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Friday, December 08, 2006

Last page, I think!

Good Morning All!
I finally have some time to actually chat for a bit today before I have to get moving. I do not have one Christmas decoration up! Well, that is not entirely true. There is still the little Santa that is sitting on my window sill in the dinette that I forgot to put away last year so he has been sitting there all year long patiently waiting for his time of year! It never fails...there is always something I forget to put away every year!

So, today, that is my plan, do some decorating. I was going to put up a few lights outside but it is about 20* outside so that might not happen! Actually, I can pretty much guarantee that it is not going to happen! LOL! Then, I thought that I might mix up some cookies and write out my cards.

Went to the doctor the other day. I thought I was just going to discuss the general plan about the pain doc and endocrinologist with my primary but did I ever get a surprise! Left there with orders for a bloodwork, colonoscopy, mammogram and pap! Talk about getting everything you never wanted all at once, at a time you really don't want it!. I love my doctor but he about got a punch when he handed me all the papers and said, "Now, don't think you have to get me a present this year just because I am being so generous!" DH thinks it is hysterical...I WILL remind him how nice I was to him recently when all he had to have was the colonoscopy!

Then, yesterday, I had to pick my cousin up from the hospital after she had her colonoscopy! Seems to be a run on butts in our family lately!! So, of course, she had to go into detail. If you email me I will send you a link and password for a bonus file. Don't tell anyone, let's see how many actually read! You can find my email in another post, just put posting goodie in the subject line. First 25 people will get the file. I think I will wait until after Christmas to open these presents. Certainly not something I want to try to squeeze in before the Holiday!

I think this is the last page for the Christmas Album. Let's see that gives you, what? Nine pages? I may have counted that wrong. There may be more, if I get inspired by something and there might be a few little stragglers that I might find when I check that folder. But, I am working on another couple of kits right now that are non-Christmas that are kinda fun to be working on! glad I have inspired you to start a blog and do some creating. Ya never know what you can do until you try and the more you do, the easier it becomes and the better the results. Maybe some day I will share the first kit I ever made. At the time, I thought I was really something! Now, I look at it and think, "What were you thinking?" I still like it but it is kinda ho-hum, if you know what I mean.

HEH! The traditions are slowing down coming in! Don't tell me that no one else has any traditions out there! Even if it isn't for Christmas, I love hearing about things that families do especially for the kids. Both my kids think I should write all the things down that I did so they can remember to do them for their kids and I think I will make up some kind of 'kit' for them maybe as a baby shower gift or something. And, of course, Anon, you can use the footprints idea! Just make sure you use cornstarch or un-scented powder. Kids are very observant!

Now, I have another question for you just to keep the dialogue going? What is your favorite ornament that you put on your tree? Mine is a bird's nest. My DH and daughter found it one day when they went for a walk when he was in rehab for drinking (23 years sober!!!! Woo-hoo!) and when they came back to the center, they handed it to me and he said, "Look what we found! I think it symbolizes a new beginning." And, indeed, it did! After that, I think the ornaments my kids made when they were little and, then, the couple of ornaments that came from my Mom that we had when I was little. They were getting very shabby and she was buying new and was going to throw them away. I about had a breakdown! So, she split them between my brothers and me and we all cherish them. I love my Danbury Mint tree with the gold ornaments but the family tree is where the memories are. We have all kinds of things on it...little stuffed animals from when the kids we born, special cards, pictures...there are no rules!

Well, if I keep chatting, tomorrow will come and I will still have no decorations up or cookies made, so off I go to deal with garland and flour! Have a great day and will talk to you all soon!
The Red Lace Page
Sorry! This download has been removed
Huggers to you all!


Karel said...

Hi I read every word you write. Love your scrap creations and like to read about your adventures.

Keitha said...

Just came across your blog and have throughly enjoyed reading. Will have to make a note to check back often.

