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Thursday, November 16, 2006


You guys are the greatest! I am thinking that maybe I should quit while I am ahead and go out on a high note! Your comments are so nice and I enjoy reading them so much. The funny thing is...winter is my least favorite season. didn't used to be but I find the older I get, the warmer I want to be! So, I would definitely be on the inside where it is nice and cozy looking out on the snow! You Southern gals might be getting a visitor come around January!

Still have not heard from the doctor about DH. He was supposed to get back to us today and we heard nothing so I am thinking that it can't be anything serious. Just love how these guys take their time about getting you the results, like you aren't worried or anything.

The png's are beating out the psp's. Don't really know why I wanted to know this Just my curious nature, I guess.

So nobody else has heard of Worm Soup? I actually was asking hoping someone had, and had a recipe. I have somewhat of a recipe for it from my MIL but like so many recipes that are passed down, the measurements are "couple of handfuls of breadcrumbs, some cheese, nutmeg to taste" so whenever I have made it, it comes out different, sometimes good, sometimes great. I actually did Google it not thinking I would get any results but I did! If you have a ricer attachment to a stand mixer it is very easy to make and it is so delicious. Here's what I found and it pretty much is the same as my MIL's.

Worm Soup
3 cups bread crumbs
6 eggs
1 cup Parmesan or Romano cheese
nutmeg (I would guess about 1 tsp)

1. Mix the crumbs, eggs and cheese in a bowl and season with nutmeg
2.Push the mixture through a ricer into the slowly boiling chicken soup
3. Serve with Parmesan and black pepper on the table.

We use just chicken broth with cut up chicken. (remove the veggies that you have used to get the flavor to the broth), add the juice of one lemon to the broth, and the zest of one lemon to the bread crumbs. AND, chill thoroughly before trying to get it to go through the ricer!

Just wouldn't be Thanksgiving in our house without it. My DH is Italian and Polish so our holiday meals have become quite an International Event since he likes to have all the dishes he grew up having and I still want the traditional. (I'm Irish, French and English...guess that makes our kids pretty much mongrels!)

It is 2:30 AM and I should be in bed but tomorrow is a busy day with an eye appointment and then to the dentist so I don't know when I will be home. I thought I would post now so you can start to get going on using this kit. So what shall I give you today....hmmm....think I will surprise you. So hurry up, warm up the right index finger and get a'clickin...right here. (Link no longer available)

Have a sparkling day and thank you all for all the wonderful comments. I will say it again....You are the greatest!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow I'm the first to comment this morning! Thanks for the next pieces of your creation.

MaryC said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful kit. I love the recipe for Worm Soup, will have to try it!!!!

Mack said...

Thanks for the elements! I am none to fond of winter either (which is why I moved from PA to SC heehee) and blue is so much prettier than all this red going round right now for the holidays. Thanks for the recipe too, reminds me of Rivvel Soup!

Jean said...

Thank you so much!! This kit is just beautiful. I don't like winter either but I love the look of winter. We lived up north for many years and I never tired of seeing newly-fallen snow (as long as I didn't have to go out in it). I still miss it at Christmastime. Hope all turns out well with your DH!!! Thanks again :)

Kelly B. said...

Thanks for the recipe and the daily d/l. Have stupid question, What's a ricer? Maybe we need to form a FMS Support group online. I have it too and I can't live w/o my PC. I know where you're coming from!!!


Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for another fantastic part of your awesome kit!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :) This is a beautiful kit!

Anonymous said...

We have worm soup otherwise known as pasate every year for Easter.
My uncle was the chef and always put the mixture through a meat grinder.
It is always served with chicken soup.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful kit! Thanks so much.

Pugsli said...

Thank you so much for the "surprise"!! You are more than welcome to come down to Alabama and visit any time. I'm homebound, gosh that sounds old, so company would be nice!!!!!!(My DH makes a great fire in the fireplace so we're toasty.

lisa said...

Thanks for today's surprise! This kit is so pretty!! Even though I have lived in FL all my life, I still have some snow pics to use it with. And by the are welcome to "come on down"!