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Monday, February 12, 2007

Heh! It's 32.4 degress!

See, Officer Goodbody got you all heated up and all that warmth came my way! Thank-you!

You guys are just too funny! That kit really did start off as a joke, something I was just going to throw together and never expect anyone to download! But, I really did get into drawing the palm tree and shading it and then when it came to the pina colada, trying to figure out how to make it look like was actually fun! Oh, you lucky people that have been to Hawaii! And, so glad so many of you actually have photos that you can scrap with this!

Spent the day cleaning out a closet yesterday. This is a closet that is off another closet that is just used for stuff I can't figure out where to put and is not real easy to get in and out. Things just get kinda shoved in there. Bad idea! Both the shoving and the cleaning out! Found things I forgot I had and had to sit there and really go through things which took forever and, consequently, never finished! Found MORE old pics and some stuff from the kids when they were little so between the cleaning, the bending to get to the stuff and all that walking down Memory Lane, I was pooped by the end of the day! I am in a "let's clean up and throw out mood" but I really think that I am ADHD since I can't seem to get one project finished before starting another! That leads to more of a mess and the problem just snowballs!

For those of you that said I should sell my kits... I would love to and I do keep looking at some of the different sites but there are so many and I really don't know which one to contact. And, since I have never done a chat, so many require that you host them. DH would love to see it also since he thinks I am crazy to spend so much time on something that is "non-productive" (his words, not mine). He is amazed at the stuff I make but at the same time, he is a realist! It is so confusing! Anybody here, that reads this, sell? Any guidance would be appreciated. Maybe, I'll be discovered! Also, there's that 12x12 thingy and that really slows me down with the currant state of my memory. I still have my old computer her which there was nothing wrong with and my son is thinking about networking them together some how and I could just have PSP on one and all the other stuff on the other.

I do have another kit for you. Ya know, I keep thinking that I am going to sit down and do a "serious" kit since I haven't done one in a while but then the "kid" in me takes over and I lose control. So, this is another one for kids. I reminded me of cartoons so it is called "It's the Toons!" You get 5 papers, 4 frames, 4 plain tags, 4 tags that are pinned, 4 stickers, 4 call outs, four flower elements, 4 decorated safety pins and some grommets and brads. I love the tags that look like they are pinned! You can use all one color or mix and match! Cute, huh? Have to admit, I was going a little bug eyed with the checks though! Remember those optical illusion pics? Same effect after staring at them and working on them!

Well, have a great day all and thanks for taking my little joke so well! After I did it, I hoped I didn't offend anyone! But I do have to admit, (already admitted it to Nina Jo...has she recovered yet?) the officer that came to our house that day made this one look like nothing! I mean, that guy was a god! It really should be illegal to be that good looking and be walking around a town like my town! If I ever get pulled over by him, it will be hard NOT to seem like I am drunk since just looking at him would take any sense that I had and set it down the drain! As Nina Jo says, " I'd have the vapors!"

It's The Toons!
Download no longer available...sorry!


Ilona said...

Love the flower, thanks :)

linnie-818 said...

Wow! Just found your blog. These are great! Thank you for sharing them. :)

Cindell said...

I believe you will be selling your products very soon...believe you will, visualize it and trust that it will happen.
I can understand how your eyes felt after looking at the B&W squares..Are you okay? LOL
I have a question, would you be doing a beach themed set any time soon? I have many beach pics and as I LUV your creations I would dearly luv to use your set as the chosen one for my LO's.
You have become a special part of my day and I enjoy visiting and reading your blog daily!
You Go Girl! Fantastic!
Cuddles & Luv

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much-what a fun kit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another lovely kit.

Lisa said...

Can't imagine referring 32.4 degrees as a heat wave!!! Why don't you just pack up your closet cleaning mood self and come on down to FL and tackle my closets and bring Officer Goodbody and I will tackle him!!! Thanks for another wonderful kit! :)

Nancy said...

I love getting your sets!! They are always so unique!! Thank you so much!!

Scrapcat4914 said...

You alway's manage to give me a good laugh and sure brighten my day when I read your blog!
Thank you so very much for this cool kit!
I love the way you wrapped the yarn around the safety pins!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing. I have 2 of those closets. For now I'm just keeping the door shut! YIKES!!!!

PSharp said...

This is a fun kit. Love it. Thank you.

Peggie said...

This is so pretty. I love these
flowers. Thank you.

Sweet Pea said...

This kit is very cute! Thank you,

NinaJo said...

I have indeed recovered. I'm thinkin' you're still a tad bit affected though with all that "closet cleanin' you got going on up there.
I'm with Lisa, pack it up and come to Florida, it's gonna be in the mid 70's here tomorrow before that front from "up thar" gets here.

WE can handle Officer Goodbody whilst you soak up da sun. *smiling ever so sweetly*

I love this new kit, keep letting that kid come out and play, it's what makes your kits so awesome.

Now I gotta go crawl between the sheets before I fall over right here in front of this puter. It has been a busy day and I was weak from all that vaporin'!

Andréa C said...

WHAT!! Not productive? Why people measure everything by the amount of money generated? I write a lot. Have two books in the final acts, 3 in the middle and a lot of short stories that I publish in my blogs. Yes, I’m not productive with all the writing, meaning I make no money, but maybe someday? Why stop what give us pleasure? Because of money? Never stop and for you to sell your stuff is just a matter of YOU to chose the fortunate site who will give you home.
I’m always here, love your jokes and kits. And, off course love Officer Goodbody.
Please, visit me at my blog, the one in English, if you can. I started writing in English now and need some critics.
Love the kit, like always.
See you tomorrow

Dandurands' said...

This kit looks really fun, can't wait to use it. My son rides dirt bike & this is perfect, can't find many kits for older boys. Thnaks so much for sharing!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

"I am in a "let's clean up and throw out mood" but I really think that I am ADHD since I can't seem to get one project finished before starting another! That leads to more of a mess and the problem just snowballs!"

LOL - I don't know if you are a mom or not (I'm a newcomer to your blog), but if you are, it isn't ADHD - it just comes with the territory of being a mom and trying to do a million things at once!

Gwen said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love your site. Been a downloadin' fool today. Just finished getting the "It's the Toon" kit and have a friend that it is perfect for. She loves Nascar.
Also wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you using 4Shared instead of Rapidshare.