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thanks for today's lovely album I'v got 8 so far.
Hope your manage to get done today what you have plan to do today!
I even sent you a email LOL!
Have a fantastic weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

katt said...

You have to watch out for doctors and their weird sense of humor. LOL. Thank you so much for the lovely page. I really like the lacy top border.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for generously sharing your talents with us. We all appreciate it! I know it's a poor excuse, but when I don't leave comments it's either because a) I'm holding a nursing or sleeping baby in my lap so it's hard to type, or b) I've got numerous pages open at once, since most downloads have a wait-time (and I hate to wait!), so by the time I can download it I've forgotten what I'm getting from where, or the blog window got closed, or whatever. As I said, it's not a GOOD reason - but it is A reason, anyway! Sorry!

poohbear said...

I just emailed, hope I did it right. I love your blog. I feel like I'm part of your family. You write so well that I can see it. My favorite ornaments are the off-white ones that I made 20 years ago. They are all hand stitched and quilted. We have a small tree so only a couple fit but I love looking at them.
Prayers are being sent to get you thru the doc stuff... bummer...

Anonymous said...

Once more with feeling: THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely lace gift. Teresa

nana8 said...

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas goodies. And I love reading all your posts!!! You bring a smile to my face!!!

Elaine said...

Hi Jan, Thanks again for todays goodie, so nice of you to share your talents. Now about my favorite ornament, I think my favorite is a little wooden hanging clock, like a coo coo clock with the 2 weighted chains hanging from it. I have been collecting ornaments for my tree for over 30 years. Each year I would buy one or 2 new orniments for my tree. So my tree has no balls on it, with the exception of one which is a ball in memory of my Mom. I have all little things on it like a little kittie hanging from a wreath. Some of them are cheap little ornaments that caught my eye and some are the hallmark ornaments. I love putting up the tree and putting all these little things on them that brings back so many memories. Anyway, thats my story. Thanks again.

NinaJo said...

Thank you so much Jannidee! My favorite ornaments are the ones my kids and I made here at home. We had red and green construction paper and an old polaroid camera. I took pictures of my kids, then cut a wreath out of the green paper, and took a hole puncher and cut red "holly berries" out of the red paper. I laminated the pictures then layered them on the wreath with another piece overlaying them so that the kids were framed in the middle. Glued on the berries, and strung it up with red yarn. Those are my favorite. I even made my MIL a set of all her Grandkids that year. We even took a picture of her was fun!
Sooooooo long ago.

Robyn said...

I hope all will be well with all those tests the doc is having you do and hope you are pain free.

Thanks for the latest page. It's lovely. :)


Candie said...

TY for these great shares... I was looking for some more "U create it" type pages and that's just what you had here, TY so much for sharing them.

RosieB said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful freebies

Anonymous said...

You made my has been such a hectic weekend it was lovely to sit down and have a wonderful read...felt like I was in your kitchen having a yak.....

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas goodies...what a wonderful treat to look forward to!

My favorite ornament on my tree is the first one my mom gave to me to start my collection 20 years ago....a miniaturered leather-bound "Nutcracker" story's also my 7 year olds favorite. We take it off the tree every night and read it....

Have a wonderful weekend!hugs~Kristine

Patty said...

Yes I have read everything.
Have been away for a couple of
days and quite surprised when
I arrived. I love your layout
on your homepage and noticed
Jannis Scraps right off. No
crap bout that :) Thank you so
much for all the cute elements
and layouts. They are all just
Oh yes wanted to add I leave our
decor up until almost the 7th
of January and try to put it off
as long as I can. No decor up yet
for it's just way too cold to drag
out boxes from the shop. Freezing
rain today and knowing me I would
slip and fall if I were to accomplish this today. Put off
till tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Sunday Janis

Brown said...

Thank you so much for all the pages! :) Happy Holidays!!

ßéar said...

Thanks so much! Love your scrap sets and appreciate all the effort that goes into them. Also love reading your blog. It's great! I'm another that will be checking back often.