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Monday, January 01, 2007

Greetings from up North!

Well, I finally got signed in on the computer at the cabin...not an easy task! It is moving slower than a snail in January in an ice storm going up hill...get the picture? Even with the rain today, I am moving faster than this computer! But I am going through withdrawal and just had to get some puter time in.

So, did everyone have a great New Year? DH and I spent a very quiet night together. We had gone to Stockbridge to the Norman Rockwell Museum. It was so interesting and I just love his work. I am a traditionalist when it comes to what I see to look like what it is... and his paintings are so detailed that it is just amazing. I can remember when I was little waiting for the Saturday Evening Post to come so I could see what the cover would be and my brother's used to get Boy's Life when they were in scouts and he did a lot of the covers for that also. I sure do wish now that we had saved all of them! I wonder how much they would be worth? But, when you see the actual paintings, you can really see the detail and all the brush work. Just amazing and so glad that we went. Then, on the way home we stopped for an early dinner at our fav little restaurant up here and ate like oinkers! A couple that we are friends with up here were to come over at night but she had come down with some nasty cold/flu and just was not up to it so we just threw on our comfy clothes, fixed some goodies (clams on the half shell, shrimp and bacon wrapped artichoke hearts) , had the wood stove going and "snuggled up" (yes, he actually snuggled) and watched some movies, and fought to stay awake until midnight! We are such party animals!

Today is rainy...sure wish it was snow! It is so pretty up here in the snow and there is something so cozy about looking out and seeing the snow coming down and smelling a wood fire! But, it has only flurried a little here and there. We ventured out today in the rain and fog to, hold on to your hats....K-Mart! Yep, we went all out and hit the big time! Got some sweatshirts, jeans for him and my son on clearance and I treated myself to some new "sexy" undies! Well, they will be sexy until I put them on then I am afraid their appeal will be lost! He is talking about heading home on Wednesday so we have a couple more days of peace and quiet. But, I am missing my kids so am getting a little anxious. My son has to head back to school by the end of the week and I really hate missing time with him. Gee, what will I do when my kids get married and really move away? I will be a basket case for sure!

We are really having a great time although not really doing too much but sometimes you just need to slow down and relax and regroup. (um...having a hard time doing that though!) I miss my puter and will never again complain about it being slow, I miss my PSP and you guys. I did bring my sketch pad and have trying to work on some doodles and sketching some ideas but it is not the same. I never thought I was a type A personality but I think maybe I am since I am having trouble really kicking back and relaxing. Usually, when we are here our friends are here and there is more activity. Geez, I am actually cleaning and looking for more things to clean! I went grocery shopping and spent 2 hours in the New Super Stop and Shop they just opened here. At home, cleaning and grocery shopping are my 2 least favorite things to do! Ah, well, I am sure when I get home I will miss this peace and quiet so I am going to stop complaining and just enjoy it!

Well, I will talk to you all when we get home. I was going to check some of my email again...only took me 25 minutes to go through 7 emails before so I think I will go fix some hot chocolate instead!

Oh, Pooh, did see your email with your LO but I could really see the pic very well and didn't dare try to download it on this computer. When I get home I will though and post it on here to show off for you! Anyone else do any LO's?

Talk to you all soon...........


Pugsli said...

So glad you are snug & warm! We had an exciting New Years-had 2 grandkids (boys), ages 7 & 8. We watched the ball drop in New York and did the "Happy Dance" (kinda like the PeePee Dance) to bring in the New Year! Absolutely no snuggle time for DH and me. The kids slept until 11:00 the next day so breakfast was really late but that was okay. Finally got rid of everyone around 6 p.m. It was so nice and quiet (I had had grandkids non-stop since Dec. 14, my daughter goes to college and I help out by keeping her son and of coarse, the others want to come and stay too. I had 3 of the 5 and two were sick!)!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, that's part of being a grandparent. I'll be glad when you get back and can see some pictures from your new camera! So until then... Hugs to all and be careful coming home!

Anonymous said...

Oh sounds like you are having fun. I bet the museum was great. Enjoy your trip. Teresa

Anonymous said...

We are still have. Enjoy your time with your husband. We all will be here when you get back. Have fun the rest of your trip