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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day all you Sweeties! Hope you have a wonderful day full of love!

We are having a nasty, lousy wintry mix...not even a pretty snowfall! Mostly freezing rain and sleet. I let the dogs out and they were NOT happy campers...had to almost push them off the porch so they would do their "jobs"! Both of them were almost "still dribbling" when they came running back to the door! Can't say as I blame them, that freezing rain was actually hurting when it hit you! I know, I know, I am never happy! Either I am complaining that we needed some cold weather and then when we get it, I am b-tching....complaining that we haven't had any snow and now I am b-tching about that!

Any of you heard of Webkins???? They are little stuffed animals that you can register and then play with on-line. My daughter picked up a couple at Hallmark and they are so cute! You actually adopt them and then you take care of them, play games, but them stuff! Check them out...too cute! She and her friend bought me one, a basset hound and I have been playing with it and have to admit for a kid's thing it is fun!

As my Valentine's present to you I have 2 prezzies for you! The first is a kit called "Ever So Pink and Dainty". Very soft pink for all your ultra feminine females in your life! The tube I used for the lace is from Brooke Kroeger Designs and the bow is courtesy of my good friend Joanne from Pocket Angel. And the second is my first attempt at digital doodles! Not perfect but I think usable...a set of bows and ribbons that I am giving you in grayscale so that you can recolor to any color you need! I hope they bring you as much happiness as you have all brought me. I am so behind in all my emails and I am sorry that I have not responded to many of you that have written me but I do appreciate them! Sometimes, okay, most of the time, I get so caught up in making something that I forget all about anything else on the computer!

Here are the previews and the download links!

Download no longer available...sorry!

Have a wonderful day and if you are in the part of the country getting this storm, please stay home and off the roads, be safe and warm! Love to you all and thank you for being loyal bloggees! Big Ol' Valentine's Hugs!!! MaWahh!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! these are Awesome!! Thank you, the pink kit is so delicate! and doodles are one of my favourite things :)
I hope you have a Wonderful Day..
Hugs - ljd (Linda)

CraftyNana said...

Thank you very much for the Valentine freebies! Love the doodles.

shirley said...

Thank you for the lovely gifts.

Cindell said...

I imagined the poor dogs as I was reading about them (too funnny)...I suppose they are lucky compared to the horses...can't bring them inside LOL.
Thanks for the lovely soft set, truly sweet and nice.

Lizzerd said...

wow twice! thank you for both of these, love the ribbons!

Glenda said...

Thank you for the gifties. I love the ribbons. The pink kit reminds me of cotton candy - like fluff. It will be fun to work with. Thanks to much. Happy Valentines to you and yours - and your new "puppy".

Peggie said...

These kits are beautiful. They are
even more beautiful, when you open
them up for a better look. Also,
I opened the ribbons in Paint Shop
Pro and they are super easy to
color. Thank you so much for
all of this. Happy Valentine's Day.

Robyn said...

Your weather is exactly the same as mine and I'm way out here in NM. LOL, the ONLY way to get my dog out in the bad weather is to go stand out in the rain/sleet/snow while she does her thing.

Happy Vanlentine's Day to you and thank you for the lovely goodies. That pink is the color of apple blossoms. :) I love it!

matsugirl said...

Thank you for the valentine gifts. They are so nice!

Cute story about your dogs. Hang in there, the weather will get better. :)

Pooh said...
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Pooh said...

Poor pups...
We are having icky weather also. Up to 50 degrees, then down to 18!! You just want to scream... be warm or be cold, just quit messing around...
Oh... thank you for the lovelies, so cute...

Lisa said...

Oh, thanks so much for these wonderful Valentine's are so good to us!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these lovely kits.

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you so very much for these 2 fantastic freebies!!

Heather said...

Thanks hon! These are beautiful!

NinaJo said...

Ok I'm really late, but by only a day. Thanks for the beautiful kit and ribbon doodles too Jannidee.

I was busy on my Valentines day.
You see, my SODH(Sweet Old Darlin' Husband), Bubba went to Build A Bear and stuffed me a monkey. He dressed him up in fishing gear cuz we looooooove to go fishin'.
The thing is, Bubba doesn't do malls, in fact he pretty much stays away from large populated areas. He is computer illiterate too. He said, that at Build A Bear, the kids were on the computers typin' away and he was up there "huntin' and peckin" his way through the birth certificate.

He wanted to dress the monkey in overalls, but they don't have 'em!
IMAGINE that!! Bubba's favorite clothing is overalls. (eyeroll)
I collect toy monkeys and I had mentioned I wanted to to there and get one months ago. See?? They DO listen to what we say, it's just that since they are men, they choose to do what they want to!
I fixed his favorite supper consisting of a T-bone steak with melted butter on top and fresh, FRESSSSSSSH bread. That's it, no salad or baked tater or peas or anything else.
I hope your Valentines Day was as awesome as mine.
LOL On the dogs gettin' off the porch. We don't have snow, but I can tellya that cats DO NOT like it when it is cold. The bad part is that they have claws and when they don't wanna go outside, they "latch on" to ya. Worse than steppin' on stickers. You get one claw out and there are a gazillion more hooked on.
Our dog loves the cold cuz she is a Pom and has lots of hair. She's hot when it's 25 degrees! I wish I could get her to herd the cats out when she goes.
K, I'll hush now, I gotta get myself to bed. Big hugs to ya'll!

P Sharp said...

Love this kit. Great doodles. Thank you.

myscrapbook said...

Dainty pink kit is beautiful soft the cut out heart page.tfs

Hilly said...

Thank you for the cute lil Doodle bows! I love 'em!

Can't wait for the big Monday Surprise. Hmmmmm.

linnie-818 said...

This kit is so soft and delicate. My daughter was the BOLD one growing up - a definate wild child. I hope I can find a pic that will work with these elements and papers. But probably not. LOL Thank you for sharing them!