody complained LOL.
I'm very pleased to hear your on your way back to yourself again... ~~~You go Diva~~~ This set is going to be another very pretty one with the indication of the sneek peek.
Thanks for the update on Jess.

Elaine said...

Wow, just love what I see of the new kit. Can't wait! Glad to hear that Jess continues to be on the mend with no other setbacks. And I know what you mean about organization making a mess. When I retired (January 31) I said one of the things I was going to do was organize my closets (which I never had time to do). Well I started on my bedroom closet and it truly looked like a cyclone went right thru my bedroom. What a mess! I still have more closets to do but after that I think I will wait a little while. lol.

Peggie said...

I love the colors and I'm always ready for a cup of coffee.

Robyn said...

The sneak peek is VERY intriguing. :)!!

Sounds like hubby could take a lesson from your son. I'm glad you didn't let his remark pass. :)

I'm still totally in love with your Diva kit! It's like you read my mind... I was wearing those colors the other day and as I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I thought to myself, those colors would look great in a scrap kit and then lo and behold.... *YOU* came up with one. :)

dianagrind said...

Oh this looks beautiful. My favorite shade of blue. I have not even seen the kit yet and I KNOW it might be a great one for a QP exchange, HINT HINT. I would be willing to help ya. lol No kidding it looks like it will be great.

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, this look so pretty! I love that shad of blue. I have always liked blues and browns together. Boy, you sound like your old self again. I so love reading your blog! You keep that diva attitude going and you will be just fine!! :)

Jean said...

I just love those colors!!! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous. I love the colors and I do love coffee. Thanks, Teresa

Donna said...

I'm in love with the Blue Latte!
I'm waiting very patiently!!! LOL