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Friday, April 13, 2007

Just some chat

WooHoo yet again! I just finished 3 more quickpages. I want to make sure that I get the link and password to get all the goodies! LOL! I have lost count of how many have sent emails to me about participating but I do know that it is over 35! Diane is going to be an uploading fool!

To answer some questions: You MUST submit at least one page to get the link and password. sorry but that is the whole point of it! I am again going to repeat...beginners are welcome!

The deadline is the 25th. when I first posted it, it gave you 15 days to get them in. Mark it on your calendars! Don't follow in my footsteps and forget to submit!

I am also going to upload for those that participate a couple of extra goodies that I made when I was doing my quickpages. So, you see, this is a Win/Win situation. You get to learn or show off your creative talents and you get lots of pages and goodies!

Let me just remind you that these pages are just for those that participate. Please do not share the link or password once the exchange is over. Sound like a mean old woman but, rules is rules!

Many have commented that you are also a very good friend of Al Zymer! Well, some spelled his name differently so maybe they are not the same person! But, like I said to Pugsli this morning, I have tossed aside Al and today am involved with Ben Gay since Art Ritis has been giving me such a workout! I will not share Officer Goodbody but any of these other gents, you are welcome to! (let's see how many of you jump at that proposal!)

Have a good evening!


Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is, I have always heard that the way to a man is through his it's off to the kitchen for me them maybe I can lure Officer Goodbody in my direction "grin" for the rest of the gents, they're a knocking at my door as we speak. Thanks for the wonderful time I have had this week, you're one in a million. Betty

Anonymous said...

How funny it seems we are sharing the same men because I love Ben Gay also. Thansk, Teresa

Christeph said...

Actually, even though it was my first time, I so enjoyed working on the qp, that I'm gonnn try to get a second finished and in before the deadline.
As for Officer Goodbody, I was going to ask if he happened to have an available brother, but then my other half said that left him free to ask if he had an available sister ... so guess I'd better not lol!