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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blue Latte Quickpage Exchange

I have just sent out the email with the link and password. When you get the link, please check to make sure your file is there. And, If you did not get the email and you did send in a page, please contact me at putting "missing link" in the subject line. I did get back several as "undeliverable" so...let me know!

As you will see the response was huge! and although Diana and I were trying to be very careful, we are human! I will post again later with a freebie for you so check back!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much for hosting the QP exchange for this kit. I just downloaded and viewed all the pages. AMAZING how we all can come up with so many variations. I can't wait for you to host another QP exchange. These are FAB ladies!!!

judyf said...

No, thank YOU for doing this Exchange for us! What an amazing treat. I so appreciate all the hard work than went into making this a huge success.

patchas said...

You got it just backwards, girl. THANK YOU!!!

Cami95 said...

This was great! The kit is just beautiful and thank you to both you & Diana for all your work & time in arranging the exchange-MUCH Appreciated

Christeph said...

Wow! I've just had a marathon download session, and I'm only quarter way through opening the zips - and I need a break lol! But I had to say that everything I've seen so far is gorgeous and so different and varied!
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who made a page - and thank you again big time Jannidee for the kit and for hosting the exchange and of course Diana for all the hard work organising and uploading and her QPs (5!!!) as well!
I've so enjoyed this and hope we'll do it again soon!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WOW OH WOW...I'm impressed!!! These pages are really beautiful. I've been at it since noon and I'm only 12.9% done. Dial-up...that should be outlawed. We have indoor plumbing 'lectricity and cable TV-Why oh why can't they put DSL out here in the boonies. Thank you both for all the work that this must have been. I'm sure I'm not the only person on cloud nine today. I dare say this QP exchange raises the bar. Thank you so much and thanks to all that participated. Now aren't you newbies glad you tried it> Mary W

Elaine said...

Thank you Jan, this is just awesome. Can you believe the response you got. So many loving your kit and showing you how much. Thank you so much Diana, I don't know how you did it so quickly. And thank you all that participated, they are all so beautiful.

Kim said...

Janidee, Diana, & *Everyone*,
These are all so wonderful & I just had to tell you all so! I'd thought if I did this, it might be fun to do an album with the pages all matching. Well, ladies, I'm probably not going to do a 100 page album!!! This was great fun and my hat is off to you all, but especially to Janidee & Diana!

Anonymous said...

Janidee, Diana, & EVERYone,
These pages are are so wonderful! I'd originally thought it might be fun to do this and then do an album with the pages all matching. Well, ladies, I'm probably not going to do a 100 page album!! -grin- This was great fun and my hat is off to Janidee & Diana! Thank You!